Bike Frame 20 Inches How Tall


For such products, rubber durable cameras are used, due to the size of a child who confidently uses such a bicycle, it is able to reach speeds of 15-20 km / h, as a result of which bikes with 20-inch wheels can be compared in movement style with adult pleasure bikes.

Bike Frame 20 Inches How Tall

Bicycles 20 inches: features, types and choices

  • Main characteristics
  • Types of bicycles
  • What age and height are suitable?
  • Rating of the best models
  • How to choose?

Children’s bicycles today Are represented by a large variety of models and sizes. Among the offered assortment, vehicles with 20-inch wheels stand out, which have their own characteristics.


Popular bicycle brand specializing in the production of teenage bicycles, including designs with 20-inch wheels. Among the advantages of the products, it is worth highlighting the use for the production of aluminum and carbon frames, which are characterized by a minimum weight and a high level of strength.

Merida spider

The tires and frame of the bike are 20-inch in size, the bike is equipped with a steel hub, two braking systems: front and rear.

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Rating of the best models

There are a large number of models of children’s bicycles on the market from different brands. However, only a few are in deserved demand among 20-inch designs.


Models from the Swiss manufacturer, which stand out for their attractive design. The designs are equipped with a quality Shimano drivetrain, in addition, a reinforced headset and a special 3S section for the rear stays ensure reliability and durability of the product.

Stels Pilot

According to the recommendations given by the manufacturer, the bike is designed for use by children in the age range from 5 to 9 years. The frame of the device is made of aluminum, thanks to which the children’s bike is lightweight and easy to operate. The manufacturer has thoroughly approached the issue of safety, so this model has a rigid fork and mechanical type brakes at the back and front.

Merida fox

Monolithic model for driving around the city, has 6 speeds, two types of brakes. Additional accessories include wheel protectors, a trunk and a special footrest for ease of use.

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Trek jet

Teenage bike, Recommended for city cycling. The structure is equipped with a chain drive, the frame is made of lightweight aluminum, among the components there are a rigid steel fork and an aluminum rim. The bike is equipped with a rim-type braking system, an entry-level carriage.

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