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While writing this article, I took minimal participation, but I fully share the opinion of the author, my eldest son. The article was written by Qirex-RD. specially for my blog and Drive2 users.

It’s time to explain what a custom is and break the stereotype that everything good is expensive.

A custom is a heavily modified base bike, a full custom is a bike built from scratch, starting with a bare frame.

Assembling a custom on a ready-made basis is the most efficient in terms of price / result. Full custom. extremely disadvantageous economically and is used in the case of high-end bikes, where the budget is extremely high.

Terms of Reference (TZ): Led for driving around the city and paths in parks (you’ve already heard this somewhere, right?). In this case asphalt / paths: 80/20

Something completely unreal, right? Especially considering the last point. ;)))

Decathlon Kemmel, size 21 “, wheels 26”, 2016 Produced in Russia at the VeloBalt plant, Kaliningrad. In the stock state, one foot is a shitbike. Not driving, not braking, not controlled, landing with cancer, falling apart. But in spite of everything, this is a great foundation.

Frame, fork, steering column Steel, high carbon steel. Extremely over-strengthened (which is typical for cheap bicycles), therefore heavy but very rigid, this is good. A full-fledged 1 1/8 ” steering column, not threaded squalor, is a must-have, and that’s it.

It is important that there is only one medium-sized sprocket (34-40T) in front, with a high tooth. That’s right, 38T. System for a square, medium lousy, crank length 170mm. which is adequate for small 26 wheels, and will do for me since my natural cadence is quite high. Cartridge carriage (on slip). what you need.

Assembled fine, although the wheels had to be fixed. But this is generally not important, because it will still pass under a full bulkhead. The color is black, painted normally, nothing superfluous, no peeder colors and incomprehensible inscriptions. By the way, Kemmel is a town in Belgium.

The bike comes not assembled, in a box, it is especially nice when it immediately falls under the bulkhead. To begin with, everything is disassembled and defective (in this case, there were no jambs). What remains is sorted out and lubricated with high-quality grease. And they are replaced

The frame of this bike is long in all respects, and the factory fit with a long stem and low handlebars is naturally not correct, this is a problem with all cheap bikes. I will correct it, and it is for myself. For the place of my native 90mm stem with a rise

7 degrees rises 60mm with a rise of 0, and the desired height is added by the spacer rings under it (the length of the steering rod is enough). The native 610mm handlebar with a rise of 20mm I change to a handlebar of 640mm and a rise of 50mm. In my case, these are Truvativ Hussefelt components that have been lying without for a long time affairs. This gave me the fit I needed and a significant improvement in handling due to the shortened stem length. Velobox Lock-On grips as I only use lock-on grips.

Toy and disposable ones are replaced with decent plastic ones, they are harmless for both feet and shoes. I take the largest platform, because I ride in skateboard sneakers, foot size 45. ODYSSEY Grandstand PC. what I need, they are on the bushings, which means they will not die in winter (this bike is operated in any weather).

Derailleur, shifter, ratchet cassette

I get rid of my native Shimano RevoShift in favor of the classic Shimano SL-M310 trigger shifter, it is more comfortable and sharper. The liquid Shimano SIS rear derailleur gives way to the modern Shimano Tourney RD-TX55. It boasts a cable guide roller making it ideal for this frame, now the cable runs in a straight line instead of a loop. It is reliable and its medium foot contributes to surprisingly good chain stability. Thanks to this (middle foot) and one sprocket in front, the chain is short and its stability is not worse than that of Shimano Altus / Acera on systems with 2-3 stars in front, only the modern Acera Shadow is better, but it is three times more expensive. it’s good, just add the KMC Missing Link lock to it and shorten it to fit the new setup. The native 6-speed Shimano Tourney MF-TZ06 14-28T ratchet cassette gives way to 7-speed (the new shifter and derailleur are naturally also 7), Shimano Tourney MF-TZ31 14-34T Mega Range series, with a super short first gear, which will allow you to climb rather steep hills even without a front derailleur. Wheels 26, for them such a gear, coupled with a rigid non-swinging fork, is enough for the city.

All the awkward Chinese food that does not slow down, but only slows down, changes to decent Shimano Alivio BR-T4000 (handles and brakes). Because the frame and forks are scrap, V-breaks do not open them, as they do with cheap suspension forks and snotty cheap aluminum frames. From here we get shocking braking power and modulation, which allows one-finger brakes to be used like on adult disc hydraulics bicycles. And no, they do not stop braking in wet weather or in winter (as many mistakenly believe), because I put all-weather pads.

The operation of switches and brakes is directly dependent on them. In most cases, the cheapest Chinese bikes are on the finished bikes, and they are also not laid correctly, and those who do not know have the feeling that “switches / brakes are shit.” And the point is in the cables and shirts. I change everything, at the same time I lay shirts of the required lengths, this has a very strong effect on the friction of the cable inside them.

This is the most important and most difficult choice. It is rubber that sets the characteristics of any bike, then where and how it will be used directly depends on the installed rubber (and vice versa). In this case, it is imperative to take into account the lack of suspensions and imperfection of the wheels (single rims). Here the years of street riding remind of themselves. he wore Kenda Kiniption 26×2.3 60TPI Wire. Why this is the right choice.?

Cameras. CST 2.2-2.5 (cheap and working) Camera? Yes, you think the camera No! The camera is very important, because it can additionally adjust the behavior of the tire. I use heavy “full” cameras 2.2-2.5 “, and not universal thin-walled (condom) like 1.5-2.3”. The trick is that I want the maximum roll-forward and the minimum breakdown on the edges (about the curb), and all this with minimum pressure. A little further I will explain what it gives and why I did it that way.

The steering column and bottom bracket are fine. The wheels spin very well after the bulkhead and tuning. The saddle is medium width and medium firm, surprisingly anatomical and quite comfortable. The normal seatpost pleased me with a long one, that is, it does not require replacement. The system, although simple, but its rigidity is enough. The weight is small due to the fact that she has one star and not 3, which would weigh a whole kilogram.


And the result is a bicycle that corresponds to the original technical specifications in all points. I will go through each of them, with explanations.

High quality? Yes. The frame is solid, rigid, well painted. Shimano drivetrain components. The rest of the components are also at the level.

Reliable? Yes! It is simple, there is really nothing to break in it. Can someone say about “plasticine” wheels with a single rim? Yes, they are, but now this is not a problem, because they are shod in scrap tires, which perfectly distribute shock loads and eliminate dents during strong impacts on sharp edges. That is why I used thick-walled chambers, they create additional internal friction inside the wheel, which makes the rubber “oak” for breakdown at low pressure. Why do you need low pressure? So much for comfort and shock absorption, because we have a lot of suspensions. But at the same time, thanks to the cord and thick chambers, the rubber does not turn into a snot like on fat bikes, that is, the pressure release does not impair handling. Roll also remains good due to the double compound of the tire (harder in the center, softer on the sidewalls).And these very tires are extremely puncture resistant. On these, you can ride on a broken stele and not bother too much, which cannot be said about many other road and even country.

3k for everything). And then he unscrewed the ratchet assembly, threw it out, put a new one, ready. Edge of 800r and no crap.

Yes, he’s comfortable. Thanks to a rubber with a large air volume that successfully works at low pressure (2 bar in my case), it easily copes with uneven roads, as well as with strong impacts when landing on a plane. He clearly walks up the steps of the stairs, and does not crush his teeth on the roots in parks. The landing has already been adjusted personally to me and my preferences (basic bikefit), so it is comfortable for me.

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Yes, it’s fast enough. Weigh. 14 kg (/. 100 grams). With this weight (and this is what some ALUMINUM bicycles weigh for 35,000 rubles)))) it has a good roll, due to the absence of a spring in the front, street rubber, reassembled bushings and correctly selected gear ratios. And rubber with a uniform tread over the entire surface and a double compound (harder in the center at the edges is softer) allows it to roll on the asphalt in corners like a super bike (motorcycle). Handling, traction and braking distances are excellent.

Yes, it is black, without Khokhloma and Gzhel, but it stands out in the crowd because it is not a drain. This is noticed even by those who are in Velah do not understand that he is “not like everyone else.”.

Oh yeah! The bike itself was bought new for 6300r (including delivery) in the corresponding retail network.

Custom is when everyone does what he needs, regardless of the budget. This unit could be assembled with an emphasis on off-road use, choosing different tires and cameras, different gear ratios and different landing geometry. The bike would have turned out differently, but the price would not have changed. If this base bike did not fit into the specification, then I would just take another, more suitable one. But the essence always remains. to get exactly what you need, rationally using ANY budget.

Cheap does not mean bad, you just need to be able.

Mountain bike for adults 27,5 “ROCKRIDER ST 540 S B’TWIN

twin, bike, raise, handlebars

Fully developed at the B’Twin Center in Lille, France, this mountain bike is the result of the collaboration of our team of experts and cycling enthusiasts. The ROCKRIDER team designed, engineered and tested the ROCKRIDER 540 S in collaboration with our testing team.

Bicycle for men or women? This ROCKRIDER 540 S is a mixed.

The women of our team recommend replacing the saddle with a female model SPORT 500, which is adapted to the peculiarities of the female physique for greater comfort.

Choose from the available sizes: M: 1.60-1.75m. L: 1.75-1.85m. XL: 1.85-2m.

If your measurements are on the edge: Choose a smaller size for better handling (a more agile bike) and comfort (a straighter back) Choose a larger size for easier pedaling in a more lean position (more efficient position).

For greater lightness, we have developed a special B’TWIN SPORT frame made of 6061 aluminum. The result: a weight of only 2.7 kg in size M (without shock absorber). Rear shock 120mm based on “monopivot” system (more sensitive to small impacts on the ground, resistant to heavy impacts) with pressed-in bearings for greater durability.

SUNTOUR XCR hydraulic fork with 120mm travel allows you to easily overcome any obstacle (roots, stones, etc.). The accuracy of the trajectory is increased by using larger diameter pipes (32mm). Built-in locking system avoids rocking and loss of speed without pedaling.

Our designers used an X-Fusion E1 air damper for the RR 40 S, which is lightweight and specially tuned for this frame. However, you can easily readjust it based on your weight thanks to the Schrader valve to ensure a good balance between responsiveness and efficiency.Remember that a special high pressure pump is required to adjust the shock absorber (B’Twin fork and shock pump, SKU: 3310286 ).

3 sprockets of 9 speeds, i.e. 27 speeds! 2 handlebar shifters with light pressure and quick recoil Left (sprockets): for up / down slopes Right (speeds): for accurate force calculation.

Namely:. Triple sprocket with 22, 32 and 42 teeth. Front derailleur SHIMANO ALTUS. Rear derailleur SHIMANO ALTUS. Shifters SHIMANO ALTUS M370 with speed indicators. Block of 9 sprockets with 11-34 teeth SHIMANO HG 200.

For this, our development team has created the exclusive B’TWIN ERGOFIT Evo saddle. Its hammock shape fits all pelvic widths and is excellent for cycling.

The lightweight B’TWIN SPORT aluminum seatpost with a diameter of 31.6 mm and a length of 400 mm, with good adjustment options, allows you to select an elevated position. Easily adjustable with an ergonomic clamping ring.

Adjustable stem: the RR 540 S steering system is right at your fingertips. The all-aluminum B’Twin stem (70mm in size S, 80mm in size M / L, 90mm in size XL) can be raised to 5 heights: 0mm, 7.5mm, 15mm, 22.5mm. 30 mm.

details:. B’TWIN SPORT “oversize” aluminum handlebar 660 mm wide for sizes S and M, 680 mm for sizes L and XL. B’TWIN SPORT “soft touch” handlebars with good grip. pleasant to the touch.

No matter what surface you are riding (dry / wet), TEKTRO’s 160mm B’TWIN dual hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear won’t let you down, even in mud. Less effort. Lightweight and precise aluminum brake levers are comfortable in the hand.

Embark on your adventure on the obstacle course without fear thanks to the AERO TRAIL Evo wheels with double aluminum rims. 27.5 ” diameter. the perfect compromise between comfort and efficiency, 28 spokes for lightness, stiffness and strength.

Exclusive B’TWIN ALL TERRAIN LIGHT tires with a profile of 27.5 “x 2.2 are specially adapted for off-road use due to their light weight and studs. The 2.2 width provides better traction on technical routes.

The RR 540 S features B’Twin FLAT Evo rubber pedals that are both strong and lightweight, a wider surface provides better kick-off while pedaling, and more pronounced cleats provide better grip between the pedal and the foot.

Cycling does not start right from your home, so we made it as easy as possible to dismantle / install the front and rear wheels Wheels are equipped with a quick locking system.

14.45 kg in size M without pedals 14.55 kg in size L without pedals 14.65 kg in size XL without pedals.

Weight may vary according to material tolerances. B’TWIN FLAT EVO flat pedals included. The total weight (bicycle cyclist cyclist equipment) should not exceed 120 kg.

The RR 540 bike is equipped with a bell, headlights, reflectors on wheels and pedals.

The bike frame is compatible with:. Fenders on the diagonal frame tube and seat post. Height adjustable seat post. Stand. Bottle holder. Seat bag. Rear rack, etc.

During the first rides, the bike parts will self-adjust (chain, derailleur, brakes, etc.). We recommend that you complete a full check 6 months after purchase. Our experts will carry out a 13-point check of your bike, here you will find our tips for handling your bike: https://support.decathlon.fr/velos-tout-terrain-vtt-fr-tp_19822.

Comparison with similar models from other companies

Of course, there are analogues to the B TWIN bike, such as:

  • Alpine 1000S C-Klass. Mountain bike.
  • Forward Apaache 2.0 Disk. Type: mountain.
  • Stels Navigator 630 MD 26. Type: mountain.

About the brand

B TWIN is a French brand of a large company Oxylane, which produces bicycles of various models and for different ages, provides cycling equipment and produces parts and accessories for the bicycle in general.

The brand is known all over the world from the best side, since the company takes care of its reputation and, in order not to spoil it, produces only high-quality products.

Description of bike B TWIN

This bicycle line will appeal to those who value quality, attach importance to comfort and those who want to buy a real iron horse with pedals for relatively little money.

Bicycles from a similar category will probably serve you much less, because, as mentioned above, the company is in favor of promoting cycling to the masses, and from an early age, that is, the company also produces bicycles of absolutely high quality.


The main advantages of this bike are:

Popular models

Most often on the street you can find the following models of bicycles from the B TWIN brand:

  • The Rockrider is a mountain bike designed by experts with the support of cycling enthusiasts. This means that all cons are reduced to zero.
  • Hoptown is an urban folding bike. A distinctive feature is its compactness.
  • Racing is a walking bike for children from 6 to 8 years old. Approximate
  • Mistigirl. City bike for girls. A very good option for evening walks.
  • Dragoon. Children’s bike. If you want to safely teach your child to ride a bike, then this option is what you need.

Bike types B TWIN

The brand produces bicycles of various types, such as:

  • Road bikes. bicycles designed for high-speed riding on a good road, mainly bicycles for cycling.
  • Hybrid is a combination of mountain and road bikes. Very good off-road.
  • City bikes are bikes for driving around the city, for not very high-speed walks on a straight road.
  • Children. bicycles designed for children. If you are afraid of buying a two-wheeled friend for your child, then you can put your doubts aside by buying a children’s bike from the B TWIN company, as they care about the safety of children.


  • If a foreign body enters the brake system, then the brakes fail until it is removed, but such an ailment as a disadvantage, in principle, applies to all bicycles.
  • Wings do not always protect you and your clothing from dirt, if they are present on one model or another.

All models of bicycles from the B TWIN brand you can purchase:


S: 1.55-1.64 m M: 1.65-1.74 m L: 1.75-1.84 m Are you weighing more than 90 kg? For your comfort and safety, we recommend using bicycles with stronger double-rim wheels. For example, the ROCKRIDER ST 100 mountain bike is perfect for you.


For beginner cyclists, we recommend using special cycling shorts with a protective insert (molded foam insert) and / or a gel-filled saddle cover to reduce soreness.

If you are going on a long bike ride, do not forget to bring plenty of water with you (for example, a drinking system or a flask).

TUTO �� How to adjust your stem height ? By ROCKRIDER

Regardless of the duration of the planned trip, the use of a helmet is mandatory!


3 stars with 7 speeds, that is, 21 speeds! 2 easy-to-use handlebar shifters. Left (stars): for descents / ascents. Right (speed): for precise dosing of force.

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details:. 22, 32 and 42 teeth triple sprocket protection / lubrication. MICROSHIFT FD – M20 front derailleur. MICROSHIFT RD – M25 rear derailleur. MICROSHIFT MS25 shifting shifters with speed indicators. Cassette, 7 gears, 1428 teeth SHIMANO TZ500. Durable wide chain KMC Z51.


Our team of cycling enthusiasts designed the complete ST 540 mountain bike at B’TWIN VILLAGE (Lille, France). Comfortable and efficient mountain bike: powerful hydraulic disc brakes, 100mm travel fork for easy obstacle crossing, simple and efficient double chainring, etc. At all stages of the creation of this bike, we involved athletes-cyclists in testing. We hope the Rockrider ST 540 mountain bike will provide you with great rides.

Mountain bike for men or women? This ROCKRIDER 540 is versatile. To enhance riding comfort, our team of cyclists recommend the SPORT 500 women’s saddle, designed with the female body in mind. The ROCKRIDER series has a dedicated line specifically for women (special saddle, stem, fork and handlebars).

Choose from the available sizes: S: 1.50-1.64m M: 1.65-1.74m L: 1.75-1.84m XL: 1.85-2.00m If Your measurements are on the edge of size: Choose a smaller size for better handling (a more agile bike) and comfort (a straighter back). Choose a larger size for easier pedaling in a tilted position (more efficient position).

The ROCKRIDER ST 540 has a 6061 aluminum frame for lightweight (only 1.9kg in size M) and efficient pedaling. Our designers have taken care of the comfort and maneuverability of this model. The design of this bike allows the cyclist to ride with a straight back. Low carriage position for high cornering stability.

The SUNTOUR XCR fork allows you to defy obstacles. Its 100 mm stroke allows you to overcome more obstacles (roots, stones, mud) with complete peace of mind. Built-in locking system avoids rocking and loss of speed without pedaling.

This mountain bike does not have a rear suspension fork. It is of the “semi-rigid” type. If you compare such a bike with a full suspension (that is, with a rear suspension fork), then the difference is obvious: it is lighter, and you use less energy on level areas. But if you’re more interested in comfort, choose the full-suspension ST 540 with rear shock.

2 sprockets with 9 speeds, i.e. 18 speeds. 2 quick-response shifters on the handlebars. Left (stars): to climb / descend. Right (speed): for precise dosing of effort. details:. Double sprocket. SHIMANO Altus / Acera front derailleur. SRAM X2 rear derailleur. SRAM X4 shifters with speed indicators. Thru axle for external bearings guarantees excellent strength and durability.

Adjustable stem: The ST 540 steering system is right at your fingertips. The all-aluminum B’Twin stem (70mm in size S, 80mm in size M / L, 90mm in size XL) can be raised to 5 heights: 0mm, 7.5mm, 15mm, 22.5mm. 30 mm. details:. B’TWIN SPORT “oversize” aluminum handlebar 660 mm wide for sizes S and M, 680 mm for sizes L and XL. B’TWIN SPORT “soft touch” handles with good grip. pleasant to the touch.

Our development team has created the exclusive B’TWIN ERGOFIT Evo saddle. Its hammock shape is suitable for all pelvic widths and is excellent for cycling trips. Combined with a 27.2mm aluminum FLEX seatpost, it guarantees optimum comfort. Quick adjustment of the saddle height without the use of tools using the adjustment lever at the level of the saddle clamp.

No matter what type of surface you are riding (dry / wet), TEKTRO ROCKRIDER dual hydraulic disc brakes (160 mm) front and rear will not let you down, even in mud. Hydraulic brakes provide more powerful and smoother braking when you apply the brake levers with less effort. Lightweight and precise aluminum brake levers with comfortable grip.

Durable and efficient AERO TRAIL Evo aluminum wheels: 27.5 “diameter, double rims. Their diameter is the perfect compromise between comfort and efficiency. 28 spokes ensure lightness, rigidity and durability. Exclusive ROCKRIDER ALL CONDITIONS 27.5” x 2 wide tires. 2 are suitable for dry / wet surfaces. Side studs provide grip when cornering. Recommended pressure based on rider weight is indicated on the side of the tire.

The ST 540 bike has B’TWIN FLAT flat pedals with an increased footprint and more pronounced relief for better foot fixation on the pedals.

Not all cycling trips start right outside your home. We made it as easy as possible to dismantle / install the front and rear wheels. Wheels are equipped with a quick locking system.

The RR 540 bike is equipped with a bell, headlights, reflectors on wheels (reflectors) and pedals. The bike frame is compatible with:. front and rear fenders. a footrest. a bottle holder. a saddle bag. a rear rack. a child seat, etc.

How to properly sit on a mountain bike and road bike

The simplest rule that can help determine the correct fit is as follows: without movement, it will be uncomfortable to sit in the correct position for travel. In addition to purely technical characteristics, such as the height of the handlebars and the position of the saddle, the position of the body itself is of great importance.

Mountain bike landing

A key rule of mountain biking is to lean your body significantly forward. The back should be arched, while not allowing the stomach to sag. This position allows you to optimally distribute the weight between the three main centers. the handlebar, seat and pedals of the bike. Thanks to this, the load on one part of the body is reduced (especially often such a problem arises with the booty), therefore, if during skiing one part of the body hurts while others are generally relaxed, this is a sure sign of improper fit.

An important function of shock absorption lies on the arms. the shoulders need to be taken slightly forward, and the arms should be slightly bent at the elbows (but only a little, you shouldn’t “lie down” on the steering wheel at all). Taking the shoulders back will be a gross mistake, because they will straighten their arms and back behind them. In this position, firstly, the ride itself will become much more uncomfortable, it will begin to shake and throw to the sides at the slightest irregularities, and secondly, such a ride is fraught with pain in the belt. Do not be afraid if the back bends a little from the blows, this is normal.

Riding a mountain bike with a straight back is possible only on level surfaces and with maximum shock absorption of all parts is large.

The neck should also be slightly bent in order to create, as it were, a single arc with the back. That being said, don’t let your head sag too much. If the upper body or the neck begins to swell, then you can stretch them simply by shaking your head from side to side.

Correct fit on a road bike

A road bike is used to ride on flat and knurled surfaces at high enough speeds, which led to some features of body position.

Your hands should rest on the shifters and be approximately at right angles to your body. The back should be bent, creating an arch. However, unlike the mountain bike position, on a road bike, the neck should not be an extension of this arc. Looking down, you should see the front hub either about in the middle or three-quarters above the stem. Even with fatigue, you should not lower your head lower. it is better to stop and rest.

The correct position of the lower back will be one that allows free breathing and prevents numbness. The legs should not be too bent; a right angle should also form in the belt area (roughly speaking, at the “junction” of the back and legs). Excessive movements of the torso or shoulders will only be at the expense, therefore, only the legs should work. The elbows should be slightly bent, and the gap between the knees and elbows at the point of their closest approach, when properly seated, is about a centimeter. The brushes are almost parallel, but still slightly tilted towards the ground. Hands should not be placed too narrow or wide (the width of the handlebars should approximately correspond to the width of the shoulders).

A racing position means maximum tilt and a change in the position of the back from perpendicular to the ground to parallel. The arms and knees are strongly bent, and the cyclist is practically lying down. It is this position that allows the leg muscles to work as long and efficiently as possible, and also provides an opportunity to gain really high speed. But it is only suitable for professionals with trained legs and a flexible back.

Review: Children’s bike B’twin Gira 14 ”. Durable and reliable. intended for children from 3 to 5 years old. (90.105cm)

Now about the bike itself: I want to immediately note that when I bought I bribed a beautiful design of the bike, they took it in the decathlon two years ago, it cost 5,000 tons (now they are about 7 tons), as you can see we have a fuchsia color for a girl, but there is there are blue ones for boys.

Recommended age 3.5 years (height up to 105 cm), we are now 6 years old and height 107 cm, no longer comfortable, although the seat and steering wheel have already been raised, I think everything here is individual. The frame is completely steel, the factory dates lifetime warranty, the frame itself has a lowered level, which is very convenient for a child who now and then climbs on a bicycle or climbs off. An excellent thing is chain protection, it completely covers not only the chain itself, but all other parts as well. The box itself, although completely plastic, has remained in good condition for the entire time of use, and this can be seen in the photo.

Rubber wheels with inflatable tubes inside, diameter of 14 inches, excellent on the road both on dry and slippery thanks to the track surface.

Fenders from dirt on clothes go both on the front wheel and on the rear

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The rear wheels are equipped with additional wheels on the sides, which can be easily removed without tools, and the bike becomes two-wheeled

Comfortable and soft foam saddle. covered with leather by a deputy on the surface and a beautiful pattern

How To Set Up Your Bike’s Seat And Handlebars

The steering wheel is very comfortable, it has rubber nozzles on the sides for the convenience of children’s hands, and on nm there is a braking mechanism for both front and rear wheels, a beautiful horn in the form of a funny giraffe

The seat and handlebars are height adjustable and the bike grows with your child.

In general, the bike is very high quality and reliable, I see only pluses in it, the only minus I can’t help but say about it, it seems to me that it’s heavy because its weight is 8.5 kg., But this is understandably a steel frame, inflatable wheels, but for riding this does not affect it in any way, the pedal travel is light, so of course I recommend taking a closer look at this bike model. If you missed something, ask questions) Thank you all for your attention))

Adjusting the bike and preparing for the ride

Seat adjustment. The saddle is adjustable in three directions.

The height of the saddle should be such that the foot can freely reach the pedal with the heel in its lower position. It is advisable to adjust the saddle in the shoes in which you will ride. If the saddle is set too low (the cyclist sitting in the saddle reaches the ground with his feet). the muscles of the legs will tire faster, as the legs will not straighten and the muscles may “clog”. Only representatives of extreme sports lower the saddle low. It is not recommended to set the saddle too high. First, the foot will not reach the pedal. there is a danger of overloading the muscles of the back, as the cyclist will twist when pedaling. Secondly, the landing will be too high and it will be difficult for you to maintain balance when starting and dismounting from the bike. In order to set the saddle to the required height, you need to unscrew the bolt in the seatpost of the frame (or unscrew the eccentric). you will have a saddle with a seatpost attached to it. (Generally, the seat post will move freely in the seat tube, but it also happens to get stuck (due to rust, etc.). In this case, grease can be used. After pulling out the seat post, be sure to wipe it off. remaining grease).

So, you find the right position (pay attention to the risks on the seatpost.cannot be extended higher than the inscription), and fix the seatpost by tightening the bolt or eccentric.

As a rule, the saddle is installed horizontally relative to the ground, although many find for themselves other positions. If the toe of the saddle (the front of the saddle) is too raised. there may be a feeling of falling back when driving, if, on the contrary, you are too inclined, you slide forward. Both are inconvenient when riding, so we recommend that you mount the saddle in a horizontal position.

In order to adjust the saddle position, the saddle clamping mechanism in the seat post must be loosened. unscrew the corresponding bolt / nuts, set in a convenient position and secure by tightening the bolt / nuts. (for classic fastening, box or open-end wrenches are needed to unscrew two nuts, to adjust a bolted saddle, use a hex wrench to loosen the bolt tightening).

Saddle adjustability back and forth is usually limited to a few centimeters. But here, too, there are rules. Experienced bikers give this advice: the horizontal position of the saddle should be adjusted so that the distance from the elbow to the fingertips is no more than from the toe of the saddle to the stem. In order to adjust the position of the saddle, you must do the same as p. 2

After each seat tilt adjustment or front-to-back adjustment, check to see if you have tightened the seatpost lock well. Bicycle saddles “love” to loosen up, and if you ride for a long time with the saddle in a weakened position, a special notch can wear off and the saddle will no longer “twist” under any effort.

The height of the handlebars depends on the riding position you are going to ride. If the steering wheel is raised too high, it becomes difficult to move uphill; if the steering wheel is lowered too low, it is more difficult to control the road situation. When riding on roads with car traffic, it is recommended that the cyclist’s back is at an angle of approximately 30 “to the vertical. For fitness, light walks, a 45”.60 “/ 60”.90 “body tilt is recommended. For older people, children, the recommended body tilt is 60 “-90”.

For road bikes, the rider’s seat should be lower.

Not all bicycles have wide enough handlebar adjustments. On bicycles with threadless steering columns, the handlebars can only be raised a few millimeters by installing additional spacer rings. To reduce the height of the rudder, you can only put the stem in a different type. However, many bicycles have a stem design that allows the height of the handlebars to be adjusted between 25-35mm. To raise or lower the handlebar, loosen the stem bolt with a hex wrench. Set the desired height and tighten the stem bolt.

There are rudder center marks on the steering wheel. The handlebar is usually installed correctly if these marks are hidden where the handlebars are attached. However (very rarely) it happens that these markings are incorrect. If you find a manufacturer’s oversight by eye, you will have to center the steering wheel with a tape measure.

Centering the front wheel relative to the steering wheel.

Having slightly loosened the handlebar fasteners, place the front wheel between your legs (the bike facing you) and center it perpendicular to the handlebar.

Checking the adjustment of the brake system

Spin both wheels with the brakes released. The brake pads should be 1-3 mm from the rim and should be close to the rims with their entire plane. They should not touch the tire or be below the rim.

Press and release the brake levers several times. They should not rest against the handlebars (fall through) and should not sink, that is, with difficulty returning to their original position. Brake levers should not be too soft or too tight.

Check for looseness and loose bolts

Make sure the handlebars are firmly attached to the stem and the steering column has no play

Check the reliability of the fastening of both wheels in the forks (believe me, it is not the most pleasant feeling when, for example, the front wheel jumps out and rolls ahead of you!).

Check that the seat post is securely in the frame tube and the seat in the seat clamp.

Check tire pressure and condition of tires

The recommended pressure is marked on the sidewall of the tire. Do not inflate tires above the maximum pressure. High pressure is consistent with driving on hard, dry surfaces. Low pressure is suitable when driving on snow, dry sand, slippery and muddy roads. It is best to inflate the tires with a pump with a pressure gauge. If there is no pressure gauge, then you can roughly estimate the amount by which the tire deflects under the weight of the cyclist. it should be within one centimeter.

Check the condition of the tires, and in case of heavy wear, replace them with new ones. Worn tires. a common cause of unexpected camera punctures.

If you plan to ride in the dark, check the health of the lighting fixtures and reflectors and the level of battery charge.

Folding bike Tilt 100 20 “B’TWIN

Steel frame Hi-Ten. Side-folding system allows for modest dimensions: at home, in the office, in the trunk of your car, etc. This bike will easily fit anywhere. The frame with a footrest improves the stability of the bike when folded.

Hi-Ten steel fork for extra durability.

The single-speed gearing ensures the bike‘s stride is even. It offers easy starting and speed on level ground. 165 mm cranks, 44-tooth sprocket, 16-tooth idle gear. Bike pitch: 3.80 m per pedal rotation.

V – brakes and steel brake pads for efficient and gradual braking.

Semi-raised steel handlebars with 60mm height adjustment to adjust the position of the rider based on the characteristics of the body, and to increase the maneuverability of the bike. Handlebar width: 560 mm Non-adjustable aluminum steel stem for greater rigidity Saddle-to-handlebar distance: 540 mm Distance from carriage to seat: 520 mm (min.) To 740 mm (max.)

Comfortable seamless foam saddle, steel seatpost, 31.6mm diameter.

20 ” single rim, steel hub Wheel locking system for easy transport and storage when folded.

Gumwall 20 x 1.75 City Wheels We have designed these tires for an optimal balance of recoil and traction.

B’TWIN City. Non-folding pedals. Cranks: 165 mm. Double pinion housing prevents the chain from slipping and protects from dirt.

Battery operated front and rear lights. TILT Carrying Case, B’Twin Folding Bike Rack fits this model. The TILT 100 bike is compatible with 20 ” fenders. A child seat cannot be installed on a TILT 100 bike.

The geometry of the bike provides optimal comfort for cyclists 1.45-1.85 m tall. The bike complies with the ISO 4210 standard for cyclists weighing up to 100 kg.