Assembling the bike rush hour 20

The Rush Hour Army RSAR 20 children’s bike is the first four-wheeled horse. Experience of use, impressions, photos

With the onset of warm days and the opening of the bicycle season, the topic of children’s bicycles becomes relevant.

The Rash Hour Army RSAR 20 bike was purchased at the end of the summer of last year, so the experience of use is available both last and this year.

Rash Hour Army. two-wheeled bicycle with two additional removable wheels. Large wheels diameter 20 inches or 50 cm.

Price at the time of purchase: 4990 rubles

Country of origin: Russia

The bike is steel, quite weighty. 12 kg. And big enough.

There is a handbrake and a bell on the steering wheel. The front part is also decorated with a decorative overlay. It is soft and can probably carry some kind of protective function in the event of an impact.

bike, rush, hour

The sitting is anatomically comfortable. The frame is also framed with a soft pad. If you suddenly accidentally sit on the frame, it will not hurt.

Seat and handlebars are height adjustable.

Wheels with a diameter of 50 cm are decorated with spokes. The rubber was pumped up using a car pump. Rear additional wheels are removable, but while the child is riding with them.

In terms of use, the bike has shown itself to be good. The child is very happy. Drives just like that. So far, nothing rattles or creaks anywhere. The brake works great, especially when going downhill. The frame is sturdy. Nothing can be found anywhere. The only one, the decorative sticker leaves a little, but these are trifles.

The bike was originally bought for more than one season. And while it delivers only joy. Despite the fact that the purchase amount is small. I recommend taking a closer look at Rush Hour when choosing a kids bike

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Eltreco GM Porter (2016)

A comfortable bike that is equipped with a 350 W motor and front-wheel drive. The steel frame is capable of withstanding a load of 110 kg. A spring-loaded elastomer fork helps smooth out any road bumps. A characteristic couple of such a model will be the presence of a rear swingarm and two-suspension shock absorption.

Сборка складного велосипеда RUSH HOUR из коробки

The shock absorber seat post minimizes back strain. The wheels are wrapped in double-spoke steel rims. This will make the tricycle indispensable for giving, where you need to move loads from time to time. The 750 W motor can handle the increased load, and the battery will allow you to overcome 40 km without recharging. A bright headlight will help illuminate the road at night. The product is suitable for walking on a highway and a flat country road, for transporting goods.

  • strict design;
  • maneuverability;
  • powerful motor;
  • spacious trunk;
  • capacious battery;
  • sturdy frame;
  • reliable wheels;
  • durable tires.

I ride it for 3 months every day, despite the weather conditions. At first it was difficult to get used to, but after a week I got used to it. I would like to note the high maneuverability and smooth running of the vehicle. I will highlight the reliability of the tires and the presence of double rims. In general, an excellent model for its price. Recommend.

Сборка горного велосипеда RUSH HOUR из коробки

Types of tricycles

Before choosing a tricycle, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of such vehicles. Main types:

  • Semi-recumbent. In this model, the pedals are located at the front. An intermediate link between a standard and recumbent tricycle. Semi-recumbent 3-wheeled trike combines the best features of each type, provides ride comfort.
  • Electric. On such a vehicle, you can pedal until you get bored. After that the bike will continue to move thanks to the motor-wheel.
  • Folding regular. It is considered one of the newest bicycles. Folding models help to save a lot of indoor space. Thanks to this design, the trike can be stored in an apartment without any inconvenience.
  • Foldable electric. It has the advantages of the folding and electric models. it is easy to store and also comfortable to ride. The best choice for seniors living in small apartments or houses.
  • Low frame. Such a tricycle may be the only solution for the elderly who want to ride a bike but are unable to climb an ordinary trike.
  • Tandem. Such a tricycle allows two people to drive the product. On a standard tandem, it is possible to develop high speed and, if you have difficulty maintaining balance, it will not work. The three-wheeled tandem will make it easy to maintain balance.
  • Chopper. These models have a stylish design that is not found on ordinary 2- or 3-wheel models.
  • Double. Allows two people to ride and jointly adjust the pace of the ride. It is not necessary for each rider to pedal. they can be pedaled alternately.
  • Lying tandem. These models have a large number of settings to create driving comfort and pedaling efficiency. In addition, they are distinguished by a comfortable saddle, which provides a comfortable fit.
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Stels Energy I 26 (2016)

Stable tricycle designed for driving on flat city or country roads, transporting loads up to 30 kg. Equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame for high maneuverability. Rigid fork helps smooth out all road bumps.

The spring-loaded Cionlli seat can be adjusted in height. The transmission has only one speed limit, so a smooth road without sharp ups and downs will be an ideal surface. The reliable braking system guarantees instant stopping. To transport goods, 2 baskets are included in the package. Comfortable grips are made of soft rubber so you can grip the steering wheel even in the rain. In addition, the complete set includes a chain protection in the form of a metal cover, which allows you to close the mechanism from external influences.

  • comfortable fit;
  • ease of use;
  • soft move;
  • sturdy frame;
  • nice design;
  • good maneuverability;
  • large wheels;
  • durable tires.

A fairly high-quality tricycle made in a strict design. I have been skating for 3 months already, for the entire period there was not a single breakdown. Regardless of the weather and road surface, the brakes are reliable. I will also note the high carrying capacity of the product. Recommend for purchase.

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Rush Hour Termit is the most comfortable

A city bike that has a strict design and high-quality assembly. The durable aluminum frame offers increased strength. In addition, the trike is characterized by increased stability on the road. Rigid fork helps eliminate road vibration. Rush Hour Termit is capable of supporting heavy rider weight.

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A tricycle is a rather specific means of transportation with a narrow scope of use. It is indispensable for the elderly, disabled people, those who have difficulty maintaining balance, as well as for the transportation of goods. These bikes are more stable than their 2-wheeled counterparts.

KHS Trike (2016)

A road trike designed for daily driving. The sturdy frame is made of aluminum for durability and moderate weight. The rigid fork handles road vibration with ease. The vehicle is capable of supporting the rider’s significant weight.

The comfortable, spring-loaded seat has an anti-slip finish. Comes with 24-inch wheels with durable tires. The single-speed transmission makes it easy to tackle a variety of terrain. Reliable mechanical brakes provide instant braking. The complete set includes fenders made of steel, which protect clothing from dirt when driving. Designed for easy walks in the city and park alleys.

bike, rush, hour
Wheel diameter, inches 24
Fork design Hard
Frame material Aluminium alloy
Number of speeds one
Design features Ball Bearing Starters, 18T Cassettes, Curved Handlebar, Classic Pedals, Chain Guards, Fenders, Handlebar and Rear Baskets, Spring Loaded Saddle
  • comfortable saddle;
  • sturdy frame;
  • resistant coating;
  • 2 baskets;
  • there is a chain protection;
  • rigid fork;
  • there are wings;
  • comfortable grips.

I bought a bike 2 months ago to replace the old one. I would like to note the build quality and high cross-country ability. Liked the quality disc brakes. Fully satisfied with the choice made.