Bike For A Girl 9 Years Old How To Choose

Avanti Dakar 24 boys’ bike

Bike For A Girl 9 Years Old How To Choose

The bike has an external resemblance to an adult racing bike. Frame length. 16 inches. It is made of steel, and is located so that its geometric data is suitable for children 8. 10 years old. That is, a comfortable fit and ride comfort are guaranteed for the future owner. Speed ​​18.

Simano attachments provide a gentle load on the legs. Thanks to the soft seat and suspension fork, movement is comfortable even on poor road surfaces. Wheel diameter 24 inches.

How to choose a bike for a child 8. 10 years old. tips

Before purchasing children’s transport, you should pay attention to a number of nuances. Studying them will allow you to make the right choice.

Professionals advise you to listen to some recommendations:

The best models of children’s bicycles for 8 years

There are many models of children’s bikes from various manufacturers. They differ in quality, price, technical characteristics, equipment, color.

But several bicycles are considered the best. These are vehicles for the girl Cronus Best Mate 24 for the boy Avanti Pakar 24, as well as the unisex type Kellys MAGGIE.

A child’s bike for an 8-year-old child is considered a real vehicle. A teenage bike belongs to a special category, so quality, reliability, safety become the main criteria when choosing.

Differences between bicycles for boys and girls

There is a significant difference between children’s bicycles designed for boys and girls of 8 years of age.

The main differences are:

  • Colour. For girls, manufacturers make bikes in brighter shades, sometimes combining them: red, pink, lilac. Supplemented with white, bright green, yellow. For boys, blue, black are preferable with the addition of dark green shades.
  • In the female version, you can often find a basket attached to a fork.

Features of children’s bicycle models for 8 years

The design of children’s bicycles differs in some features from bikes for preschoolers and adult transport.


  • Hand brake. In models intended for the ride of small children, it is absent.
  • The presence of headlights. Unlike more children’s models.
  • Wheels 20-24 inches.
  • Narrower handlebars and smaller frame make transport easier.
  • In cross samples, the frame is made in the form of a diamond. In this part, the upper part has an overlay.
  • The brake hub is most often located on the rear wheel.
  • Equipped with multi-speed transmission.
  • Frame in most options 13-inch.
  • The presence of one or more programs.

Kellys maggie

This bike is designed for the movement of children from 8 years old. Wheel size is 24 inches. On this bike, it is easy to overcome both city roads and forest off-road. Kellys MAGGIE is equipped with a trunk, lighting device, fenders.

There is also a footboard, chain protection. There is a dynamo hub. The light comes with a small battery.

The bike is also suitable for girls because of the low aluminum frame. Speeds. 3. The curved steering wheel is adjustable. Classic pedals. Brakes Supplied by Shimano (rear) and Apse Artek (front).

Girl’s bike Cronus Best Mate 24

This speed bike is suitable for ages 8-10. A beautiful bike for a teenage girl. Country of origin. France. Wheel diameter is 24 inches. Wide tires allow you to ride on different types of roads. from forest paths to asphalt pavements. Available 21 speed.

The lightweight aluminum frame is robust, solid-cast. Its size is 12.5 inches. The top tube has a low fit. Therefore, it is suitable for girls whose height is slightly different. The Cronus Best Mate 24 bike is painted in two primary colors. white and lilac. The model is equipped with a front shock absorber, which allows you to reduce the load on the shoulders, a footrest, a mechanical brake.

Attachments similar to those for adult mountain bikes are included. Fitted with a Shimano drivetrain and a Suntour spring fork. Handlebar width made of aluminum 62 cm.

Feedback from parents

But the main thing is that the child’s opinion should be taken into account when buying. And one more thing. do not forget to equip the future owner with a helmet and protective accessories.

Bicycles for girls 8-9 years old: the best models and tips for choosing

  • Main selection criteria
  • Physical parameters
  • Characteristics, features and equipment of the bike
  • Popular models
  • Helpful hints

Choosing a bike for a girl of 8-9 years old is a task, the solution of which requires a rational and competent approach. In this matter, it is important to take into account not only the wishes of the child, but also the features of his physical development, as well as the level of skills in driving two-wheeled vehicles. It is equally important to take into account the technical and operational characteristics of this or that model. What bike models are suitable for girls 8-9 years old? What is worth looking at when choosing?

Characteristics, features and equipment of the bike

When choosing a comfortable and reliable bike for a girl of 8-9 years old, it is necessary to take into account such important technical features of a child’s vehicle as:

  • The presence of a hand or foot brake;
  • Adjustable seat and steering wheel;
  • The presence of protection (casing) in the chain;
  • Call presence.

Usually, the frame on bicycles designed for girls is curved. It can be either foldable or full-size. Folding models are more convenient and practical in terms of storage. Samples with full-size varieties, in turn, are considered the most durable and durable.

Most modern children’s bicycles are equipped with hand brakes, which are controlled by a special lever located on the handlebar body. Correct use of this type of brake ensures smooth deceleration even on wet and slippery roads.

Experts attribute durability and reliability to the advantages of foot or pedal brakes. Such structures are less likely to fail and do NOT require adjustment. Models with pedal brakes are believed to be best suited for the beginner cyclist.

When choosing a bike for a girl of 8-9 years old, it is important to pay attention to the handlebar and saddle adjustment option. With this function, you can easily give the functional parts of the bike The most comfortable, ergonomic position.

A rather useful and important structural element is a special protective guard for a bicycle chain. It not only protects feet and shoes from dirt while riding, but also helps reduce the risk of falls and injury from clothing caught in the moving chain.

The bell is another useful structural detail of a child’s bike.

Main selection criteria

Among the main criteria that should be followed when choosing a bicycle for a girl of 8-9 years old, experts distinguish such as:

  • Physical parameters of the child;
  • Characteristics, design features and technical equipment of the vehicle.

Popular models

STELS Pilot 220 Lady 20 V010 is an original domestic model, recommended for girls aged 8 to 12 years. The wheels are 20 “in diameter and the frame is 12”. The main element of the bike is a durable but lightweight aluminum frame that allows the child to easily carry it in his hands.

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Novatrack Angel 6 sp. 20 is a very attractive Russian-made model, designed for girls 7-10 years old. The bike has a curved aluminum frame, a powerful 6-speed transmission, an option for adjusting the handlebar and seat, a bicycle bell, a spring-elastomer fork. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. The chain is protected by a guard. Model colors. white and pink.

Schwinn Stardust (2019) is a spectacular and ergonomic bike designed in the USA. Country of origin. PRC. The assembly of the model is carried out on the basis of a high-strength aluminum frame. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. The bike is equipped with double mechanical brakes, which ensure reliable locking of the wheels, even on slippery roads. The frame color is available in two colors: red and green.

Dewolf Wave 20 (2019) is a sleek urban bike for girls aged 5 to 9. Country of origin. Taiwan. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. Model Remarkable Not only for its spectacular bright pink colors, but also for its elaborate geometry. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, the fork is made of high-strength steel. The model is equipped with two types of brakes. Tire material. wear-resistant rubber.

The Dewolf J200 is a striking sports bike for kids with a design that is as close as possible to that of adult mountain bikes. The elongated, slightly curved frame is made of aluminum, while the handlebars, seatpost, fork and spokes are made of high-strength steel. The model has 7 gears, double front and rear brakes.

Merida FOX J20 (2018) is a very stylish urban model with excellent performance and excellent technical equipment. Recommended for girls aged 5 to 9. Country of origin. PRC. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. Frame material. aluminum alloy. The bike is equipped with double mechanical brakes, a gear selector, a wide ergonomic saddle, a luggage rack with a secure latch.

Physical parameters

To choose the most comfortable bike for an 8 or 9-year-old girl, you should take into account the peculiarities of the child’s physical development. One of the most important parameters in this regard is growth. Usually at this age, the height of the child reaches 130-135 centimeters. According to experts, bicycles with wheel diameters ranging from 20 to 24 inches and a frame length of about 13 inches are optimal for children of this height.

When choosing the right bike model for a girl of 8-9 years old, you should evaluate the height of the frame. The distance from the top of the frame to the crotch of a child standing on the ground should be at least 7-10 centimeters.

Experts recommend NOT to purchase models for girls 8-9 years old, intended for older children.

Helpful hints

Having chosen the suitable model of a bicycle for a young sportswoman aged 8-9 years, one should not forget about additional accessories. So, the following important items of equipment will allow to ensure safe movement:

  • Helmet;
  • Knee pads and elbow pads;
  • Special footwear and clothing.

The choice and purchase of a bicycle is strongly recommended with the direct participation of the child.

Further, look in the selection of a bicycle for girls from 7 years old.

Choosing a bike by age

Children’s bike manufacturers divide them into the following age groups:

  • Run bikes for children from 2 years old;
  • Tricycles with a wheel size of 12 inches (30.5 cm). 3-4 years old;
  • Two-wheeled with a wheel size of 16 inches (40.5 cm). age 4-6 years;
  • Two-wheeled with wheel size 20 inches (50.8 cm) single speed or with 6-18 speed transmission. for children over 6 years old.
  • Teenagers with gear shifting system, 1 or 2 shock absorbers. for teenagers 9-12 years old.

Bicycles for children from 3 to 6 years old Must be as simple and durable as possible. A child at this age can often fall and drop the bike, let the children ride in the yard, leave it unattended.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying is quality parts and a reliable foot brake. Children simply cannot cope with a hand brake at this age. there is not enough hand strength. All parts, including attachment wheels, must withstand severe loads. The thinner the metal used in the parts, the faster it will fail.

For kids ages 6 to 8, it is also better to choose a fairly simple bike with a foot brake, but larger. The gearshift function and front shock absorber are often not needed at this age children DO NOT understand how to use them.

On the other hand, teenage bicycles from 9 to 12 years old are better to choose with a gear shifting system (from 3-5 to 21 speeds), 1 or even 2 shock absorbers. These bicycles usually have an aluminum frame (they are lighter) or steel.

Bicycle wheel dimensions

Bicycle wheel size is the diameter of the wheel rim, excluding tire dimensions. It is measured in inches (20.24, 26, 28, 29), less often in centimeters (50, 60, 65, 70, 73). The height of a bicycle tire is determined by the profile height in inches. For example, the outer wheel size of a regular 26 “wheel and a 24” wheel with wide tires is almost the same. For bicycles with regular tire widths

Wheel Size Chart

Wheel size bike type height
12 child 80-85
fourteen child 85-100
sixteen child 100-110
sixteen folding 140-180
eighteen child 110-120
20 child 120-130
20 folding 140-180
24 teenage 135-150
24 folding 140-180
26 mountain, road 150-190
27.5 mountain, road 160-190
29 mountain 170-200

How teenage bike models differ

Models for teenage bicycles are 135-155cm tall. Their main difference from bicycles for adults is that teenage models have smaller dimensions and weight, as well as a smaller wheel diameter (20 “-24”) and speed limitation.

Teenage bikes can also be urban (walking) or mountain bikes. It is convenient to ride on a walking tour on flat terrain without obstacles, they differ in the minimum number of speeds, lightness and compactness. Mountain bikes for teenagers are heavier than city bikes, but they are more passable. These can be the same double suspensions and hardtails as for adults, but with parameters suitable for adolescent children (approximately 9-15 years old).

Models for the smallest (from 1.5 to 3 years old)

An excellent model for the smallest beginner riders are the bicycles of the Merida Dakar 612 model line. They are made in several versions: a more restrained color scheme is designed for boys, and a bright, pink bike is perfect for little princesses.

These bicycles meet all the criteria for a safe ride: the frame is light, strong. The chain is protected, additional removable wheels add confidence during the first rides. A more rigid fork will make cycling comfortable even on imperfectly flat surfaces. There are 2 brakes: hand and foot, mounted in the rear hub.

It is important for children to maintain the correct posture while riding, it affects the formation of posture and is an excellent prevention of spinal curvature. All this is taken into account when calculating the geometry of the frame and the production of the frame.

The diameter of the wheels is 12 inches. Bicycles with 12-inch wheels are equipped with special handles that will help parents to control and correct movement while riding.

How does a women’s bike differ from a man’s?

In addition to visible differences in color and design, women’s bicycles differ from men’s bicycles in terms of technical parameters.

Features of women’s bicycles:

  • Low frame. On sports models, this may simply be a beveled top tube.
  • Low weight. It is easier for girls to maneuver on a light bike, at the same time they should be able to carry it on their own if necessary.
  • Soft shock absorber. Since the weight of the girls is much less, this type of shock absorber can cope with uneven sections of the road. A stiffer fork simply won’t compress under their weight.

Models for girls are designed taking into account their anatomical features and riding style. Just like men, they can be intended for sports driving, professional competitions or leisurely walks and movement around the city. Decide in what style and where you will ride, then the consultant will be able to quickly select the desired variety.

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A quick way to choose a bike frame size

  • Frame 15 inches: height 145-165 cm;
  • Frame 16 inches: height 150-170 cm;
  • Frame 17 inches: height 155-175 cm;
  • Frame 18 inches: height 160-180 cm;
  • Frame 19 inches: Height 170. 185 cm;
  • Frame 20 inches: Height 175. 190 cm;
  • Frame 21 inches: height 180. 195 cm;
  • Frame 22 inches: 190 cm and above.

Age category from 5 to 9 years old

The bike for children aged 5-9 years is equipped with 20 “wheels. The most popular models are the Merida Dakar 620 range with specially designed options for boys and girls. The main difference is the color scheme and frame design.

For their manufacture, specially designed equipment for the entry level. Shimano Tourney was used. This bike has 7 speeds. Wide tires, shock-absorbed fork makes walking on it more comfortable, absorbing shocks when overcoming bumps and obstacles.

Thanks to the low frame, these bikes are ideal for training, and the durable, lightweight frame design makes them as safe and comfortable to use as possible.

How to pick and choose a bike for child’s height?

Child’s height age, years Baby, wheel size teenage folding
80-85 2 12
90-95 3 fourteen
100-105 4 sixteen
110-115 five eighteen
120-125 6 20
130-135 7 20 24 20
140-145 8-9 24, 26 20, 24
150-155 10-12 24, 26 20, 24, 26

The height chart of bicycle sizes for children shows how to choose a model based on age. For boys and girls, height can vary significantly: Refer to this table to select a wheel size value and carefully read the description for each model. For example, for a height of 125-130 cm The easiest to control will be a children’s bike with a wheel size of 18 inches, when buying a new one, you need to choose a wheel size 20 in the usual frame size or a wheel diameter of 24 inches with a low frame.

At what age can a child ride a bike?

It is recommended to buy the first bike when the child already understands how it works. A two-year-old baby may NOT immediately understand how to move him. At the same time, if the child is active, developed and you are able to teach him how to pedal and stop the bike, you can start the first lessons.

Pediatricians believe that there is an age limit for cycling. As soon as the child can get on the bike, reach the pedals with his feet and twist them on his own, you can start riding. It is allowed to plant on a tricycle from 1.5 years old. A two-wheeled bike can be tried out at 4 years old.

How to choose?

When buying a bike for a child age 6, pay attention to the following points.

How to choose a bike, see below.

How to choose a bike for a child 6 years old?

  • Features:
  • Varieties
  • How to choose?
  • Models

The choice of a bicycle for a child aged 6 years and older is complicated by the fact that models for babies are no longer suitable for him, however, like adult models. Therefore, you need to choose the “golden mean”, ideally with a perspective for several years. up to the purchase of an adult copy. Let’s try to understand the features of choosing a bicycle for children 6 years old.


A bicycle for a child is not only an exciting hobby, but also a useful trainer for a child’s body, which develops the muscles of the legs, the vestibular apparatus and a sense of balance. The most suitable examples for this age include a front hand brake and a rear foot brake. this type of brake system is more reliable and safe, and also quite comfortable for a six-year-old child.

Variants with four wheels are very relevant. Also, ideally, the model should by default include a set of additional protection. knee pads, a bicycle helmet and elbow pads, these measures are very important at the age of 6-7 years, because right now the child is trying to develop speed, learning adult tricks, looking at older children. Alas, whichever model is chosen, falls are almost inevitable. After a minor accident, the child will have to independently raise the “iron horse”, which means that the children’s model should be lightweight.


Conventionally, models for 6 years of age can be classified into male and female, although there is a fundamental difference between them. All the differences come down to almost only design. So, girls are more attracted to light, neat models in bright colors: red, orange, lilac. Young cyclists will also be partial to pastel shades. pink, white, beige.

Boys like more “masculine” and “adult” colors: black, brown, blue, dark green. Sometimes the preferences of boys and girls differ when choosing a design. For example, girls try to select models with baskets. they can hide various women’s little things.

Children’s bicycles can be divided into four-wheeled and two-wheeled. We do not consider three-wheeled models. they are intended for children under 5 years old. At the same time, four-wheeled specimens are, in fact, classic two-wheeled specimens, but with additional small wheels, which can be easily removed if necessary. Most often, children aged 4-7 years old with a height of 105-130 cm ride a bicycle with 4 wheels.

By design, they are the same as the adult models, but more compact in size. Some two-wheeled bicycles for children can be divided into mountain and sports, although for younger students, parents still try to select classic walking models.


Explore the ranking of the most popular brands. An overview of current models will allow you to make the right choice.

Schwinn Aerostar. The American brand presents a bright beautiful model for boys and girls aged 6-9 years with a height of up to 135 cm. Such a bike is quite suitable for children who are just starting to get involved in cycling and learn the basics of cycling. The instance does not have a handbrake, shock absorbers and speed switches. The frame is steel, which slightly increases the weight of the unit, but adds to its reliability and durability. The diameter of the rubber tires is 20 inches. The bike allows you to customize agility and interaction in the city.

  • Avanti Super Boy 20. Two-wheeled copy from a Ukrainian manufacturer. The model is intended for boys of primary school age. This is a sporty model that will appeal to active guys who already have experience in cycling. The model includes 18 speeds, allows for walking in mountainous areas, and powerful brakes prevent injury on steep descent.

The frame is made of high-strength steel, the arms are protected from excess load by means of a front shock-absorbing fork, and full-size fenders from the Beregut transport. Wheels are 20 inches, plus seat and handlebar adjustments.

Cube kid 160 girl flower power. German children’s bike, designed for young women at the age of 5-7 years. This is a lightweight option as it is made of aluminum. The upper tube is in a low position, which increases comfort for girls of different sizes and heights. The wheels are 16 inches and can be operated on various types of surfaces. Among the advantages is the presence of foot and hand brakes.

The chain has a strong plastic protection that prevents clothing from getting caught in the links. For girls who are just getting acquainted with cycling, there are additional wheels that help a young cyclist to gradually master all the nuances of control.

From 7 years old

3-4 to 6-7 years old, wheels 14, 16, 18

Wheel size 18 with trunk, low frame, green, blue, purple, orange

Pink with white, pink with purple and mint pink

Wheels 20 inches, frame steel

Steel, front hand brake, pink

Children’s, folding, wheel size 20 inches, from 128 cm

Children’s for a girl with a wheel size of 20 inches for height from 120cm to 138-140cm, age from 6-7 years old and up to 8-9 years old

For teens and adults, wheel size 20

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Steel, wheel 20 “

20 inches, 6 speeds, 120-140 cm, black-green

14, 16, 18 wheels, aluminum frame, black, green

Low frame, 6 speeds, 20 inches

20 inch wheels, aluminum frame, with side wheels

Girls: pink, aluminum frame, 1 speed, wheel size 20

Wheels 6 speeds, steel frame, colors: white

Boy, Girl, Teenage 24 ” Wheel, 7 Speed, Front Shock, Rim Brakes

Wheel 20 inches, rim brakes, two shock absorbers, steel frame, high-speed

Child 20 inches for girls from 6-7 years old and up to 8-9 years old, light aluminum frame, color: green

20 inches, 6 sk, aluminum frame

Teenage with understated from 130 cm

Wheels 20 inches, lightweight aluminum frame

2 shock absorbers, 125-145 cm, wide tires

Stealth Pilot 250 Lady with a wheel size of 20 inches, frame aluminum

Frame aluminum, diameter 20 “, hand brakes, high-speed, purple

Aluminum, wheels 20, 6 speeds

Frame steel, diameter 20 “, hand brakes

20 wheel size, 6 speeds, aluminum frame, front fork with shock absorption, for height from 120 to 138 cm, color: purple, lilac, pink

Wheels 24 inches, multi-speed (6 speeds)

On an aluminum frame with good Shimano attachments

Wheels 20 “, frame aluminum, high-speed, disc brakes, orange color

Side Wheels 20 ” Yellow

3 speeds, planetary hub, aluminum frame

Wheel 18 inches, disc brakes, manual, magnesium alloy frame, black

Wheel 18 inches, disc brakes, frame material magnesium, color white

Wheel 18 inches, disc brakes, frame material magnesium, color purple

From 7-12 years old teenage light

Children’s, with a wheel size of 20 inches, 6 speeds

Wheel 24 inches, 7 speeds, aluminum frame, color white-pink

Shimano derailleurs, lightweight aluminum frame, 24 ” wheel size

From 7-12 years old teenage light

Teenage, with disc brakes and a low frame with wheel size 24 for a height of 125 cm


Tricycles are bought for boys between the ages of one and 3-4 years. For older children, two-wheeled cars are already taken. There are also four-wheel options, but they are not so popular: bulky structures require specialized storage space, and their use is possible only on a high-quality flat surface.

There are not many types of children’s bicycles, as boys need transportation for short rides in comfortable conditions, and it is too early for them to do tricks or do EXTREME riding. Therefore, among the children’s models, you will not find racing or mountain options. Such transport is intended for at least teenagers. Bicycles for children are smaller copies of adult city models.

Children’s bike can be foldable. It is convenient for storage and transportation. If you fold it, then you can safely take it on public transport. The folding bike is designed for short distances. Variations with Multi Shifting Speeds and Short Stroke Forks available.

Citybikes are road bikes that have a heavy or medium-weight frame and tires with one gear or planetary gear shifting. The design provides for fenders above both wheels and a protective guard over the chain, and baskets are often installed on them. The cyclist will sit up straight. They are taken for boys 10-12 years old.

For boys 6-8 years old

Such models are already copying adult bicycles: some samples even have speed switches, soft front forks. But there are no specialized machines (for jumping or extreme sports) in this category yet, as well as high-class equipment and structural elements.

The optimal wheel size for this age group is 18-20 inches.

To develop not only muscles, but also the intelligence of a child, pay attention to metal constructors for boys.

Models for boys over 5 years old

Standard bicycles for 5 year olds and older boys have wheel diameters from 12 to 16 inches. If the wheel diameter is 20-24 inches, then this model is designed for teenagers, 26 inches and more. for adults.

We recommend that you read in more detail about a children’s bike for a girl from 3 years old.


Boys’ bicycles are used very actively and not always neatly. After among the happy parents of future men, first of all, reliable models are held in high esteem.

The most reliable models of bikes for boys.

Name Frame material Wheel diameter (inches) Features: Price, rub.)
Smart Bikes Boy 16 steel sixteen Robust frame and quality workmanship, lightweight. Ergonomic seat. Hand and foot brakes. There are a pair of side wheels 9140
TREK Jet 16 steel sixteen Lightweight, there are additional small wheels. The steering wheel is padded. Hand brake. The tires are strong, wide 11890
STELS Pilot 240 steel 20 A sporty model with a very sturdy frame. Rim brakes (rear and front) 9850
STELS Pilot 450 steel 20 Folding bike with rim brakes. Heavy and harsh, but compact. 5 speeds. There is a rearview mirror 8250
Merida Dakar 612-Coaster Aluminium alloy 12 Single speed, rigid frame. Handbrakes are yearning, but the design itself is light 6200

Rating of children’s bicycles from 5 years old: how to choose

Children’s bicycles are considered to be with wheel diameters from 8 to 20 inches.

Here is a transport intended for adults, they are distinguished by their simplicity of design and brightness of design.

The smallest two-wheeled models are often equipped with an additional pair of detachable wheels that are attached to the rear axle. They make the structure more stable, which is important at the beginning of learning to ride a bike.

How to choose. we take into account height and age

It is important for a child that the bike is comfortable for him, that is, the model should be:

  • Such that the boy could easily sit on the seat and get off it;
  • Strong. future men are distinguished by expression and craving for extreme, respectively, the car will be beat and more than once;
  • Lightweight, feasible for the child;
  • Adjusts the height of the handlebar and seat for an individual fit and to ensure the rider is properly seated;
  • Safe. the bicycle chain is tightly closed with a casing, a limiter is installed on the handlebar, preventing it from turning more than 180º;
  • Simple, because The three-year-old will NOT be able to figure out complex systems on his own, and the older boy, although he will understand what’s what, will be distracted while driving, and this is unsafe.

For 3-5 year olds

At this age, boys already show great independence, but psychologically few of them are able to independently drive a two-wheeled bicycle. For them, you need to select either a large three-wheeled model, or a small (with wheels no more than 16 inches) two-wheeled with side wheels.

The most acceptable wheel diameter is 14-16 inches.

For boys 9-12 years old

There are also serious sports models in this category. But you can already pick up a bike that can overcome the Russian field of average difficulty.

9-12 years old is an age close to adolescents, therefore, a bicycle should be selected not by age, but by height. Some boys may need models with wheels not 20, but 24 or even 26 inches.

A boy’s bike should be of high quality, light in weight and level of handling, and safe. But given the peculiarities of the attitude of a little man to transport, the car must also be safe, very durable, and fashionable.

We also recommend that you read in more detail about the foldable travel stroller.