Bicycle handlebar mirror

Materials and prices

Manufacturers are trying to popularize their products, but have not yet achieved much success. Therefore. Nevertheless, there are design solutions (for example, a micromirror for glasses) that are released through crowdfunding platforms and can cost 100.

On the helmet

Small mirrors are often hung from the helmet. Some “elite” helmets are even initially produced with such an accessory.

Indeed, it is convenient. Having adjusted the position and tilt once, we get a good view back. But we lose it forward! This and the additional weight of a helmet that is not always comfortable. these are the main disadvantages of such a mirror.

An additional disadvantage, of course, is safety. a glass that can break and a bracket near the eyes is not the best solution for emergency safety, no helmet will give full protection.

Mirrors: pros and cons

Review is safety most important. But why then are bike mirrors so rarely used by cyclists??

  • You have to buy and install them. probably the most popular “minus”. Another accessory costs money, needs to be fixed, etc. for the most part people are not at all keen on tuning and decorating their bikes, but want to “just ride”.
  • Broken glass can cause serious injury if dropped.
  • Distracting attention to the mirror can often be detrimental, since the habits of cycling are very different from those of motorists.

The effectiveness of the use of mirrors is indeed questionable. In addition to the disadvantages described, most of the accessories sold are not very conveniently attached to the handlebars, and provided that the cyclist can ride in various positions, you have to constantly pay attention to the position of the rear-view mirror.

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The Corky mirror. Test and Review

In addition, bumps, light collisions and other excesses necessarily touch a fragile and large element on the handlebars or helmet. with not the most comfortable consequences for the rider.

Bicycle Mirrors

The main “colleagues” in the road traffic for the bicycle. cars. are equipped with mirrors without fail. Any change of lane, movement and even parking is confirmed by the drivers by checking the situation in the mirrors.

bicycle, handlebar, mirror

Why is a cyclist worse? Consider what mirrors are usually used by cyclists, what are their features in relation to stationary devices on cars and whether they are really needed.

On the steering wheel

Of course, the standard mount is on the bike itself, and specifically on the handlebars. A rubber-seated clamp, a small pin and a mirrored surface on it are a standard accessory. There are several layouts:

  • standard. the pin is small, holds firmly on the steering wheel, does not move without human intervention;
  • high. by analogy with motorcycle choppers, the mirror for the bicycle is moved far up or back, so that it is more convenient to look at it. The pin is longer, but there are no special differences from the previous version;
  • suspended. the led mirror hangs on a free hinge under the steering wheel, and not above it. An interesting solution, which, nevertheless, is usually very poorly implemented. it is very difficult to look into a freely hanging mirror due to constant movement and an inconvenient angle of inclination.
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It happens that the glass is attached not to the steering tube itself, but to its end. This is more dangerous for the device itself. it is easier to break, hurt something, but for a cyclist, everything is much better. in any dangerous situation, the chances of running into fragments are minimal.


Several types of such accessories are produced in terms of size and method of attachment. The main thing is not even the method of fastening, but its point. The locations can be amazing! For example, mirror wheels, which are more of a decoration, and should be described in this article.

Do you need cycling mirrors for your bike commute? Testing 4 types of bike mirrors

DIY mirror

Not everyone will want to spend money on such a risky accessory, and this may be right, because a mirror for a bicycle can be made by hand.

The easiest way is to make a hanging mirror from a tin plate and a small female mirror and attach it to the steering wheel. For manufacturing you need:

  • Tin strip or galvanized sheet (can be cut from profiled sheet).
  • Double sided tape.
  • Makeup mirror (or just a cut out piece).
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From tools: sewing meter, ruler, pencil, metal scissors, pliers. The rest. as needed.

  • We measure the required dimensions with a meter. steering wheel circumference, overhang length.
  • We mark on a metal sheet a strip of the required length so that you can wrap the steering wheel with it and hang it to the height of the bottom of the mirror on both sides.
  • Cutting a strip with metal scissors.
  • Gently wrap around the steering wheel, cutting the corner under the steering tube with pliers (you can put a rubber or plastic insert so that the iron does not scratch the steering wheel).
  • We glue the two sides of the iron strip with double-sided tape.
  • We glue the glass on the resulting base.

It is easy and inexpensive to install a hanging rear-view mirror on the bike!

On the body

An interesting but rare placement option is on one of the items of clothing. Bracelets and watches with mirrors, additional holders for a backpack strap or shoulder.

Exotic, interesting, but practically not used by anyone. too much hassle.

Some people try miniature versions for sports glasses or in the form of a clip on a bandana. But it is unrealistic to find convenience in such devices, which is why they remain exotic.