Bike Frame 20 How Tall

Offset seat post

If even after the maximum longitudinal adjustment of the seat back, you still feel that the bike is too short, then the seatpost can help with the shift back. This will give you an extra 3-5cm, which is NOT enough for a comfortable fit.

Hope these tips help you navigate and choose the right bike size. The next logical step will be skiing, and soon I will publish an article on how to prepare yourself for long distances. Don’t miss, Sign up to receive my notes by e-mail.

If you have questions or suggestions on the topic of choosing a bicycle size. please, in the comments.

Age from 18 months / balance bikes (bike races, balance bikes)

Balance bikes are designed for children aged 18 months and older and teach balance, fine motor skills and good habits. These bicycles do not have pedals and are propelled by a child pushing himself with his feet. These bicycles are the easiest to learn to balance, and by themselves they are the lightest of children’s bicycles. There are balance bikes with wheel diameters ranging from 10 to 20 inches. Wheels can be plastic with EVA tires or inflatable rubber. The former are much lighter, but have good adhesion only on hard or tamped surfaces. If you plan to ride outside the city, it is better to choose a balance bike with inflatable wheels.

Adjust the saddle horizontally

The saddle should be parallel to the ground. Sometimes beginners, and already well-trained cyclists, tilt the saddle forward or backward for convenience. This is completely wrong, because in this case the rider’s weight distribution is disturbed, hence the numb hands, aching back, etc.

The backside should ideally sit in its place, and not sliding either backward or forward. Try to lower the saddle a little, literally by 5-7 mm, this will most likely make it possible to align the saddle.

Choosing the size of children’s bicycles

Child’s age Height (Centimeters) Wheel diameter (inches)
thirteen from 75 to 95 sportiv.Ru

Age 2. 5 / wheel size 14in

Bicycles with a wheel diameter of 14 “not much different from bicycles with 12-inch wheels. A bike of this size is suitable for a height of 95-110 cm. Large wheels provide better stability, smooth ride and increased speed. But not all brands make bicycles with a diameter of 14 inches, so the choice of tires and spare tubes for such bicycles is much lower.

ETT table for different cyclist heights

Note that mountain bikes for sporting applications now use modern forward geometry. the frame is longer and the stem is shorter. This makes the bike more stable on the Trail.

Cyclist height: Effective Top Tube (ETT πŸ™‚
150-165cm 580-590mm
165-175cm 590-605mm
175-185cm 605-630mm
185-195cm 630-650mm

Emphasizing that these numbers are appropriate for mountain bikes used in aggressive sporting applications, their frame is longer than usual. If your new mountain bike is NOT a sporty one, but a more leisurely one, then the above ETT values ​​need to be subtracted 5%.

Of course, these are subtleties that a beginner can dismiss, but still I advise you to be very careful when choosing a bike size. If you fall ill with this hobby, the wrong frame length will cost you buying a new bike (I went through this myself).

Choosing the size of mountain and city bikes

Folding bicycles are an exception, because They are available in one size and are designed for the average person between 155 and 185 centimeters tall.

Choice of the size of road, road bikes (including Giant Compact Road β„’)

To select road bikes, I suggest using a table taken from the original Giant bike catalog 2011. 2012. All road and road bikes come with Compact Road geometry.

Frame size
(Regular geometry)


Frame size
(Geometry Giant Compact Road β„’)

Frame tube length
(Seatpost / top)

Bicycle frame size for adult

The place where the size is indicated. as a rule, the seat tube, it will be written there either a letter designation (S, M, L, XL) or a number, in inches or cm.It is implicitly accepted that the dimensions of road, hybrid and city bikes are measured in centimeters. and mountain bike sizes are in inches. This is due to the fact that the road bike initially gained popularity in southern Europe, and the mountain bike was invented in the USA.

Now, friends, remember one thing. when someone says that it will suit you, for example, frame 18 “, then this is a very average information, because this size says very little today. In days gone by, when the frames were pretty much the same, the seat tube length was 18 “(457.2mm) could say this frame size would fit 175cm. Now, bicycle manufacturers produce a huge number of frames with different geometries for different directions of riding. Let’s get down to examples.


All children’s bicycles are classified primarily based on age and height. There is now a lot of confusion on the Internet regarding the figures between the size of bicycles and the age of children.


Most folding bikes are available in one size. It is designed for the average person with a height of 155 to 185 cm. Based on our experience in sales, we can give recommendations for specific models. If your height is 183 cm and more, we recommend Shulz Goa 8 V-brake, Shulz Goa 8 Disc, Author Simplex models.

Bike model Optimal growth
Author Simplex 150. 195 cm.
Shulz easy 150. 185 cm.
Shulz goa 3 155. 185 cm.
Shulz Goa 8 175. 195 cm.
Giant Expressway 1 2 155. 185 cm.
Giant halfway 160. 180 cm.
Giant subway 160. 180 cm.
Strida mini 140. 160 cm.
Strida LX, 5.2, SX, SD 153. 193 cm.

SELECT SIZE Mountain, City Hybrid Bikes

Frame size, inches Your height, cm. Frame size, cm. Frame size, conventional unit. Designation
thirteen “ 130. 145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fourteen “ 135. 155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fifteen “ 145. 160 38.1 S (Small) Small
sixteen “ 150. 165 40.6 S (Small) Small
17 “ 156. 170 43.2 M (Meduim) middle
eighteen “ 167. 178 45.7 M (Meduim) middle
19 “ 172. 180 48.3 L (Large) Large
20 “ 178. 185 50.8 L (Large) Large
21 “ 180. 190 53.3 XL (XLarge) very big
22 “ 185. 195 55.9 XL (XLarge) very big
23 “ 190. 200 58.4 XXL (XLarge) Maximum
24 “ 195. 210 61 XXL (XLarge) Maximum

Mountain Notes: When choosing hardtails, you can safely use this table. There are rare exceptions, for example, Gary Fisher bikes are longer in base than most second-generation bicycles. Consider this if you are going to go for walks more than playing sports. Double-hanger frames are often only 2x. 3x sizes.

Notes to urban: comfortable models. If you have a transitional height, for example 178 or 165 cm, please note the presence of a shock absorbing seat post. It does not allow the saddle to be fully lowered into the frame, as can be done on all mountain bikes. Therefore, with an increase of 177, it is better to take a bike with an 18 “frame than with 20”, and with a height of 165 cm.It will be more convenient to ride on 16 “frame than 18”. Cruisers: Be simpler when choosing the Cruiser size. these models only have one or two. Cruisers are usually designed for the average woman (155. 180 cm) and the man (170. 190 cm). If you have any doubts, ask us your questions.

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Hybrid Notes: Same as Comfort (about cushion seatpost).

CHOOSING the size of road, ROAD bikes (incl. GIANT COMPACT ROAD β„’)

To select road bikes, I suggest using a table taken from the original Giant bicycle catalog 2011. 2012. All road and road bikes come with Compact Road geometry.

Frame size
(Regular geometry)
frame size
(Geometry Giant Compact Road β„’)
Frame tube length
(Seatpost / top)
49. 51 cm. 157. 163 cm. XS 42/52 cm.
51. 54 cm. 163. 170 cm. S 44 / 53.5 cm.
55. 57 cm. 170. 178 cm. M 50 / 55.5 cm.
57. 59 cm. 178. 183 cm. M / L 53.5 / 57 cm.
58. 60 cm. 183. 190 cm. L 55.5 / 58.5 cm.
61. 63 cm. 190. 198 cm. XL 58.5 / 61 cm.

BIKE Frame SIZE AND GROWTH. How to choose the right Rostovka?

Frame size is the biggest challenge when choosing a bike. Here I have a frame that is not in height on my aggressor. Velodrive.Ru has some good thoughts on this matter. Everything was invented before us πŸ™‚

Choosing the right frame size is one of the most important parameters when buying a new bike. This parameter is closely related to many others: the type of bike, riding style, personal preferences, etc.

Almost all bicycle frames today come in a range of sizes. There can be from two or three for simple walking bicycles, up to ten or more in classic geometry road racing cars. Dimension marking can be either digital (in inches or centimeters) or alphabetic. Typically, the size is “tied” to the height of the frame seat tube, which is measured from the center of the BB to the top of the seat tube. Some firms measure the height of the seat tube differently, so the same markings on bicycles from different firms (and sometimes even on different line of machines of the same firm) may differ. In addition, differences in frame sizes are NOT due only to different seat tube heights: almost all sizes, tube angles, and often the design solutions of SEPARATE frame elements change. In addition, depending on the purpose, the frames can also have different geometries from each other, even in the same manufacturer. Riders generally choose a frame based on the effective length of the upper tube (the so-called ETT value) and parameters in general, and they look at the size last. But for the vast majority of cyclists, it’s best to focus on frame size.

This short excursion into the shaky world of bicycle frame dimensions is presented NOT in order to confuse novice cyclists. but to explain that there are no absolutely clear criteria in the spirit of “a frame of such and such size is needed for a height of 170 cm, and nothing else.” Moreover, bicycles of noticeably different sizes may be suitable for a particular person. depending on the company and the model line. Therefore, the following correspondences of human height and frame size have rather large “tolerances”. Nevertheless, they will allow you to understand what you need to focus on and, in most cases, successfully independently choose a bike of the correct size.

Here’s a simple, practical way to select frame sizes:
Stand over the bike frame with your back touching the saddle. In this position, the distance between the upper frame tube and the crotch should be approximately 50 150 mm (for small bicycles this distance will be shorter due to the strong inclination of the upper frame tube). Also, the distance may be less in the case of certain proportions of the human body (in particular, with short legs). Ask a sales assistant to hold the handlebars and adjust the saddle height, sit on the bike, put your feet on the pedals. Enjoy the comfortable fit, you can even pedal back to better understand the sensation of driving your chosen car. This quick fit is very useful.

Bicycle frame size (size) is a parameter affecting the length and height of the frame, i.e. By its overall size. With an increase or decrease in the size of the bike frame, the upper, lower, and also the seat tube change proportionally.

By choosing the right bike size, you will ensure yourself a comfortable daily ride without back and knee pain. When purchasing a bike for sports or competition, choosing the right frame size is even more important.

There are 3 types of designations: “(inches), conventional units (XS, S, M, L, XL) and Centimeters (cm). The size range of a particular bike model is usually either even or odd.

A bike day. Not a day without a bike!

BIKE FRAME SIZE AND GROWTH. How to choose the right Rostovka? : 15 comments

Good article. I just can’t choose the size I need, specifically, for the Cube Travel Pro. On many manufacturers’ websites there is also such a formula: the length of the leg on the inside is 0.66 = theoretical size for a city and touring bike. If there is a shock-absorbing seatpost, subtract 3-5 cm from the result obtained.

According to this formula, if it simply multiplies my 82 cm by 0.66, we get one frame size, and if it suddenly hurts that I will put a shock absorber pin, there will be a different size, less.

Alex, thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

Think a couple of sizes and just try on bicycles. Otherwise, it simply won’t work to pick up a size.

I need a mountain bike, my height is 165 Will the diameter of the wheels be too small??

I ride with this height at 26x and generally gorgeous;)

DO NOT tell me which brand of bike is better: izh-bike or stealth?

My height is 171-172. Will Trek Superfly 5 (2015) fit me in height = tabs. According to the table, it seems like it will come up. BUT when I got on this bike without pedals, my feet barely touched the ground, I was confused by the fact how to get out of the bike at stops? When I stood above the frame with my back to the saddle, the distance between the pipe and the groin was about 50 cm.I just haven’t ridden a big one for a long time and I don’t remember my feelings: is it normal that my feet barely touch the ground (without pedals) or does it mean that I need another large smaller than 17.5.

Feet and must NOT touch the ground practically.
About the frame and pipe. If they stand above the frame, then It should not touch you at all.
Well, so that the eggs are safe;)

Hello! Thank you for the article! All schedules are very good. With a height of 168 cm, do you think a 16-inch frame and 26 wheels are normal? So I figured, the choice is between 16 and 18 inch frames on 26 wheels. 18 will definitely not be for me. And at 16, you can simply raise the saddle to the desired height.

I want a Micargi Rover LX-M or Schwinn Mark V cruiser.
What can you say about their size? Height 188 cm, weight 80 kg.

My daughter’s height is 155cm, his wife’s is 165cm, will the frame fit them for 17? 26 wheels, saddle down, frame for women

Hello, a bicycle with a 16 frame will be big for a girl with a height of 142 cm? Bravo Tango bike (2017).

The choice of the size of the bike: choose the size of the frame for height

Main page β†’ Selection β†’ Choosing a bike size: choose a frame size for your height

If you have already decided on the style of your riding, then you need to think about choosing the type of bike and its size. choosing it according to your height. Here are the disciplines (style) of riding depends on the choice of the size of the bike frame.

Standard frame

Very small. XSmall (XS) 14 inches (

35 cm)
Small. Small (S), 16 inches (

40 cm)
Medium. Medium (M), 18 ” (

45 cm)
Above Medium. Large (L), 20 ” (

50 cm)
Large. Xtra Large (XL) 22 ” (

The correct frame size also depends on its rigidity and the availability of shock absorbers. And this is also very important especially now, when a lot of inexpensive two-suspension systems have appeared on sale, the size of which is considered differently. If you are going to become one of the owners of this technique. read on.

In more detail on types of bikes

For a rigid frame (hardtails and rigs), the size-to-height ratio should be (the photo shows a GT bike for example):

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Height 135-155 cm. 14 inches
Height 150-165 cm. 16 inches
Height 165-175 cm. 18 inches
Height 175-185 cm. 20 inches
Height above 185 cm. 22 inches

For double suspensions, the ratio is slightly less:

150-165 cm tall. 15.5 inches
Height 165-175 cm. 17.5 inches
Height 175-185 cm. 19.5 inches
Height above 185 cm. 21.5 inches

When selecting a size, the type of MTV itself and the degree of its sophistication can also play a role.

How to choose a bike for your height

The more aggressive your ride is, the lower the frame should be. Take care of your., sorry for the intimate details. To select the correct frame size, stand with your feet on top of the bike on either side of the frame, slightly closer to the handlebars.

If you are going to jump well on mountain paths and off-road, then the distance from the top tube of the frame to your crotch should be about 10 cm.For a steep extreme, this distance should be even greater.

Frame size

Frame size is the distance from the top edge of the seat tube to the midpoint of the BB axis, usually in inches and is often denoted in Latin letters, like clothing sizes. Rostovka is probably one of the most fundamental criteria for choosing a bike after determining the riding style. The correct size of the bike helps you move faster with less energy, and the wrong one can lead to pain in the back, knees and, even, to the aggravation of many chronic diseases such as scoliosis. I highly recommend to take this parameter extremely responsibly, because your health depends on it. so.

Road bikes

You probably noticed that the article did not mention road bikes. The fact is that the size of the frame for such bicycles is calculated a little differently. Full growth plays a much lower priority here. The length of the legs, arms and body is more important, so the choice of size becomes much more difficult. There are, of course, calculators for determining the size of the frame, but they give very approximate results, which in practice may differ.

By the way, we recommend:

I sincerely hope that this article will help you in choosing the right frame size for your bikes.

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Find your sport

To buy a bike that is comfortable for yourself, it is necessary to take into account such an important parameter. the selection of the bike size. Correctly selected bike height directly depends on your own, correctly measured height. Unmistakable readings are needed to determine the appropriate frame size.

Each bike should be used for its intended purpose. For general riding, a hardtail is preferable. As for double suspensions (downhill bicycles), they are used mainly in extreme conditions.

With regularly selected parameters, back pain, discomfort in the knees are excluded, and traveling by bike will become a real pleasure. If you plan to buy a bike in order to use it in competitions in the future, unmistakable growth plays a decisive role.

How are the dimensions of the bicycle frame marked?

Any self-respecting manufacturer produces bicycle frames in several sizes: for walking bicycles. from 2-3, road racing. up to 10 or more.

The overall size of the frame (height and length) is determined by the size. So, with a decrease or increase in the size of the bicycle frame, the bicycle tubes change proportionally (we are talking about the seat tube, lower and upper).

Sizes are marked in inches, indicated in centimeters, designated conventionally (in Latin characters). Usually, a particular device has either even size class or odd size. Most often, the size of the bike frame is indicated on it. It is somewhat less common at another point. The seller will help you find the index.

Only 6 sizes are marked with Latin letters:

  • XS stands for smallest.
  • S is treated as small.
  • M equals average dimensions.
  • L large sizes are indicated.
  • XL means even more.
  • XXL interprets the maximum.

It turns out that for each size there are 2 sizes of the bicycle frame.

The height of the bicycle device should be comparable to the height of the seat tube itself. To measure the height, it is sufficient to measure the distance between the carriage axle and the top of the seat tube. With regard to different manufacturers, it is worth noting that the height of the seat tube is often measured in different ways. Therefore, it is quite understandable that, despite the identical marking, models of different manufacturers may have Unequal parameters.

At the same time, the size parameters are determined by the angle of inclination of the pipes, various design solutions of SEPARATE parts of the cycle frame. And further! Bicycle frames of even the same company are found with dissimilar geometry. It all depends on the purpose of the bike.

Bike Frame 20 How Tall

It turns out that it is impossible to pick up the size of a bicycle based on clear signs. Even bike models that are completely dissimilar in size are often suitable for one person in height. This takes into account both the manufacturer and the model itself. Guided by special tables, you can roughly understand the correspondence of human height with the size of the velos of the most famous variations.

For a successful selection of a size, it is not enough to take into account your overall height. It is also necessary to take into account the length of your legs, because a person can have them either longer or shorter. When studying the table in detail, choosing the right size will NOT be difficult.

How tall is the 19 ” frame used

The bicycle is not only a great way to move, but also a means to recuperate. In order for it to bring only pleasure from riding, the size of the bike must be selected correctly. In this article we will look at the size of a bike with a 19 “frame by what height, and its general characteristics. The parameters of the bike are closely related to the riding style, the type of bike, as well as personal preferences. If you do not personally own this information, then any consultant will be able to advise you in detail before buying. Best of all, if you have any information on choosing the right bike size.

What is the main thing?

The frame is the most important part of the bike, since its overall size depends on its height and width. And therefore, the right choice will protect you from constant back pain while riding, and will provide you with comfort. And so, what are the personal characteristics that need to be taken into account in order to choose the right bike ?! The most important factor in this is growth. If it is about 172-180 cm, then the ideal option for you would be a bicycle with a 19-inch frame, the size of the frame in this case should be 48.3 cm.It is these parameters of a bicycle for such height that will be ideal.

There is a single table of sizes according to which the bike is preferably selected. But one should also take into account the fact that there are a lot of manufacturers and types of bicycles, and these parameters in some cases may differ. For example, when choosing a city bike with a 19-inch frame, look for a shock absorbing seat post. If on mountain bikes you can lower the saddle into the frame, such a pin will be an obstacle to this.

Most manufacturers indicate frame size with letters or numbers, and this characterizes the height of the seat tube. If the bike frame is 19 for what height and weight, then these symbols must be indicated on the bike itself. Some factories have a different understanding of the seat tube measurement, and therefore, the dimensions may NOT be the same. But the design of the bike remains unchanged from this.

Steering wheel and driving style

Once you’ve decided on the height for your bike, you need to consider factors such as riding style and stem. If you are a fan of active and extreme rides, preferring a frame one size larger. So you will be more confident that riding such a bike will be a real comfortable ride for you. It is also worth paying attention to the stem. In many bicycles, it can be independently adjusted and adjusted to your size and riding style.

If you are a fan of riding a bike, then this article will be informational for you. After all, you must understand that the goal of the consultant is to sell the bike and get his own percentage of the sale, therefore, he will try to attract your attention with this or that model. And in this case, personal knowledge will not hurt you. Here you learned that a 19 bike frame is for such a height as 172-180 cm. Many manufacturers also designate it with symbols such as L (Large), which means large. The owner of such a growth will not fit bicycles with a frame of 18 or 20 inches, they will not be comfortable and NOT comfortable. If you want your bike ride to be a real rest for you, then take a little time to select the right bike frame, and then you will not feel any discomfort.

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Additional tips for choosing a frame

An important factor in choosing a frame is also your personal riding style. If you are a fan of extreme riding in difficult terrain, then it is recommended to choose a frame that is one size smaller than your norm. This way you will feel more confident in difficult terrain and under heavy loads. And the bike in this case will be much more maneuverable, which is important. But if you prefer a calm and measured ride on a regular road, then it is quite possible to accurately navigate the table.

Choosing the right stem is just as important. There are really a lot of them, so we strongly recommend spending some time on the choice, so that later you DO NOT feel discomfort while driving.

Always consider your own physique. And it’s NOT so much about the load on the frame as about ride comfort. If you are thin or have a standard physique, then you can easily choose the large VELOBIKE size. For overweight people, it is recommended to take one size smaller. This bike is easier to ride, get on and off.

Remember that you can adjust the saddle position and stem at any time (but not on all bikes). In many mountain bike models, the stem cannot be adjusted, but the saddle can be raised and lowered quite significantly. If you see that the handlebars are NOT adjustable, do not rush to refuse such a bike. This is done in accordance with safety standards for bikes designed for EXTREME riding.

18-inch frame specifications

Typically an 18-inch frame for people 165-179 centimeters tall. But there are exceptions here. In centimeters, the value is 45.7. And in comparison with others. this is the size “M”. There is also a division into: minimum, small, medium, very large, maximum dimensions. 18 inches falls into the designation “medium”, which explains its popularity.

How to choose the size of the bike frame for height?

  • 15-16 (wheel 24)
  • 14-15 (wheel 26)
  • 16-17 (wheel 26)
  • 15.16 (wheel 27.5)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 17-19 (wheel 26)
  • 16-17 (wheel 27.5)
  • 16 (wheel 29)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 19-20 (wheel 26)
  • 18-19 (wheel 27.5)
  • 16-18 (wheel 29)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 20-21 (wheel 26)
  • 19-20 (wheel 27.5)
  • 18-19 (wheel 29)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 22-23 (wheel 26)
  • 21-22 (wheel 27.5)
  • 20-21 (wheel 29)
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 21-24 (individually)

The size of the frame in terms of height must be selected from the size of the wheel: the larger the wheel, the smaller the size. The popular Stealth Bike Navigator 500 series is available with three wheel diameters and 3-4 frame sizes. Let’s look at the height of 175-180 cm which frame is suitable for growth (table).

Size, pipe length, connection angles

Regardless of whether you choose a bike only for short-term walks or for regular and active riding, it is absolutely important to choose the right size. It affects the dimensions of the entire frame as a whole, the parameters of all frame pipes.

First, let’s look at how to choose the frame size for the most common bike models: mountain bike, off-road VELOBIKE, hybrids. It is they who today form the basis of the market and it is in this segment that the buyer has the most choice.

Bicycle frame manufacturers themselves are interested in reaching as much of the market as possible, so each frame model comes in several sizes. For some bicycles, there may even be ten or more. In this case, the dimensions of the frame are always indicated in the marking. Designations can be in centimeters, inches, and sometimes even letter designations are found. In professional manufacturers, measurements are taken according to the size of each tube, not just the seatpost. In addition, even the connection angles of all pipes are taken into account.

We suggest orienting yourself according to the table below. It is considered one of the most versatile frame sizes.

Note that this table is most relevant when buying mountain bikes. However, in the absence of alternative sources of information, it can be used when choosing other types.

If you choose a city bike and you have a small height (up to 170 cm), then an important selection criterion for you will be the presence of a rear shock absorber. Namely the seatpost. The fact is that in most models it does not allow the saddle to be fully lowered. Because of this, with low growth, it is better to choose a frame not 18, but 16 inches in size.

Important: if your height does not fit clearly under the table and into a specific category, experts recommend choosing a larger size. But if this is a model with a shock absorber, then you need to act the other way around.

Frame 18 how tall. The inner side of the legs and why it really matters

Yes, the main parameter in the choice is your height. However, in order to accurately select the desired frame size, you also need to make the correct measurements on the inside of the legs. To do this yourself, you need no shoes only in your underwear, the floor with your back to the wall. The knees must NOT bend and the pelvis and heels must touch the wall. In order to take a measurement, you can use a building level or a tape measure. The easiest way is to make a mark on the wall surface and measure the height strictly perpendicular to the floor. This will be the height of the inside of your legs. If there is such a possibility, then measurements are best performed initially in inches. This will greatly simplify the choice and protect you from having to recalculate units of measurement at the time of purchase.

Once you know the inside length, calculating the required frame size becomes much easier and more accurate. But please note that you will have to make a miscalculation yourself, and for each category of bicycles the formula is partially different.

  • Bicycles of the double suspension category. To calculate your internal leg length, you need to multiply by 0.225. That is, if the legs are 80 centimeters long, calculate as follows: 80 x 0.225 = 18 inches. In this case, you can choose a frame size of 17 inches for sporty riding, and 19 for touring.
  • When choosing MTB bicycles and hardtails, the coefficient by which the length of the legs is multiplied is 0.226.
  • For road and cyclocross bikes, the coefficient is 0.635. The result must be divided by 2.54.
  • For cross bikes, the coefficient is 0.259.

Bicycle wheel dimensions

Does 18 ” frame fit 180cm height?

As stated earlier, there are exceptions to growth characteristics. When choosing the frame diameter, you need to take into account the type of bike. They are different:

  • Mountain. fully correspond to the above figures.
  • Urban. If you are in doubt about the size of the frame for your height, check the presence of a shock absorbing seat post. It does NOT lower the saddle completely into the frame. And so, with a height of 180 cm, you will ride more comfortably on an 18-inch frame than on a 20-inch frame.
  • Hybrid. the same as in urban models. When transient grows take a smaller frame.

Tips Tricks

The problem with many novice cyclists is that they have the wrong approach to choosing a bike. They pay attention to anything: the color, the number of gears, the comfort of the saddle. But at the same time, the majority completely forgets about the most important criteria. the size of the frame. And while all the details play a role in the selection, the ratio of your height to the size of the frame is the main thing. The wrong choice can be one of the main causes of back and joint pain during prolonged skiing, and also causes more severe fatigue.