Bike Stealth Navigator How To Switch Speeds

Bike Stealth Navigator How To Switch Speeds

Varieties of children’s bikes

Depending on the height and age of the baby, bicycles with different wheel sizes are suitable for him. So bicycles with 12 “wheels are designed for babies up to 3 years old, bicycles with 14 and 16” wheels are suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old, and bicycles with 18 and 20 “wheels will fit boys and girls from 5 to 9 years old. 24-inch wheels are already a teenage standard (9-12 years old). Models for older children and adolescents, as a rule, Equipped with “adult” attachments of the entry level.

  • Children’s tricycles are models for the smallest cyclists from 1 year old. The stability of the landing ensures the safest riding possible, thanks to which the kid will be able to master the basics of pedaling and steering, and not being afraid to lose balance and fall. Some tricycles are equipped with additional accessories: fenders, toy basket, parent handle, headers for the second child, etc.
  • Children’s bicycles without pedals are called balance bikes, and they are designed for toddlers from 1 year old. Sitting in the saddle and pushing off with their feet, the child will learn to steer, and not be distracted by pedaling. Balance bikes are very safe, since the baby hardly lifts his legs off the ground and can stop movement at any moment. Such bicycles have appeared recently, but have already gained solid popularity all over the world.
  • Handle bikes combine the advantages of a bicycle and a stroller. Thanks to the parental handle, you will be able to carry the bike every time your child is tired of pedaling. Thus, these models are perfect for family leisure and joint walks. Some models are equipped with umbrellas for rain and sun, and the handles themselves have brake buttons.
  • Bikes with extra wheels are great for learning balance while riding and providing extra safety when braking. Side wheels will help your little one to overcome the fear of a new type of outdoor activity, since the bike does not fall on its side with them, even if it is standing still. And when the child feels more confident on the bike, they can be removed.
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Four-wheeled bicycle

A bicycle is an indispensable attribute of childhood, because it is not just a fun toy, it is an important step in the development of a child’s agility, endurance and independence. Cycling delights all babies without exception, perfectly develops muscles and a sense of balance, allows you to gain the respect of second children and find new friends.

Teaching your child to ride easily

Start teaching kids how to ride a bike with 4 wheeled stable models. Four points of support provide a secure balance without fear of falling. Even a weak child, with proper adjustment of the handlebar and saddle, will learn to transfer his weight to the forefoot on the pedal.

A few minutes of training. a complex acceleration from a place begins to turn out. If you have the skill of balancing on two-wheeled scooters or cycling. 2 additional wheels are not needed. After the help of an adult, when driving at low speeds, a confident movement on two wheels appears in several sessions. The design can be divided into two large groups:

  • With supporting training side wheels
  • With two front and two rear (Velomobile).
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