Bicycle on the back how to do it right

Calf muscles

When you press your feet on the bicycle pedal, your calves are actively working. The hamstrings also feel the load at this point.

Basic Cycling Technique Tips

Any distance requires adherence to several useful recommendations:

  • Some obstacles can be avoided, it is better to learn how to use all the features of the shock absorbers.
  • You need to learn how to switch speeds, depending on the situation;
  • The cyclist must regularly monitor the state of his body;
  • If you learn to fall correctly and use a helmet, there will be much less injuries;
  • You need to move around the city carefully and carefully, since a cyclist is a full-fledged road user, whose mistakes can entail danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

Having mastered the skills of proper riding, the rider will not only protect his body and bike from various damages, but will also be able to learn how to do tricks on the bike. Any distance will become subject to him, which means that there will be more experience for mastering new opportunities.

Iliac muscles

The iliac muscle is located between the spine and groin. It is she who is responsible for hip flexion, as well as extension of the legs in the knee joints. The iliac muscle undergoes significant stress during cycling.

5 Ways To Get Back Into Cycling – How To Return To Cycling After A Break

Muscles when cycling

Prepared by: Tatiana Prodan, Miroslava Novikova

With a busy work schedule, we want to rest a little more. And while resting actively, you can get your body in good shape. All this is easy to do with a bike.

Today, it has become important to use the great as a vehicle. This can be observed in many countries, and people of very different ages ride. Although daily driving to work or regular cycling is undoubtedly enjoyable, not everyone knows what the muscle benefits of this eco transport.

We often mistakenly assume that the bike only trains the leg muscles. but this is not at all the case. In addition to the legs, the loads also fall on the upper body, on the abs and gluteal muscles, and other body systems are also trained, for example, the cardiovascular.

Now let’s take a closer look at what muscles can be pumped up when cycling.

“Bicycle”: which muscles work, technique of execution

You can work out the abs with the help of various exercises at home or in the gym. One of the simplest is the “bike”.

This exercise received this name, since the movement of the legs in the process of its implementation resembles pedaling. Making a “bike” is easy at home.

This does not require any special equipment, except for a fitness mat or soft blanket. But for it to be useful, you need to do it right.

  • Working muscles
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Execution technique

What muscles work when cycling: we understand in detail [2019]

A bicycle is not only an environmentally friendly and economical transport, but also a sports equipment that allows you to tone the whole body. Its positive effect affects the circulatory system, respiratory tract, and emotional state. In this article, we will figure out which muscles work when cycling and how you can increase the effect of training.

Muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle

Compared to the previous ones, these muscles are less involved. The work of the arms and shoulders is felt when turning the steering wheel. here the triceps are activated. When climbing a steep mountain, it can be difficult to maintain balance on the bike, and then you have to work intensively with your hands.

The added benefit of cycling

You can read in detail about the benefits of cycling in a separate article on our website. Here we list only general points of positive impact:

  • improves immunity;
  • the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the occurrence of varicose veins is reduced;
  • sleep is strengthened;
  • weight loss;
  • lungs and heart work better;
  • improves blood circulation in the legs and pelvic area.

Regular cycling will help build muscle and also make your entire body healthier. For walks, you should choose ecologically clean areas where there are no exhaust gases and other harmful substances in the air. Cycling will provide you with a positive mood, vigor, desire to conquer new peaks and visit nearby attractions.

What to combine with?

It is recommended to do the “bicycle” in combination with such exercises as classical twisting on the floor and raising the legs in the hang. Their implementation will strengthen your abdominal muscles, and also give you beautiful and embossed cubes in this area. You can familiarize yourself with the technique just below.

bicycle, back, right

  • Sit on the floor. Bend your knees at right angles. For a better fit, ask a companion to hold your feet. Put your hands behind your head (but do not keep them on your neck), keep your elbows at the sides. The lower back should be pressed.
  • On exhalation, it is necessary to raise the body in such a way as to feel the contraction in the abdominal muscles.
  • As you inhale, lower yourself to the starting position.

If at some point it becomes too easy for you to do this exercise, then you can do it with additional weight (for example, with a small dumbbell or a barbell plate). For a more detailed introduction to the technique, watch the video below.

  • Grasp the bar with a straight grip at shoulder level. Keep your legs straight.
  • As you exhale, lift the lower limbs so that at the top point they form an angle of 90 degrees. In this position, you need to pause for 1-2 seconds.
  • Inhale back to the starting position.

If it is still very difficult for you to perform this exercise with straight legs, then at the initial stage you can do it with bent legs. You can find out about how lifting legs in the hang is performed live and how else you can pump up the press on the horizontal bar, you can find out from the video below.

This is one of the most famous abs exercises. Reviews of the exercise “Bicycle” are usually very positive, because, firstly, both men and women can do it, and, secondly, no additional equipment is needed to perform it. In today’s article, we will analyze in detail his technique, show the existing varieties, and also talk about the benefits of this movement.


When you talk about the benefits of the exercise “Bicycle“, one cannot but mention who is better off not doing it. Despite the fact that it does not have particularly serious contraindications, some people should still refuse to perform it. These include:

  • Pregnant women and women who have just given birth.
  • Men and women with lumbar spine injuries.
  • People suffering from problems with the cardiovascular system and from inflammatory processes in the body.

Exercise “Bicycle” on the back: benefits

“Cycling” is best done in conjunction with other abdominal exercises. Active work of the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles will not only make them aesthetically attractive, but also allow you to improve the performance of basic basic exercises (bench press, push-ups, deadlift, etc.).

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How to remove fat by bike?

This question, as a rule, is of interest to beginners who do not have the correct idea about weight loss and fat burning. Such people naively believe that they will be able to remove a big belly if they perform the exercise “Bicycle” on the back and dozens of other exercises for the press. If you also adhere to this point of view, then we have to upset you. In fact, abdominal exercises will not help you lose belly fat in any way. Your abdominal muscles will certainly become stronger and stronger, but if you continue to eat junk food, then you can forget about beautiful cubes forever. In order to get rid of body fat, you must first change your diet. And now we are not talking about banal diets, but about a complete revision of your diet. We think we shouldn’t say that a large amount of fatty foods, starchy foods and sweets can cause catastrophic harm to your figure. To get a good nutritional program that suits your body and takes into account all the characteristics of your body, it is best to seek the help of a specialist in this field.

Execution technique. Option for experienced athletes

You already know how to do the cycling exercise for beginners. Now we want to bring to your attention a version for more advanced athletes.

  • Take the same starting position as in the previous version.
  • While rotating your legs, twist your torso so that your left elbow touches your right knee and your right elbow touches your left knee.

To understand how both of these variants of the exercise “Bicycle” are performed live, we recommend that you watch the video below.

How much rest?

Unlike large muscle groups (like the chest or back), the abdominal muscles recover quite quickly. That is why between sets in all exercises for the abdominal muscles, you need to rest no more than 60-90 seconds.

Working muscles

Before moving on to the description of the exercise “Bicycle”, you need to know about which muscles work during its execution. The main load is received by the oblique abdominal muscles. The lumbar muscles, hip flexors and rectus abdominis muscle are actively involved in the work (the same cubes that many athletes dream of so much).

Crunches on the press. how to do it right? Technique and types of exercise

Crunches are a key abdominal exercise. The main working muscle in the classic twist is the rectus abdominis, which is the most prominent of all core muscles and is responsible for the formation of cubes. In addition, there are variations of the twist exercise.

Bontrager Verse Comp Bike Saddle

Despite its apparent simplicity, doing the crunches correctly involves deliberately engaging the abs. and not just lifting with the strength of the muscles of the upper body. Technique errors and excessively high speed of execution can easily lead to neck pain.

How to do it right?

Classic twisting is a partial lifting of the trunk from a prone position. In this case, the hands can be either laid behind the head or extended in front of you (simplified variation). During the exercise, the middle and lower back should be constantly pressed to the floor.

Starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees and firmly on the floor. By activating the abdominal muscles, smoothly raise your shoulders by 10-15 cm, rounding your back and twisting towards the knees. Hold for 1-2 seconds, then slowly lower the body, but do not touch the floor with your shoulders.

// How to do twists:

  • 3 sets of 15-25 reps
  • slow pace of execution
  • breath control

The benefits and harms of twisting

The main advantage of twisting is that the exercise can be performed on the floor, even without a special rug. Subject to the correct technique (and, in particular, the sensation of a characteristic burning sensation in the muscles), twisting allows you to quickly pump up the press and achieve a result in the form of strengthening the muscles of the body.

The disadvantage of twisting is the risk of overloading the spine, which can provoke the development of chronic pain in the lower back. It should also be remembered that crunching alone does not require a significant amount of calories. and is not capable of burning fat. This will require both dieting and cardio.

Exercise “Bicycle”

The exercise combines classic crunches with alternating leg pulls towards the chest. Develops oblique and internal abdominal muscles.

Technique errors

If, after twisting, your neck or lower back hurts, this is a direct signal that the technique is violated. In most cases, twisting is performed both with a too high angle of the body rise (almost 90 degrees), and with an excessively fast speed.

The main signal for the correct execution of twists is the appearance of a characteristic burning sensation and a feeling of fatigue of the rectus abdominal muscle. especially in its upper part. For beginners, 10-12 repetitions of the exercise may be sufficient to achieve this burning sensation, while the advanced level of twisting implies at least 25 repetitions and the use of additional weight.

Roller crunches

An advanced twist variation and one of the more difficult variations. Strengthens the rectus abdominis, develops the internal core muscles. and also puts stress on the upper core and arm muscles. Requires a good level of fitness.

Fitball crunches

The easiest variation of reverse curls to perform. Strengthens core and upper trunk muscles.

What muscles work in exercise bike

A lying bike exercise refers to a complex movement, with an emphasis on the abs and lower body. The movement involves most of the muscle groups, although they are usually divided into main (directly involved) and secondary (help to stabilize the body or work partially).

The main burden falls on:

  • Press. straight, external and internal oblique, transverse.
  • Back. spine straighteners, semi-spinal, deep muscle group.
  • Pelvis. straight femoral, ilio-lumbar, comb, tailor.
  • Legs. hamstrings, glutes.

Although the movement is done to develop the abs, it is important to understand which muscles are working in the exercise bike. This will allow you to correctly distribute the load and better think about recovery.

  • Quadriceps femoris.
  • Calf.
  • Flounder.
  • Widest.
  • Deltoid.
  • Big round.
  • Diamond-shaped.
  • Trapezoidal.

Which muscles the bike pumps directly depends on the execution technique. Some of the auxiliary groups are included only in cases where the exercise is performed with the pelvis off the floor (hands support the lower back).

How to make a bicycle while standing

Standing bike exercise is not the most popular option. But it can be shown to beginners to strengthen the muscle corset and gradually transition to more complex versions.

  • Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands are brought together at the back of the head, elbows to the side.
  • Start lifting your right leg (bending at the knee) as high as possible. Close to the peak point, tilt the body so that the left elbow is as close to the knee as possible.
  • Return your foot to the floor and repeat the movement to the other side.

It is important that your back remains straight when you try to bring your elbow to the knee. It will strengthen the work of the oblique muscles of the abdomen and increase productivity.

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Features of the exercise

It is important to keep in mind that the abdominal exercise is an aerobic movement. Therefore, its implementation will not affect the work of glycolytic muscle fibers in any way. This allows it to be performed both separately, as an aerobic session, and in strength training.

The benefits and harms of exercise

The benefits of exercise bike:

  • Tones the muscles, improves posture, strengthens the core.
  • Accelerates fat burning, improves muscle definition.
  • Significantly increases stamina.
  • Simultaneous study of the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles.
  • Visual narrowing of the waist.

The only downside is how many calories the exercise bike burns. Due to the complexity of the execution, the movement can only be done for short sessions, therefore, in the loss of calories, it loses to running, cycling and other types of cardio (while it is ideal for the HIIT technique).

How to make a supine abs bike

In the classic version, the movement is performed without lifting the pelvis off the floor. The benefits of a bicycle exercise lying on your back in this version is optimal if you take into account the complexity, efficiency and other criteria.

Technique of execution (usual version):

  • Lie on the floor with your arms along your body to maintain balance (you can hold on to any support if you cannot stabilize the body).
  • Raise your legs at a 45 degree angle.
  • Perform alternating rotational movements (simulate spinning pedals in the air).

The higher the legs are raised, the harder the execution becomes. Therefore, before doing the exercise bike for the first time, check your physical capabilities. If you can easily do 3-4 sets of 60 seconds, gradually increase the load.

Bicycle technique lying with the body up

This version aims to maximize the inclusion of the oblique abdominal muscles. Nevertheless, in order to correctly make a bicycle for the press in this version, you need to control the pace of rotation of the legs (synchronize with the work of the arms).

  • Lie on the floor. Bring your hands together at the back of your head, spread your elbows to the sides. Lift your legs up at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Begin to slowly rotate your right leg. At the moment when the knee comes as close to the chest as possible, twist the body slightly and try to bring the left elbow to the knee.
  • After that, perform the same approach of the right elbow to the left knee.

Despite the fact that the speed of rotation of the legs in the exercise is much slower, this technique is considered quite difficult. Already by 40-50 seconds, a strong burning sensation will be felt in the abdominal muscles, which indicates that the press is receiving sufficient load. This option is best performed in short but intense sessions (30-60 seconds each).

Exercise bike for the press. pros and cons, technique and options

In fitness, cycling is one of the most basic abdominal movements. However, if done correctly, this exercise becomes one of the most effective. Bicycling helps to strengthen muscles and eliminate excess fat at the same time.

// Exercise “Bicycle

The name of the exercise refers to the twisting of the bicycle pedals. in fact, this is the movement that must be performed with the legs, while paying attention to the conscious tension of the abdominal muscles and the full feeling of the involvement of the muscles of the body in the work.

It is also important that the exercise bike can be performed both in a dynamic mode (the legs seem to be pedaling) and in a static mode. In the second case, it is necessary to maintain the position for a certain amount of time. just like in the plank on the elbows. when changing legs.

With the correct execution of the exercise, the bicycle includes both fast and slow muscle fibers of the press, as well as several layers of the internal muscles of the body. This allows you to train and strengthen the abdominal muscles in a complex.

What is the use?

Exercise “Bicycle” is necessary for the development of the deep muscles of the abdomen. They are responsible for the formation of correct posture, as they help maintain the pelvis in a neutral position. In fact, exercise can be a good way to strengthen your spine.

When performing the exercise “Bicycle” the main load falls on the middle part of the rectus abdominis muscles, on the top of the abdominal muscles and oblique muscles. Among other things, the muscles of the front of the thighs, spine and lower back are involved in the work. The gluteal muscles are also involved in the work.

Burning sensation in the muscles of the abdomen

The characteristic burning sensation in the abdominal muscles is the main signal that the abdominal muscles are really involved in the exercise of the bicycle. In addition, a slight tremor in the abdomen and the front surface of the body can also become an indicator of correct technique and the required level of involvement of the abdominal muscles.

However, if you feel a pulling pain in your back or neck, this is an unambiguous characteristic that you are doing the Bicycle exercise incorrectly. If you cannot figure out what mistake you are making on your own, seek advice from a trainer who can correct the technique.

How much time to do?

Exercise “Bicycle” should be performed as slowly as possible and with a feeling of involvement of the press in the work. the recommended pace of execution is from 3 to 6-7 seconds for each pulling the elbow to the knee. One set consists of 10-12 repetitions (5-6 on each side), 3-4 sets are performed in total. Rest of 30-40 seconds between sets.

Watch your breathing. it is necessary to pull the elbow to the knee at the exit, to unbend as you inhale. Visualize the work of the abdominal muscles. this will help develop the neuromuscular connection. Remember that the starting point of each repetition is the bottom position. in other words, before changing arms and legs, you must relax the abdominal muscles and press the shoulder blades to the floor for 1-2 seconds.

Exercise bike on the press. what is the use and how to do it right?

Exercise a bicycle for the press is an easy way to learn how to feel the work of the transverse and oblique abdominal muscles. In contrast to twisting, when doing it, the load falls on a number of different muscles of the body, and not just on the rectus abdominis muscle.

The result from the regular implementation of this exercise will be both the development of the press and the strengthening of the transverse muscles of the abdomen, which tightens the waist like a belt. However, the correct execution technique plays a role. as well as the ability to consciously involve the abdominal muscles in the work.

Mistakes to Avoid

Excessive lifting of the body up and arching of the neck is a common mistake when performing the exercise “Bicycle”. It is important not to try to put your hands on your head, pulling it in this way closer to your knees. just support your head slightly with your palms and avoid the temptation to fasten your hands in a tight lock.

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Exercise “Bicycle” and burning fat

Recall that the “Bicycle“, like any other exercise for the press, although it strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and core, but is not able to burn targeted fat in the abdominal region. Ultimately, local fat burning is not possible.

If your main goal of your workout is to fight fat on the abs, you will need a holistic approach consisting of a combination of an athletic diet and regular workouts to burn fat.

// How To Burn Belly Fat:

  • give up fast carbs
  • watch the calorie content of food
  • do cardio regularly
  • do abs exercises

Exercise “Bicycle” develops muscle fibers of the press through a combination of static and dynamic phases of movement. This exercise can improve posture and strengthen not only the core muscles, but also the muscles of the lumbar spine. However, technique mistakes can easily cause neck and back pain.

Technique for beginners

How to do this activity correctly for “dummies”:

  • Place any suitable rug on the floor and lie with your back on it.
  • Press the lower back to the plane, and send your hands behind your head.
  • Tighten your abs, lift your legs (2 together) bent at a 90-degree angle, and your shins should be parallel to the floor.
  • Now begin to slowly rotate your limbs, as if you are riding a bike, do not tear your lower back off the mat!
  • To get started, do 1 set of 16 movements, pedaling in the air, you should clearly feel how powerfully all muscles are working.

Life story

A friend of mine was an amateur football player, played football with friends. And once he fell unsuccessfully, as a result he was injured. a meniscus tear. The tear was minimal, but the knee hurt, and the doctors forbade the friend any activity, including running and even brisk, long walking.

After 3 months, the knee recovered, but football was still banned. My friend was tormented without movement, consulted with a doctor, is it possible to do at least something? And the only thing that the doctor allowed was a bicycle exercise! It was it that helped the man to fully recover without losing his skills and shape. He even introduced his wife to him, because it is much more interesting to study together, in a pair.!

Who can’t do it?

Despite the obvious benefits, not everyone can pedal imaginary. Contraindications for this activity are as follows:

  • infectious ailments in the acute stage, as well as inflammatory processes;
  • advanced stages of varicose veins;
  • recovery period after fractures and operations;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • period of pregnancy;
  • respiratory ailments;
  • pathological conditions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • malformations of the heart muscle;
  • increased body temperature.

Helpful hints

The question remains: how much to make this movement so that there is an effect, but there is no harm? The optimal pace is 3-6 seconds for 1 cycle with the left and right feet. The correct set for dummies is 10-12 reps, 5-6 on each leg. You can start with one approach if you are in very weak shape. Gradually you need to bring up to 3-4 approaches. Rest between them. 40-60 seconds.

Also keep in mind that a slow pace gives a lot of difficulty for the abs, which works great in static.

If you want to stretch your knee joints well, you can increase the pace. In short, try different options.

Exercise bike types

The classic bicycle on the back is an understandable exercise. But there are other types of this movement that complicate it:

  • Bicycle half-sitting on a chair or on a sofa, with an emphasis on the forearms.
  • Exercise bike with weights. Additional weight in the hands (dumbbells, pancakes) or weights on the legs.
  • Bicycle with expander. The rubber expander on the legs complicates the whole process, because you have to fight with a significant force of resistance.
  • The bike is paired. Two people lie on top of each other. Raise the legs bent at the knees at a right angle and connect their feet. Then they start the rotation opposite to their partner. By doing this exercise together, you can effectively create additional effort by training each other. And also. have fun.
  • Parallel bike. When the alternately straightened leg is almost parallel to the floor, the load increases. I like to look like this on a chair.

What muscles work?

First of all, the muscles of the press (straight and oblique), flexors of the hips and legs, buttocks (a beautiful butt is guaranteed) and lumbar muscles are included in the work.

An important point: alas, spinning virtual pedals won’t save you from belly fat!

And seriously losing weight, making only this movement, is hardly possible. It burns only 400 calories per hour.

Therefore, if your goal is also to lose weight, add proper nutrition to the activity, without confectionery, fast food and sausages.

Exercise bike how to do it right?

Strict technique is important to ensure that all the muscles you need work and the movement is safe and effective. There are 2 main techniques. for advanced users and for “dummies”.

What is it all about?

“Bicycle” is an extremely simple movement that is done lying down. Here is its description: it is done lying on the back, the limbs mimic the movements that a cyclist makes. The movement is directed to the work of the flexors of the hip, legs, press. The movement is universal, suitable for almost everyone, its benefits are maximum, the technique is simple. At the same time, you do not need any special physical training, no equipment, no suit and shoes, and even less a coach.

An important point: the muscles recover very quickly after this activity. Therefore, if desired and possible, it can be done every day, for maximum and quick effect.