Bicycle 26 wheels for how tall

Competent selection of an adult bike

Perhaps the main parameter when choosing any bike, after determining its type, of course, is the size of the frame, or, more simply, its size. The standard and most common way to select a frame is based on the rider’s own height. Below are the tables for matching the height of the cyclist and the size of the bike frame.

Approximate table for calculating the size of the bike.

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Correspondence table of height to frame size, depending on the type of bike

Bike type: MTB Cross Highway
Wheel diameter: 26 “ 27.5 “ 29 “ 28 “ 28 “
Height Frame size
158-170 cm sixteen” sixteen” fifteen” 46 cm 53 cm
168-177 cm eighteen” eighteen” 17 “ 50 cm 56 cm
175-184 cm twenty” twenty” nineteen” 54 cm 58 cm
185-195 cm 22 “ 22 “ 21 “ 58 cm 60 cm
195 cm 23 “ 23 “ 23 “ 61 cm 62 cm

The principle of determining the size of the frame that suits you:

1) Measure the length of your legs (crotch to floor, cm);

2) Multiply the result by 0.56 (this will be the required frame size in centimeters);

3) If you need to know the size in inches, then divide the resulting number by 2.54.

Typically, on stock bikes, all of the components are set according to the size of the frame (handlebars, stem, and others). For professionals, these parameters may be different, but these are special cases, and we are considering an option for an ordinary person.

If you have the opportunity to try on a bike before buying it live, then you need to get as close to the saddle as possible and measure the distance from the groin to the top tube of the bike frame. The recommended distance should be at least 4 cm.

bicycle, wheels, tall

The road bike will allow you to rush like a bird on wonderful smooth mountain roads. will help to overcome any obstacles and paths, for children. will teach your kids to love sports, exciting trips, adventures, to overcome themselves and win in any life situations.

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Our managers will always expertly advise which model is right for you in terms of riding style, weight, height, etc. down to eye color

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bicycle, wheels, tall

Additional tips for choosing a frame

An important factor in choosing a frame is also your personal riding style. If you are a fan of extreme riding in difficult terrain, then it is recommended to choose a frame that is one size smaller than your norm. This way you will feel more confident on difficult terrain and under heavy loads. And the bike in this case will be much more maneuverable, which is important. But if you prefer a calm and measured ride on a regular road, then it is quite possible to accurately navigate according to the table.

Choosing the right stem is just as important. There are really a lot of them, so we strongly recommend that you spend some time choosing so that later you do not feel discomfort while driving.

Always consider your own physique. And it’s not so much about the load on the frame as about ride comfort. If you are thin or have a standard physique, then you can easily choose a large size bike. For overweight people, it is recommended to take one size smaller. It is easier to drive, get on and off the bike.

Remember that you can adjust the saddle position and stem at any time (but not on all bikes). In many mountain bike models, the stem cannot be adjusted, but the saddle can be raised and lowered quite significantly. If you see that the handlebars are not adjustable, do not rush to refuse such a bike. This is made in accordance with the safety standards for bikes designed for extreme riding.

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Most folding bikes are available in one size. It is designed for the average person with a height of 155 to 185 cm. Based on our experience in sales, we can give recommendations for specific models. If your height is 183 cm and above, we recommend the Shulz Goa 8 V-brake, Shulz Goa 8 Disc, Author Simplex models.

Bike model Optimal growth
Author Simplex 150. 195 cm.
Shulz easy 150. 185 cm.
Shulz goa 3 155. 185 cm.
Shulz goa 8 175. 195 cm.
Giant Expressway 1 & 2 155. 185 cm.
Giant halfway 160. 180 cm.
Giant subway 160. 180 cm.
Strida mini 140. 160 cm.
Strida LX, 5.2, SX, SD 153. 193 cm.

Tips & Tricks

The problem with many aspiring cyclists is that they have the wrong approach to choosing a bike. They pay attention to anything: the color, the number of gears, the comfort of the saddle. But at the same time, the majority completely forgets about the most important criterion. the size of the frame. And while all the details play a role in the choice, the ratio of your height to the size of the frame is the main thing. The wrong choice can be one of the main causes of back and joint pain during prolonged skiing, and also causes more severe fatigue.

Road and road bikes

In this case, it is also recommended to take a reference point to the table:

Frame size (regular geometry) Cyclist height Frame size (Giant Compact RoadTM geometry) Frame tube length (seatpost / top)
49-51 cm. 157-163 cm. XS 42/52 cm.
51-54 cm. 163-170 cm. S 44 / 53.5 cm.
55-57 cm. 170-178 cm. M 50 / 55.5 cm.
57-59 cm. 178-183 cm. M / L 53.5 / 57 cm.
58-60 cm. 183-190 cm. L 55.5 / 58.5 cm.
61-63 cm. 190-198 cm. XL 58.5 / 61 cm.

Do not forget that there is no rear shock absorber in these models, so if your height does not meet the required criterion in the table, focus on the larger one. In any case, you will have the opportunity to adjust the level of the saddle as it is convenient.

Bicycle 26 inches for how tall

With the onset of the season, the streets are filled with cyclists. babies on bicycles with side wheels, their dads and moms on the mountain. The wheels are small, huge, wide and narrow how not to get lost in this sea of ​​spokes and sizes?

The easiest way is to systematize this variety in a summary table of sizes:

And it immediately becomes clear what the size of the bicycle wheels depends on. For example, from the driver’s height or how the bike is positioned.

Other parameters

Often, the size is the only necessary parameter for choosing a bike, and it’s great if this turned out to be enough. But if the situation is ambiguous. for example, your weight is significantly higher or lower than normal, you will have to take into account several more parameters of the human body.

Frame 17 inches

It just so happens that the 17- and 18-inch frames are the most popular. This is not surprising, since according to the standard height charts of all famous world bicycle manufacturers, these two sizes fall into the M (Medium) category, covering height from 156 to 178 cm.These figures are practically equal to the average human height in general, and cover several age categories. of people.

The 17-inch frame covers from 156 to 170 cm and is mainly for teenagers and girls. Also, this size is bought for a child who is significantly ahead of his peers in terms of physical development. Fortunately, now anyone can pick up a bike. bicycle size tables are no less detailed than similar tables for clothes or shoes. All parameters are calculated based on the human body, not the measurements of the bicycle.

The inner side of the legs and why it really matters

Yes, the main parameter in the choice is your height. However, in order to accurately select the correct frame size, you also need to make the correct measurements on the inside of the legs. To do this yourself, you need to stand with your back against the wall without shoes, only in your underwear. The knees should not bend, and the pelvis and heels should be in contact with the wall. In order to take a measurement, you can use a building level or tape measure. The easiest way is to make a mark on the wall surface and measure the height strictly perpendicular to the floor. This will be the height of the inside of your legs. If there is such a possibility, then it is better to measure it initially in inches. This will greatly simplify the choice and protect you from having to recalculate units of measurement at the time of purchase.

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Once you know the inside length, calculating the required frame size becomes much easier and more accurate. But please note that you will have to make a miscalculation yourself, and for each category of bicycles the formula is partially different.

  • Bicycles of the double suspension category. To calculate your internal leg length, you need to multiply by 0.225. That is, if the legs are 80 centimeters long, calculate as follows: 80 x 0.225 = 18 inches. In this case, you can select a frame size of 17 inches for a sporty riding style, and 19 for a touring style.
  • When choosing MTB bicycles and hardtails, the coefficient by which the length of the legs is multiplied is 0.226.
  • For road and cyclocross bikes, the coefficient is 0.635. The result obtained must be divided by 2.54.
  • For cross bikes, the coefficient is 0.259.

How to size a bike for your height

To ride a bike safely and comfortably, it must fit the rider in all respects, including wheel and frame sizes. You don’t have to sit on it and listen to how you feel to figure out which size bike to choose. You can also choose a flawlessly suitable model remotely.

It is known that frames of various sizes have different tube lengths. The main indicator of size for a long time was the distance from the axis of the carriage to the edge of the seat tube.

While the frame structure did not change and looked like a double triangle made of unbent pipes, this dimensional parameter was decisive. But over time, frames began to be made from curved tubes, and the junction of the upper and seat tubes became variable.

In addition, the length of the seat tube outlet above the top is variable and can oversize the frame without changing its geometry. Therefore, starting from the size of the frame in inches or centimeters is not always logical. Many manufacturers have switched to the letter designation of frame sizes. With this designation, it is enough to know which frame is suitable for your height. But for different brands, the growth limits for each specific letter may differ. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right size for your bike remains relevant.

Instructions on how to choose the size of the bike frame for height

To find the right size for your bike, follow these simple steps:

Approximate frame height (in) when choosing an urban or touring bike

Approximate frame height (in) when choosing a mountain bike

  • Consider the following guidelines before choosing your final bike:
  • if the cyclist’s height is in the borderline values ​​of neighboring sizes, for a quiet ride it is better to give preference to the smaller option, and for high-speed rides. to the larger one;
  • smaller bicycles with identical characteristics weigh about 200 g less than the larger neighbor. and surpass it in maneuverability;
  • when buying a niner, you need to choose models one size smaller than when choosing models with wheels of 26-27.5 inches;
  • solid frames (starting from L) can have thicker-walled tubes to support a solid weight;
  • overweight riders need to choose models with increased strength, but not compensate for it with an increased frame size;
  • riding a bicycle that is too large is dangerous due to impaired handling and an increased risk of injury to the perineum when dismounting from a vehicle.

Alternative formula

To calculate the optimal frame size using the alternative formula, stand against a wall and measure from your crotch to the floor. Multiply the result by 0.57 if you are choosing a mountain bike, by 0.63 if you are choosing a trekking model, by 0.66 if you are choosing a road bike. You have received the size of the frame in centimeters. Divide by 2.54 to get frame size in inches.

What size should a bike frame be for a girl?

When choosing a women’s bike, you can choose a mountain model, a women’s full suspension, a road version or a comfortable bike with a low frame, wide soft saddle and a large high handlebar. For girls who love high-speed driving, drive and extreme sports, a sports model with a classic or slightly lowered frame is suitable. The size of the bike must be perfect for its owner.

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An introductory table will help you to roughly determine the suitable size of a bicycle frame:

What size should a bicycle frame be for a lady,

Bicycle wheel size and features

As the season approaches, the streets are filled with cyclists. kids on a bicycle with side wheels, their dads and moms on the mountain. The wheels are small, huge, wide and narrow how not to get lost in this sea of ​​spokes and sizes?

The easiest way is to systematize this variety in a summary table of sizes:

26″ VS 27.5″ |Wheel Size Comparison | Which wheel size is better & why? Benefits of bigger wheel

Wheel size (inches) Rim size (mm) Types of bicycles
twenty 406 Baby, folding
24 507 Stunt, teenage
26 559 Mountain, walking
27 622 Road
27.5 584 Mountain
28 622 Hybrid, road
29 622 Niner

And it immediately becomes clear what the size of the bicycle wheels depends on. For example, from the driver’s height or how the bike is positioned.

Relationship with growth

For very young cyclists, wheel and frame size is critical. While the baby is not very well oriented in space, the bicycle poses an increased danger to his health. Therefore, the wheels and frame are selected in such a way that the child’s leg, which is freely lowered down, reaches the ground. Hence the choice of small wheels. As for folding bicycles, the main requirement for them is small dimensions. A diameter of 20 inches is optimal for this.

As the child grows, so does the size of the bike. this is how teenage bicycles with 24-inch wheels appeared. And even after reaching an average height, you can select models with large wheels that allow you to ride with comfort and gain high speed if necessary.

For leisurely walks, 26-inch wheels are good, this size is great for transporting a bike. However, it does not take up much space. If speed is important, the 27-inch size is more suitable. These rim dimensions are typical for road bikes. You can also navigate which bike is suitable by the frame.

29 ” wheels are ideal for people with a height of 180 cm and above.

Here are some figures for the most popular models, more precisely the size of the frames and their ratio to the height of the cyclist:

  • Height 190 cm (and more). road 50-52, road 46-48, mountain 41-44.
  • Height 180 cm. road 57-59, road. 56-58, mountain. 48-50.
  • Height 170 cm. road bikes 53-55, road bikes 50-52 and mountain bikes 44-46.

So everything is interconnected. rim diameter, frame size and rider height. Of course, these are not strict rules, but only a recommendation and hint when buying a bicycle. There are more accurate tables, which take into account not only height, but also the length of the legs. However, this is more true for athletes performing tricks or setting speed records. The average two-wheeler will have enough of the above tips and the ability to adjust the saddle and handlebar heights.

Maybe someone else will need to buy a stem, but, in any case, first you need to understand exactly what the bike will be bought for. From folding models, no one will expect a perfect fit or speed characteristics, and almost all cruiser models are designed only for leisurely defiles on flat paths. Tires play a huge role in the size of wheels for a bicycle.

Familiar to all models with their characteristic frame shape and dimensions take on a completely different look with a change in tire dimensions. An example of this is the emergence of a fat bike. The usual bike, changed into wide tires, set on suitable rims, is absolutely transformed. Not only the appearance has changed. control, acceleration dynamics and much more have been completely changed. So it is with standard wheel sizes. It is enough to put slicks instead of aggressive rubber. acceleration becomes noticeably easier and less effort is required to maintain a constant speed.

Know about different between Bicycle wheel size of 26, 27 & 29er

Help: Slick, slicks. (slick) type of tires without a raised tread, which reduces the grip area with the road surface.