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Women’s bicycles for summer cottages, cities, touring, walking, high-speed, for tourism. how to choose?

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Women’s bicycles are no less reliable and ergonomic than bicycle transport for the stronger sex. Same technical functions and equipment. Unless the designs themselves are developed taking into account female physiology, and the design is more stylish. What makes a women’s bike different and how to choose it correctly?


General rules for choosing a women’s bike. how to choose a bike for women?

First of all, we decide on the purpose of the purchase. What is a bike for? For country cycling, for the city, or maybe you decided to go cycling? Based on the goals, bike transport is purchased:

  • Road bike. Differs in simplicity of design, very low price and high reliability. The ideal option is to travel on country roads. Cons: heavy weight, sluggishness, low level of comfort (you won’t go far. you will get tired).
  • Mountain bike. Universal bike transport. Suitable for riding on forest paths and asphalt roads. It has many subspecies. from entry-level bicycles (for amateurs) to transport for freestyle (performing tricks), downhill (skiing from the mountains), etc.
  • City bikes, or city bikes. not designed for heavy loads. they are suitable for quiet trips along city streets, for walking in the park.
  • Road bikes. This option is suitable for high-speed driving only on flat asphalt. Its entire design assumes maximum travel speed. Fan bike “Tour de France”.
  • Touring bicycles. Designed for cycling trips. They are distinguished by the possibility of transporting a cycling backpack and attaching a trunk, thick and wide wheels.
  • Hybrids. Combines the properties of mountain, road and walking bikes. They feature a high frame, suspension fork, sometimes a trunk, fenders and disc brakes.
  • Cruisers. For a relaxing bike ride.

It is clear that a women’s bicycle should be chosen taking into account its main features. Attention when buying (after choosing a model. for walking, sports, etc.) should be paid to the following points:

  • Frame. It is desirable that it be made of aluminum (for greater ease), of high quality and the most expensive (driving performance depends on it).
  • The size. The length of the frame and the size of the bike itself is selected taking into account the height of the girl.
  • Frame level. Lowered frame allows you to ride in a skirt.
  • Steering wheel. On women’s cycling, the handlebars are narrower, longer and thinner.
  • Pendants. This detail in a bicycle for ladies is soft for maximum riding comfort.
  • Design. The modern design of a women’s bike is worked out to the smallest detail (decoration with baubles, saddle straps, patterns, etc.). Therefore, choosing your individual bike is easy.
  • Brand. As for the manufacturer, it is preferable to choose a transport of a well-known proven brand, so that later your bike does not rust in a barn in the country.
  • Accessories. Like a man’s bike, a woman’s bike can have a trunk, a bicycle pump, a first aid kit, gloves and other necessary things.

Speaking of price, it’s worth noting that saving on a bike won’t do the trick. Your vehicle must be as reliable and safe as possible.

Women’s city bicycles are suitable for residents of megalopolises; which bike to choose for the city?

The female model of a city bike (city bike) has a comfortable, spring-loaded seat, features 3-7 speeds, large wheels, a high seating position (plus for the back), a rigid fork. The complete set includes a trunk, fenders, foot brakes, chain guards, etc. The price will depend on the hitch and frame. Maintenance is practically not needed due to the maintenance-free mechanisms. The city bike, of course, is not designed for high loads.

Graceful ladies’ bicycles cruisers. for real ladies; how to choose a women’s walking bike? How to choose a women’s cruiser bike?

  • Check how it fits your height. Its frame should be slightly below (a few cm) of your belt.
  • You should easily reach the steering wheel during the trip with slightly bent arms.
  • The bike frame is selected based on financial capabilities. Steel will cost less, but its weight will be much higher. If you’re looking for lightweight transport, check out the carbon or Kevlar frame.
  • Wheels are best chosen with aluminum rims to reduce overall weight, strength and reduce the risk of corrosion. When choosing a bike for good city roads, choose narrow tires with no deep embossing.
  • The saddle should be adjustable in height and horizontal direction. The extended leg should reach the pedal completely. In terms of shape, the wide saddle is comfortable for walking, the narrow one for sports.
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And don’t forget to check the condition of your bike. There should be no chipped paint, visible defects, faults. All necessary parts must be included in the kit.

A touring bike for women allows you to travel off-road

This type of bike is a tourist bike. It is suitable for cycling on different roads.

  • Lightweight, durable frame.
  • The presence of a trunk.
  • Rudder “ram’s horns”.
  • Front fork with shock absorber.
  • Wheels with an average diameter of 28, tires with tread (tire thickness about 32-42 mm), spokes. 32-36.
  • Caliper brakes.

Women’s mountain bikes are suitable for walking in the mountains and for trips to the country

Mountain bike is the most popular because of its versatility and reliability. The price depends on the choice of the model and its functional features.

What to look for when buying a mountain bike:

  • The standover height (distance from the groin to the upper frame tube) when traveling on asphalt should be 3-5 cm below the groin, when traveling along other paths. by 5-8 cm, for rough terrain. by 10 cm or more.
  • The length of the upper tube of the vehicle should be in accordance with the length of the body and arms, driving experience and riding style.
  • The saddle is selected based on your comfort, female anatomy and 3-way adjustment (angle, height, longitudinal offset).
  • Frame. If extreme skiing is not planned, then a frame made of carbon fiber and other super-materials is not required. The ideal choice is aluminum. But provided that the body weight is at least 70 kg, and in the presence of a shock-absorbing front fork (its presence on a mountain bike is required!).
  • It is advisable to choose hinges from well-known Japanese manufacturers.
  • Tires. For the highway: slicks. no pattern and hard rubber; for dirt roads. soft tires, wide, large tread; for tourism. semi-slick.

Choosing the Right Road Bike. How to Choose a Women’s Speed ​​Bike?

The functions of a road (speed) bike are speed, efficiency and agility. The main features of the bike:

  • Lightness of wheels, frames and accessories.
  • Narrow wheels are for speed, wide wheels are safer.
  • Carbon Composite Fork (Front).
  • Rudder “ram’s horns”. Pay attention to the correct handlebar height. “for you”.
  • Female size.
  • Lack of rear (front) suspension.
  • Saddle. Gel inserts in the saddle provide maximum comfort.

Guide: how to choose a bike for your height. We present you with instructions for choosing a bike based on your height.

The right bike allows you to ride faster, easier, and with minimal risk. This guide will help you understand how to choose a bike and how to use size charts for different bike models.

If you are still not sure of the correctness of your choice, then you can always contact the specialists who will definitely help you find the perfect bike in accordance with all your requirements.

How to choose the right bike size?

As a rule, bicycles are measured by the length of the frame. the main part of the bike, to which all the parts are attached. Traditionally, road bikes are measured in centimeters, and mountain bikes are measured in inches. Also, the sizes can be divided simply into small, medium, large, etc.

This instruction cannot be called universal, so before buying, be sure to read the correspondence table for the selected model.

What parameters need to be considered?

To choose a bike, you need to know your height, leg length and distance from the saddle to the crotch.

Frame height

Your height determines the frame height that suits you. The bore between crotch and frame must be at least 5 centimeters. This allows you to get on your bike quickly and easily.


If your measurements of height and length of your legs do not help you determine the exact size (you are “stuck” between two sizes), the upper body will come to your rescue. To do this, you need to measure the span of the hands and subtract the height from this value.

  • If the result is positive (arm span more than height), choose a larger bike.
  • If negative (arm span is less than height). less.

For example: 152 cm (arm span). 163 cm (height) =.11, i.e. choose the smaller of the two sizes.

Women’s bike or universal?

On average, women have longer legs and shorter stature than men of the same height. Therefore, on women’s bicycles, a shorter upper frame, narrow handlebars and a specialized women’s saddle.

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But, people are not “average”, a bicycle should be selected taking into account individual parameters, it does not matter whether it is a female bicycle or a universal.

How to choose a bike for a child?

Children’s bicycles are sized in a slightly different way. They are usually categorized by age and wheel size. Here’s what you need to consider first.?

  • The age range is indicated solely as an aid. If your child is taller than everyone else in the class, it may be worth getting a bike for older children.!
  • Height and leg length are still the determining factor, don’t forget about it.
  • Try not to buy a bike for growth. It can cloud the riding experience.
  • Always consult with experts!

Bike size charts by height

Hybrid (Walking) / Hybrid (Sports)

Below is the most popular chart for most bikes. Matching sizes have been worked out through extensive experience, and also compared with many size charts from bicycle manufacturers. We take this issue as responsibly as possible, so your remarks and comments are welcome. write in the comment form after the article.

Frame size, inches Your height, cm. Frame size, cm. Frame size, conventional units. Designation
13″ 130. 145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fourteen” 135. 155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fifteen” 145. 160 38.1 S (Small) Small
sixteen” 150. 165 40.6 S (Small) Small
17 ″ 156. 170 43.2 M (Meduim) Middle
18″ 167. 178 45.7 M (Meduim) Middle
nineteen” 172. 180 48.3 L (Large) Large
20″ 178. 185 50.8 L (Large) Large
21 ″ 180. 190 53.3 XL (XLarge) Very big
22 ″ 185. 195 55.9 XL (XLarge) Very big
23 ″ 190. 200 58.4 XXL (XLarge) Maximum
24 ″ 195. 210 61 XXL (XLarge) Maximum

Road (standard)

To select road bikes, I suggest using a table taken from the original Giant bike catalog 2011. 2012. All road and road bikes are available with Compact Road geometry.

Frame size (regular geometry) Cyclist height Frame size (Giant Compact Road ™ geometry) Frame tube length (seatpost / top)
49. 51 cm. 157. 163 cm. XS 42/52 cm.
51. 54 cm. 163. 170 cm. S 44 / 53.5 cm.
55. 57 cm. 170. 178 cm. M 50 / 55.5 cm.
57. 59 cm. 178. 183 cm. M / L 53.5 / 57 cm.
58. 60 cm. 183. 190 cm. L 55.5 / 58.5 cm.
61. 63 cm. 190. 198 cm. XL 58.5 / 61 cm.

Travel (foldable) / Travel (foldable) for women

Most folding bikes are available in one size. It is designed for the average person with a height of 155 to 185 cm.

Tips for choosing a women’s bike, an overview of budget models

For the female population, there is a special type of bicycles that have certain design features of the frame. Also, some manufacturers equip them with a peculiar design.

Differences between a women’s bike and a man’s

The main differences between a woman’s bike and a man’s are:

Also, the female version has a more attractive and bright design.

Design features

The design features of the female type of transport in question include:

  • Handlebar: Usually thin and narrow and also long.
  • Frame: it is selected depending on the parameters of the future hostess. Usually it is located lower than in the male versions. The position of the frame depends on preference. If you want to buy a lighter vehicle, then you should choose aluminum models.
  • Saddle: short nose and wide back.
  • Weight: usually the bike is manoeuvrable, not very large and stable.
  • Suspension: has great softness.
  • Design: a wide selection of this transport.

Tips for choosing a bike for women

When buying a bike, it is important to pay attention to all the details. It is worth choosing this vehicle with such characteristics that it fully meets all the needs of the future owner.

Frame type and size

The frames are offered in a wide variety of sizes. It is worth choosing a bike that is most suitable for its owner. Bicycles are available in sizes 20-22 “large, 17-19” medium, 13-16 “small.

To choose the right size, you need to focus on straightening your legs at the bottom of the pedal. Otherwise, the legs will get tired quickly, there will be less stability, and pain in the knees may appear.


There are two types of brakes on bicycle bikes:

  • rim: the brake pads compress the rim of the wheel, which gradually slows down. The transmission of the compressive force occurs by means of a cable that is pulled from the brake lever located on the handlebar. In another way, these brakes are called vector (V-brake). They are the most common. Their advantages include: reasonable price, they are easy to install, they are easy to maintain;
  • disc: consist of a steel disc, which is located on the hub of both wheels on the left, and a device that compresses the disc with brake pads. In mechanical disc brakes, the braking force is transmitted from a cable that is mounted on the handlebar. In hydraulic brakes. the force travels through the hydraulic line.


When buying a bike, you should pay special attention to the following components:

  • sitting: before buying, you should sit on the purchased transport and choose a more convenient option;
  • handlebars: should be long and thin, and also adequate for height. It is necessary to carefully examine the handles. If they are made of poor material, then the hands will slip and there is a possibility of losing control of balance;
  • suspension: must be soft to respond to the light weight of its owner;
  • trunk: it should not be too large, as it will interfere with a comfortable ride.
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The most useful bike accessories are:

  • Phone holder: fits on the steering wheel. Thanks to him, there is always the opportunity to talk on the phone without stopping, and it is also possible to listen to music. Some models are equipped with a waterproof case.
  • Cycling computer: allows you to analyze your workouts (shows the mileage traveled, speed, counts down the time). Some models are equipped with a thermometer, navigator, USB port, heart rate and calories meter.
  • Camera: allows you to take photos and videos without stopping. It is usually placed on the handlebar or frame.
  • Rearview mirror. It will come in handy for those who drive on highways. Mounted on the handlebars.
  • Lock and alarm: will protect the bike from theft.
  • Lights and reflectors: essential when driving at night. The lights are installed on the front or rear fender. Reflectors can be on spokes, nipples.


Tires are:

  • slicks. have no grain or it is very small. Apply on highway, asphalt or track. Their advantage is their higher speed on a flat surface;
  • half-slick. the part that travels on the road also without a pattern, and there are spikes on the sides that allow you to better grip the dirt. Suitable for driving on asphalt and dry mud;
  • derty. tires with spikes. They are not designed for city driving. They are used to drive on sand, mud, soil and rocky surfaces;
  • semi-spikes. thorns are rarely planted. Suitable for riding on slippery and rocky surfaces;
  • inverted. the drawing goes to the middle, and from above it looks like a slick. Designed for driving in the city and on highways;
  • winter. have mortise spikes suitable for driving in the cold season.

When choosing a tire, you should pay attention to:

  • Rubber quality. If the spools are easy to tear off, then the rubber is bad.
  • The width and diameter of the tire must match the parameter of the rims.
  • It is worth purchasing products from trusted manufacturers.
bike, female, choose, size

Classification of women’s bicycles

Most bicycles for women have a walking option. Types of bicycles for women are similar to men’s bikes.

City bike

This type is intended for driving on city flat roads. It can also be used for a long tourist trip. This type has large wheels, a low frame and narrow tires.


Cruisers are suitable for those who like to ride calmly and slowly along the road. Their frame is low. This type is convenient, functional, easy to operate, and also has an unusual design.


The road view is perfect for driving fast on perfectly flat roads. This type has a bent steering wheel, large wheels, narrow tires. Their frame provides an aerodynamic landing. Also, a distinctive feature of this species is its low weight. This type of bike is used in speed competitions.


Mountain bikes are versatile in use: they can be used both for riding on roads with smooth surfaces and on rough terrain. They are distinguished by the presence of a powerful aluminum frame, wide tires with a pronounced tread. Their weight is 10-15 kg.

Off-road bicycles

This type has a stronger frame and wider wheels. The steering wheel is presented in the form of a ram’s horn. These bikes are specially used for riding on the ground. It is resistant to overloads, and therefore it cannot drive at a fast speed.

Cheap bicycles for women

There are several options for bikes for women that are not expensive. The most popular types are listed below.

Black One Alta 26

This type of bike belongs to the economy class and is specially designed for the anatomical features of a woman.

Its main differences are:

  • the frame has a lowered level of the upper tube;
  • the steering wheel is narrow and thin;
  • the front triangle of the frame is small;
  • wide saddle;
  • cost from 6 500 rubles.

Black One bikes allow you to ride them in a skirt or dress. They can be used for driving, both on city roads and on country roads.

Stels Navigator 325 28 Z010

This type is intended for driving on urban and rural roads and has the following characteristics:

  • the frame is low;
  • unusual design;
  • the handlebars are high and have soft grips;
  • the saddle has height adjustment;
  • large wheels;
  • there is a small trunk in the back;
  • price from 6 thousand rubles.

Desna voyage Lady


  • there is no gear shifting;
  • durable steel frame;
  • foot and pedal brakes;
  • aluminum rims;
  • designed for driving on flat roads;
  • price from 5 500 rubles.