Bicycle Diameter 26 How Tall

Bike handlebar horns help lengthen the ride

This is a very important element in long distances, allowing you to change not only the position of the arms, but also the whole body. We set them almost parallel to the ground, with a very slight rise. You should be able to lie on the horns with your palms, bringing the center of gravity forward.

Bicycle Diameter 26 How Tall

Wheel dimensions and the dependence of the choice of frame on height

There is an opinion that you need to choose a wheel size for your height, like if you are an uncle with a height of 190, then in no case should you take a bike with 26 wheels, only 28 or 29. This is an erroneous opinion, it comes from Soviet times, when models there were very few, and each of them was intended for a different age.

Now everything is decided by geometry, it cannot be said that the diameter of the wheel is suitable for any height (if we do not take into account children’s bikes). For example, a 26 ” and 29 ” frame will be equally well balanced for any adult height.

Or take, for example, folding bicycles for adults. there are generally wheels from 16 to 24 inches. And imagine, the frame is designed so that even a tall person would be comfortable on it. One of my Vels is a folding Dahon on 24 wheels, I feel great on it with a height of 188.

Longitudinal saddle adjustment

Ideally, your foot should rest on the pedal so that when you indicate the position in the picture, the pedal is directly under the knee joint. This can be achieved by moving the saddle longitudinally.

What to do if the bike size doesn’t fit

Now let’s say that the bike has already been purchased, but what to do. If it doesn’t fit a little. It is possible that the bike can be adjusted a little to your height, even if the frame does not quite fit. Read the following guidelines.

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What is ETT and why frame geometry is so important

Here is a drawing of a mountain and road frame. Notice only two dimensions: ST (Seat Tube Length) and ETT. Imaginary line, from the center of the head tube to the intersection with an imaginary axis through the seat tube. In fact, ETT is the length of the bike, the most important size when choosing a bike, and which beginners never look at.

Note that these two frames are for the same person, although the ST size (the one that will be indicated as the frame size) will be different in this case. That is, due to the different geometry, a person who was NOT looking was advised to frame 18 “, could be very wrong.

This example illustrates the differences in geometry between road and mountain frames, but don’t think that frames are the same within their class. For example, I have one of my mountain bikes. 21 “and he is a little short for me, while the other is only 19”, but it is longer than the first. The difference is that in the second the upper tube (ETT size) is longer, but the seat tube (ST) is shorter.

When choosing a bike by height, first of all look at its length, because, as I said, what is written on the frame means only the size of the seat tube, and this is NOT a very important parameter.

Bicycle frame size for adult

Frame size, inches Height, cm Frame height, see designation
fifteen 140. 150 38 XS (Small) very small
sixteen 150. 165 40 S (Small) Small
17 160. 175 43 M (Medium) middle
eighteen 170. 180 45 M (Medium) middle
19 177. 183 48 L (Large) Large
20 180. 186 50 L (Large) Large
21 185. 193 53 XL (ExtraLarge) very big
22 187. 197 55 XL (ExtraLarge) very big
23 190. 205 58 XXL (XXLarge) extra large
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The place where the size is indicated. as a rule, the seat tube, it will be written there either a letter designation (S, M, L, XL) or a number, in inches or cm.It is implicitly accepted that the dimensions of road, hybrid and city bikes are measured in centimeters. and mountain bike sizes are in inches. This is due to the fact that the road bike initially gained popularity in southern Europe, and the mountain bike was invented in the USA.

Now, friends, remember one thing. when someone says that it will suit you, for example, frame 18 “, then this is a very average information, because this size says very little today. In days gone by, when the frames were pretty much the same, the seat tube length was 18 “(457.2mm) could say this frame size would fit 175cm. Now, bicycle manufacturers produce a huge number of frames with different geometries for different directions of riding. Let’s get down to examples.

Bike size. How to choose the right one

The question of how to determine the correct size of a bike frame is one of the most common questions that beginners hear from beginners. And unfortunately, they usually get a Not entirely correct answer from those people who themselves go out for a ride only a few times during the summer and do not fully own the information.

As a result, beginners buy a bike with an unsuitable frame for their height, which is fraught with knee and back problems. The wrong frame size is a driving discomfort that you will feel immediately, as soon as your mileage grows to 30-50 kilometers per day. Worst when the frame is small, but also little good when it is large.

Therefore, I decided to give some advice to my readers in the early stages of cycling. Traditionally, the size of the bike frame is indicated by the length of the seat tube (ST dimension in the drawing below). Here is a very conditional table by which you can determine the correct frame length for your height.

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Fit the saddle correctly to stand

Many novice cyclists, especially teenagers, set the saddle well below the desired level, resulting in a fit we call “knee-over-ear”. It not only looks funny, but also very dangerous for the knee joints.

The height of the saddle should be such that when the pedal is set at the lowest point of the pedal, when set with the toe, the leg is slightly bent (or completely straightened if you pry the pedal from below).

Also place your heel on the pedal, in which case it will be fully extended. This is a very important point, remember, friends! At first, you may find it uncomfortable that in the event of a sudden stop, you will NOT be able to touch the ground with your feet without getting off the seat, but believe me, the health of your knee joints is orders of magnitude more important than convenience.

Offset seat post

If even after the maximum longitudinal adjustment of the seat back, you still feel that the bike is too short, then the seatpost can help with the shift back. This will give you an extra 3-5cm, which is NOT enough for a comfortable fit.

Hope these tips help you navigate and choose the right bike size. The next logical step will be skiing, and soon I will publish an article on how to prepare yourself for long distances. Don’t miss, Sign up to receive my notes by e-mail.

If you have questions or suggestions on the topic of choosing a bicycle size. please, in the comments.

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