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Benefits of Stels Pilot 750 24 Z010

Along with all the benefits of folding bikes, the 2018 Pilot 750 also has a number of individual features that set it apart from the competition. This model takes “the average” position between foldable compact bikes with 20 “wheels and foldable bicycles equipped with standard 26” wheels.

This, in combination with the 16-inch frame, makes the bike relatively compact when folded, and in the unfolded, working position, the bike will be comfortable for both people of medium and small stature. The clear advantage of the Pilot 750 24 is the multi-speed transmission and 6 speed modes. And while the bike has a suspension fork like the mountain bikes, the 750 is much more comfortable to ride than traditional city single-speed bikes. The ability to adjust the speed depending on the terrain or individual characteristics of the user will save energy, which is especially important if you are using the 750 “Pilot” for commuting.

Stels Pilot 750 24 Z010 2018 release. The most convenient and practical folding bike for residents of metropolitan areas and beyond.

Bicycles are virtually unrivaled as a way to keep fit and convenient urban transport. These and many other factors brought the bikes to their peak of popularity, especially among the townspeople. And folding bicycles in this capacity are returning themselves to the previously lost positions of a fashionable and practical form of transportation.

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The advantages of folding bikes are obvious, and some fans of this type of bike even create fan clubs and give their “iron horses” meaningful nicknames, as the Medieval knights did in their time in relation to their weapons. In an urban environment with small spaces to live, work and travel, folding bicycles are a real solution to many problems.

They are easy to store, not only at home, but also, for example, in the office. Such a bike does not need a lot of space when transporting it on public transport, which is why many people use folding bicycles for commuting. Models such as the Stels Pilot 750 24 Z010 featured here are equipped with Multi-Speed. And this increases the comfort of the cyclist when traveling in different conditions: from normal flat asphalt in hilly terrain to an unpaved path.

Features of the design and attachments

The Stels Pilot 750, like many modern folding bicycles for the city, differs little from its predecessors in key structural components. Principal elements. Frame and folding mechanism. Evolved rather in favor of lower weight and increased reliability. In order to frame the complex “Pilot” was not heavy for centuries, the Hi-Ten steel grade was used. This steel grade allows for a more flexible approach to the manufacture of the bicycle structure, giving it more interesting shapes without compromising quality and strength characteristics. Steel was also used to make wheel hubs, front rigid forks and some other smaller parts. With all this, the weight of the bike is a little over 17 kg, which is very good for folding city models.

Bike Frame 13 How Tall

The wheel rims are double aluminum alloy to reduce the overall weight of the bike without compromising structural strength. Such rims are practically NOT afraid of asphalt irregularities, and the width makes them optimal for movement in the city. Wheels Equipped with standard 2-inch tires with optimal tread pattern.

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The Pilot 750 multi-speed transmission is represented by components from the well-known Japanese company Shimano. One of the specific features of the model presented here is the presence of only a rear derailleur, which is quite enough for a bike of this type. The final chord was the equipment of the bike with metal fenders and a rear rack, which, together with an adjustable handlebar and seat, maximize riding comfort.

In general, if you are. NOT a fan of aggressive riding, but a practical person who needs a reliable bike for commuting, walking the streets or parks, the Pilot 750 24 Z010. This is your choice.

For height 180 cm and above

Without speeds for 145.175 cm

Road, low frame, 28 “

Men’s, high-speed, with a trunk and a basket, urban, walking, adult wheel size 28

6 speed, 28 inches

With two shock absorbers, from 145 to 190 cm

Mountain, size 16, 18, 20 inches

Light road bike, weight 12 kg, wheel size 28 inches

Diameter 26 “, steel frame, hydraulic disc brakes, frame size: 16, 18, 20

Mountain, size 19 “, 21”

Dual shock, disc brakes, 27.5 ” wheels, 19 frame

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Aluminum frame 24 ”

Wheel 27.5 “, steel frame, hydraulic brakes, frame 17, 19, 21

Niner size 29 “

Disc brakes, wheels 29, green, black

Turin, wheel size 28, fenders, trunk, 14 speeds

Aluminum wheels 26

Large, 24-inch, urban, walking

Wheel 26 “, frame material aluminum, hydraulic disc brakes, frame size 17, 19

24 ” aluminum

24-inch, planetary system, road, pleasure

Large mountain bike with wheel size 29 inches, frames 19, 21, 23

Wheel size 27.5 “, frame material aluminum AL X6, mechanical disc brakes, Shimano tourney gearshift system

Road Trash Bike 28 Inch Wheels Black

Diameter 29 aluminum

Wide wheels 26

29 inches, hydraulics, frames 19, 21, 23

Fat bike wheel size 26 “, hydraulic disc brakes

Wheel size 27.5 “, frame material aluminum AL X6, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano gearshift system

Catalog of bicycles for high growth. Bicycle for height 180 cm

Models with frame sizes are suitable for you:
– mountain bikes with frame sizes 18-19 inches
– road and sports bikes with frame sizes 18-21 inches

Height 185 cm, the bike is selected in the same way.