Black aqua bike how to raise the handlebars

How to change your handlebar height

How to raise the steering wheel?

If with lowering the steering wheel no questions arise from the word “at all”, then in order to raise it, you need to show more enthusiasm. The simplest solution is to purchase a dedicated steering column extension. It looks like this:

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This “contraption” allows you to build up the fork stem and raise the handlebars higher. Please note that such a construction is very trivial, not always reliable and not the best solution of all possible.

RAISE Your Bike Handlebars for a UPRIGHT Sitting Position

Steering column: construction

On a modern bike, you can remove the stem by unscrewing the top bolt that secures the cover, as well as the other 2 bolts that hold the entire structure in place.

Spacer rings are installed under the stem. If there is a need to lower the steering wheel, then it is enough to simply remove the rings, and then return the stem back. Then the rings are put on over it and, finally, the whole thing is tightened with a lid. It is important not to over-tighten the bolt securing the cover. When the steering column has already been bolted, it is necessary to align the steering wheel and tighten the mounting bolts well. And if you need to lower the steering wheel a little lower, then the stem can be completely turned over (it will look down).

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Handlebar Riser

If the bike has a flat handlebar, then it makes sense to install a so-called “riser” instead. Such a steering wheel is higher than a straight one (by a couple of centimeters).

Important for beginners: a modern bike is quite different in geometry. primarily from the bicycles we rode as a child. There is no need to immediately look for ways to raise the steering wheel.

Adjustable stem. On modern mountain bikes, you can install an adjustable stem, which makes it possible to carry out any manipulations with the steering wheel (raise / lower).

Adjustment on folding bikes. If you have a folding bike, things are much easier. They have a special telescopic design that allows you to raise or lower the steering wheel in a matter of seconds. both for a sporty landing and for a vertical one (for walking).

Black aqua bike how to raise the handlebars

When setting up your bike, all the details are important. In this case, the steering wheel adjustment plays an important role. Its correct position ensures correct posture and overall ride comfort. this is exactly what you want to achieve! You should also not neglect safety, because an incorrectly set steering wheel in height can provoke an emergency situation on the road. That is why it is so important to correctly adjust the steering wheel, taking into account individual anthropometric characteristics. In this article, we will share the key tips for customizing a bicycle wheel.

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You can always adjust the handlebars, carry out maintenance of the bike or solve any other technical problem in our professional workshop.

Adaptation period

After tuning, you should test the bike. In the process of raising the steering wheel, control the degree of tightening of the joints. the subsequent operation of the two-wheeled friend depends on this. If the tightening is insufficient, then at some point repair of the bearings will be required. Overly tight squeezing will greatly affect the handling of the bike and drastically reduce the level of overall comfort while riding. The golden mean is our everything!

When the steering wheel is already fully adjusted, you will first need to adjust a little to the new conditions. Yes, at first it can be uncomfortable, but you definitely shouldn’t worry, just as you shouldn’t resort to the next adjustment. Ride for a couple of days to get used to. Over time, you will understand how comfortable a given steering position is.