Bicycle For A Boy 6 Years Old How To Choose


  • The two-wheeled bike Avanti Super Boy 20 fell in love with boys who like active cycling, first of all, with a set of 18 speeds.
  • This is a real sports bike, which can easily climb the hill, and also provides high-quality braking on steep descents thanks to powerful brakes.
  • Robust yet lightweight steel frame welded from profiled tubes.
  • Front suspension fork Reduces hand stress and allows you to spend more time behind the wheel.
  • Full-length mudguards protect the 20-inch wheels from mud. Another advantage is the steering wheel and seat adjustment.



  • An interesting option for girls 4-7 years old will be Colorful and inexpensive two-wheeled vehicles in white and lilac colors.
  • Wheels are 16 inches in diameter.
  • Since children from 3 or 4 years old can learn to ride on it, the kit includes additional side wheels for safety and mastering of driving.
  • The lightweight aluminum alloy frame is engineered for a comfortable ride. Reliable brakes ensure timely stopping.
  • The bike is additionally equipped with a basket on the handlebars, bell and chain guard.
  • Perfect for walking trips.


  • Bright pink bike designed for girls aged 5 to 7 years.
  • The model is lightweight, made of aluminum alloy, and thanks to the position of the upper tube, it is also convenient for girls of different sizes and heights.
  • Grippy 16-inch wheels are suitable for rolling on a variety of surfaces.
  • For greater safety, the bike is equipped with foot and hand brakes.
  • The chain is closed with a plastic protection against the ingress of clothing.
  • Supplied with additional side wheels for getting used to the bike and stability while riding.

Tips for choosing bicycles for children 7 years old

When purchasing a two-wheeled friend for your child, you should adhere to several principles that will ensure convenience and safe movement.

Height to size ratio. Many parents choose a bicycle based only on age. However, this principle does not always work.

To do this, you can navigate the table:

Height, cm Approximate age Wheel diameter, inches (cm)
98-104 3-4 12 (30)
105-115 4-6 14 (36)
115-120 6-8 16 (41)
120-125 8-10 20 (51)
125-130 10-12 24 (61)
130 and above 12 and older 26 (66)

Parts adjustment. Children grow up quickly at age 7, so it’s worth paying attention to the adjustable handlebars and saddles. The steering wheel must be adjusted to a height that is comfortable for it: so that while driving it is possible to sit upright, do not slouch.

In terms of incline level, it is also important NOT to bend too far and NOT to touch your knees. The seat height ensures that the feet are correctly resting on the pedals. In the lower position, the leg should be straight, and not reach for the pedal.

The weight. Lightweight bicycles are not difficult to handle. A boy or girl at any time will be able to independently raise light transports to bring home. Most often, models of domestic production are more massive in comparison with foreign models. They are made from steel or aluminum.

Brake and transmission speed. Seven-year-olds cope well with the controls and confidently orient themselves on the terrain. They usually use foot brakes, but for driving technique, you can gradually teach a child to use hand brakes. To do this, give the child an empty can and offer to squeeze it. This method checks the strength of the hands. If successful, children can be taught to use the emergency handbrake. The use of gears is not recommended for children under 10 years old.

Protective elements. To protect the bicycle chain, a special tire is used to prevent the lace, leg, skirt or other clothing from getting into the chain mechanism. Do not forget about buying additional protective elements: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads. They will ensure a safe and reliable ride over any distance.

Additional accessories. Many models are equipped with basket, headlights, bell, rearview mirrors, safety chain. Such accessories will not only attract the attention of children, but also become useful to use.

Is there a difference between bicycles for girls and boys 7 years old?

The difference between the models for boys and girls of primary school age exists only in the colors and designs of the two-wheeled vehicles. Design differences are typical for adult models. They differ in the location of the frame and the shape of the seat.

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Girls prefer light and neat bicycles with bright colors. Possible preferences in the direction of the shape of the steering wheel, the size of the wheels, the presence of additional elements.

Getting the right bike for a seven-year-old is a big deal for many parents. At this age, a two-wheeled friend is not just another toy, but a reliable technique that improves coordination and endurance.

Choosing a bike, you can not only make your child’s dream come true, but also make his rest more active and useful. So which model to choose among a wide variety of bicycles for children 7 years old?


  • The stylish design of the bicycle of the famous American brand Schwinn makes it attractive to many boys and girls.
  • The model is simple, suitable for beginners. It does not have hand brakes, shock absorbers and speed switches.
  • At the same time, the frame is made of high quality steel, which guarantees a reliable assembly.
  • The model is designed for children from 6 to 9 years old (height up to 135 cm).
  • Rubber tires are 20 inches in diameter.
  • The bike allows you to customize agility and interaction in urban environments.

The best models of children’s bicycles for 7 years


  • Wheel diameter: 14 inches;
  • Material: steel;
  • Age of use: from 3 years old to 5;
  • Weight: about 9 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Number of speeds: one;
  • Equipment: bell, additional wheels;

There are no children who do not love cycling. Especially often this indifference is observed when the child is already independently riding a bicycle without the help of adults. Despite the fact that there are also large balance bikes on sale, the bicycle will still remain a favorite sport.

When the family already has an older child, the two-wheeled vehicle is transferred to the younger one and then neither the parents nor the child have the right to choose. Only in wealthier families a new one is bought, and the old one is handed over to relatives or thrown into the trash.

Therefore, parents wonder how to choose the right bike quite often when the child reaches four years old. In this article we will talk about how to choose a bike for a 4 year old child and consider the characteristics of the most popular models.


  • Wheel diameter: 16 inches;
  • Material: aluminum predominates, with the exception of the saddle and arm holders;
  • Age of use: 3 to 5 years old;
  • Weight: slightly more than 8.4 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Number of speeds: 1 speed;
  • Equipment: bell, additional wheels and the flag of the company of the same name;
  • Brake: in addition to the usual hand brake;

Capella S. 14

  • Wheel diameter: 36 centimeters;
  • Material: steel predominates, but the seat and handles are made of dense rubber;
  • Age of use: relevant for children from 4 years old;
  • Weight: a little over 9 kilograms;
  • Wheels: this segment contains inflatable wheels, which are much easier to inflate when they are lowered.
  • Number of speeds: on a children’s bike, only one speed is used in the assembly;
  • Equipment: the manufacturer has conceived a set of side wheels, a bell and a vessel for water that can be used for drinking.
  • Brake: foot only;

Are there any differences between bicycles for girls and boys?

There is certainly a global difference between the functionality of a bike for a girl and for a boy. But outwardly, this difference is more than noticeable, girls choose bright pink or red colors and always with a basket, a bow and a sticker in the form of a princess.

Boys, on the other hand, prefer more restrained tones with a loud ringing of applications in the form of a car or a helicopter.

The best models of bicycles for children 4 years old, their price

We will consider the best models below in more detail.

STELS Jet 16

  • Wheel diameter: 16 inches;
  • Material: steel;
  • Age of use: suitable for 4 to 6 years old;
  • Weight: 8.5 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Number of speeds: one;
  • Package Contents: Wheels and Bell Only.

How to choose a bike for a child 4 years old. tips

When choosing a bike, you should heed a number of tips, which in turn will help you decide on the right choice:

  • Child’s age and physical development.

There is no need to choose a bicycle on four wheels if the baby has just started walking or, even worse, sat in a stroller. For very little ones, a three-wheeled device will be more convenient.

Now manufacturers manage to combine strollers with a bicycle, where the back rests in the latter and the child can sleep peacefully. In addition, the leg supports, the backrest and protection are removed and an ordinary tricycle is obtained for the baby.

For children from 95 centimeters, you can already pick up a bike on four wheels. In appearance, they already resemble adult bicycles, however, they have removable wheels of a smaller diameter, which are used if the child has learned to ride a two-wheeled.

Children taller than 115 centimeters can already own a regular bike only of a smaller size.

  • You should not choose such a device for the future, since the baby will be completely inconvenient to move around and over time the desire to learn will disappear. It is necessary to determine the size of the wheels using NOT complex calculations, where it is necessary to divide the child’s height by 2.5 and 2.54, for example, the height of 100 cm / 2.5 / 2.54 = 15.7. There is no 15.7 diameter directly, you should choose 16 inches.
  • Frame length. Few people pay attention to this when buying, but it is quite important, the standard frame size is the distance from the elbow to the end of the baby’s fingers.
  • The distance from the frame to the beginning of the groin should be more than 10 centimeters, this is necessary for easy jumping.
  • Giving the child the right to choose on his own, it is not worth imposing a blue bike on a girl, and a pink one on a boy. With this choice, the child will be confident in himself and in his vehicle.
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  • Wheel diameter: 14 inches;
  • Material: aluminum, thanks to which the weight of the bike becomes less;
  • Age of use: 3 to 5 years old;
  • Weight: 9 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Foot brake only;
  • Number of speeds: one;
  • Complete set: additional wheels and bell.

How to choose?

When choosing a bike for your son, it is important to pay attention to some of the nuances that will help you make a smart purchase. Most of the attention needs to be paid to the design. The frame of the product should be light in weight in order to provide the child with ease of use. Driving on such devices is easier and faster to master. It is recommended to buy aluminum bikes for boys as they are of higher quality. Children’s transport made of steel is heavier, but at the same time has increased stability and strength.

The bike should be maneuverable and easy to adjust, nothing should stop the child from pedaling and turning the steering wheel. The dimensions of the frame and wheels must be matched to each other. It is important to choose the right size for the product. For boys 7 years old, the best will be devices with wheels with a diameter of 16-18 inches, depending on the height. For a more accurate determination of the size of the wheels, it is recommended to use a specially developed formula that will help to calculate the correct parameter: divide the child’s height by 2.5, and then by another 2.54. Round off the result to a larger value. this parameter will be equal to the diameter of the wheels, which will suit your son.

Pay attention to the details that are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the bike ride. The steering wheel should be equipped with rubber pads on the handles. they will prevent children’s palms from sliding off while driving. The presence of a relief pattern on the pedals is required so that the leg does not fall off. On the spokes of the wheels and the steering frame, reflective elements must be installed, thanks to which the child on the bicycle will be visible when riding in the evening. The braking system of the product is responsible for reliability. it must be of high quality and respond instantly. The best are the V-brake options with hand and foot brakes. There must be a soft pad between the handlebars to prevent injury in case of hard braking.

When choosing the first child transport, you should focus on the taste preferences of your son. Boys at the age of 7 already feel like real men, so you shouldn’t buy too bright yellow or orange products for them. The optimal models will be blue, black, gray or brown. Add-ons in the form of a trunk, a bell or flags are a big plus, because they make cycling more comfortable and interesting. A great option would be a device with a soccer ball print, work or car. Modern companies produce a special line of bikes with drawings in the form of characters from famous cartoons. If there is a favorite character in your son, buy a bike for him with a picture of your favorite character. The boy will be delighted.

If the child still DOESN’T know how to ride a bike, pay attention to the presence of small side wheels in the kit. They will NOT allow the child to collapse and lose balance while riding. When the boy can safely ride with the safety wheels, they can be removed to start rolling on his own without insurance.

Stels Flyte 16 Z011

The product is available in blue and red shades with wheels with a diameter of 16 and 18 inches. The frame and rigid fork are made of Hi-Ten steel. Single aluminum rims and foot pedal brakes provide a secure ride. The chain is completely protected from dirt and dust by a steel lining. Includes durable roof rack, removable safety wheels and bell.

Review of the best models

Consider the Most Popular Bikes for Boys 7 Years.

Forward Barrio 18

Royal baby

The Chinese company has been producing high quality children’s bikes for all age groups for many years. The developers of the brand pay special attention to the reliability of structures, safety and appearance. Royal Baby products are very popular. Girls feel like a real Princess on these bikes, while boys feel like cool racers. The company’s products belong to the middle price category.

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Top manufacturers

We offer an overview of the best manufacturers of children’s bicycles.

Bicycles for boys 7 years: model overview and tips for choosing


Another Russian brand, whose production is in the Kaliningrad region. Models are made from Domestic components and equipment of the Taiwanese company Shimano, world famous for its quality. Due to the fact that the factories of the company are located in Russia, it turns out to create high-quality bicycles with an interesting design for the whole family at an affordable price.


The Russian brand was founded in 2003. The company owns three factories and, in addition to bicycles, produces ATVs, ATVs and snowmobiles. Brand products have a fairly affordable price.

Who is the bike for. Age, height, weight, gender?

The choice of a bike directly depends on who will ride it. And how clothes or shoes are selected individually. Consider the recommendations for choosing adult bicycles (we have already written how to choose a children’s bike).

Primarily. It is very important to choose the correct size of the bike frame (selection of the size of the bike), here we will give only an approximate table for the selection of the size of the frame for bicycles.

Height, cm inches Centimeters the size
140-155 thirteen 34 XS
150-165 fifteen 38 S
160-175 17 44 M
170-185 19 48 L
180-195 21 54 XL
190 23 58 XXL

The weight
If a person weighs more than 90kg, even for quiet riding, we recommend choosing bicycles with only front shock absorbers (hardtails) with double (reinforced) rims, cassette hubs and conventional frames (aluminum, steel). NOT carbon.

There are specialized women’s bicycles. and these are NOT only bicycles with a lowered “female” frame or cheerful colors. but also “ordinary” bicycles in the geometry of which the features of the female physique are taken into account (longer legs, wider pelvis, narrower shoulders, etc.) But, any girl can safely ride an ordinary men’s bicycle.

Selection of Bicycle and Components

  • Contact pedals. Overview of types, tips which to choose
  • Bicycle pedals. Classification, characteristics, advantages. How to choose?
  • Overview of bike lights and flashing lights
  • How to choose a bike footrest?
  • Choosing Bicycle Bags
  • How to choose a bicycle pump?
  • How to choose a bottom bracket for your bike
  • Powerful light from LEZYNE! Choosing a bike headlight.
  • Everything about bicycle pedals: classification, characteristics, advantages.
  • Choosing flasks and bottle cages: features and tips
Bicycle For A Boy 6 Years Old How To Choose

What is the bike for, where and how much are you going to ride a bike?

We have already written about the types of bicycles, here we will briefly go through the main types of bicycles for adults.

Mountain bikes
Versatile, widespread bicycles for riding on any type of road, there is shock absorption. Easy to upgrade and modify to suit the owner’s needs.

Road bikes
Very light and fast dedicated bicycles without shock absorption for riding on good asphalt roads. Impractical and expensive.

Cross bikes
Universal bicycles, incorporating the advantages of mountain and city models, have a good roll-off on asphalt and moderately passable off-road. A little more expensive than mountain.

Extreme bikes
Specialized bikes for stunt, dirt, trial and BMX. Impractical

City and folding bikes
Practical and comfortable bikes for getting around town, not off-road.

On the topic of bike types, it is worth noting that if you are going to buy your first bike, you should not buy an expensive specialized model. in the future, your ideas about where and with whom you will ride may change.

For all these tasks. Mountain bikes and cross bikes with only front shock absorption (hardtails) are best suited and are probably the best choice when buying your first bike due to their versatility. And in cases of changing preferences, they can be easily modified in-installed or by replacing part of the accessories.

How much money are you going to spend to buy a bike?

Up to 300
New modern bicycles for adults cannot cost less than 300, but this amount can fit a child-teenage bike or a single-speed adult bike.

300. 500
Budget bike models. This is the lowest price point for a quality bike that won’t be a problem. Starter and middle equipment groups, simple suspension forks and mechanical brakes.

Advanced models from most manufacturers. Lighter and higher quality frames, medium groups of equipment, normal suspension forks. Price-quality compromise.

Amateur and semi-professional bicycles. Lightweight and reliable, no compromise on quality. Upper equipment groups, light frame, good shock absorption, hydraulic brakes. The best choice for those who know what they want.

From 2000
Professional and exclusive bike models. For athletes, fans and wealthy people. Latest technology, best components, exclusive design. There is no limit to perfection.

The main thing. If you are NOT sure about the choice or have questions. please contact us. we will always try to help.