Assembling a tricycle with a handle

Bike Parts List Profi Trike Butterfly

assembling, tricycle, handle

  • 1. Pedals in the shape of flowers. Please note that they are labeled “right / left” and are installed in the direction of travel.
  • 2. Chain with clasp (are in a separate bag).
  • 3. Front sprocket.
  • 4. Front handbrake element, which is fixed to the front fork.
  • 5. Rearview mirror.
  • 6. Soft elements of protection on the steering wheel.
  • 7. Rear wheel.
  • 8. Front wheel.
  • 9. Basket with decorative elements (there are fasteners inside).
  • 10. Decorative elements. tinsel on the steering wheel.
  • 11. Bicycle frame.
  • 12. Rear wing.
  • 13. Front wing.
  • 14. Decorative elements. disks in wheels.
  • 15. Call.
  • 16. Front reflector holder
  • 17. Front fork fixing nut, lock nut
  • 18. Seat.
  • 19. Front fork
  • 20. Seatpost.
  • 21. Wing holder.
  • 22. Front reflective element.
  • 23. Rear reflective element.
  • 24. Reflector on the front wheel.
  • 25. Reflector on the rear wheel.
  • 26. Brake cable.
  • 27. Chain protection.
  • 28. Trunk.
  • 29. Decorative element. decoration with butterflies on the steering wheel.
  • 30. Safety wheels.
  • 31. Brackets for safety wheels.
  • 32. Glasses of a steering column. 2 pieces.
  • 33. Crowns. 2 pieces.
  • 34. Bolts. 6 pcs. Wrench size S 10 length 8 mm
  • 35. Bolts. 2 pcs. Wrench size S 10 length 12 mm
  • 36. Bolts. 4 pcs. For Phillips screwdriver, length 8 mm
  • 37. Bolts. 2 pcs. For Phillips screwdriver length 12 mm
  • 38. Bolts. 2 pcs. For Phillips screwdriver, length 6 mm
  • 39. Nuts. 6 pcs. turnkey S 8
  • 40. Bolt. 1 pc. For Phillips screwdriver 16 mm
  • 41. Nut. 1 pc. lock nut for spanner S 10
  • 42. Wedge-shaped bolts. 2 pcs.
  • 43. Nuts. 4 pcs. turnkey S 10
  • 44. Safety wheels fixing bolt. 2 pcs.
  • 45. Wrench nut S13. 1 piece.
  • 46. โ€‹โ€‹Seat post clamping bolt
  • 47. Front wheel axle assy
  • 48. Gaskets. 2 pcs.
  • 49. Curved washer for 2 holes. 2 pcs.
  • 50. Flat washer for 2 holes. 2 pcs.

Preparatory work

  • First, decide where exactly you will build. Please note that some elements are greased with grease, so they can spoil or stain the parquet or carpet. Allocate for this purpose a flat surface of about four square meters and cover it.
  • Print the box and lay out the parts so that they are within your reach. Baby transport box has been in the warehouse for some time, so wipe it down with a clean cloth.
  • To implement your idea, you will need a set of keys (30, 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8), Also put a hexagon (4 mm), a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer in the immediate vicinity of the work site. The presence of an electric screwdriver will make the assembly process more productive and faster.

Instructions for assembling a two-wheeled children’s bicycle, using the example of the Profi Trike Butterfly

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that products, consisting of a large number of parts, are delivered to the buyer disassembled in a cardboard box for greater safety and security of transportation.

Assembling the bike Profi Trike Butterfly 2New

  • 1. The glasses are tightly pressed into the steering column. Use a hammer to do this. In order not to bend the parts, you need to hammer through the plank.
  • 2. Put the crown on the front fork.
  • 3. Now we insert the front fork into the steering column and put on the second of the available crowns from above. We fix everything with a flat nut.
  • 4. After the flat nut we put on the holder for the reflector and the washer. We tighten everything from above with a lock nut.
  • 5. On the rear fender, use a flat washer to secure the fender holder. Using a screwdriver, fasten with two bolts (36 of which are four).
  • 6. With two bolts 37, we attach the rear fender to the frame and tighten tightly.
  • 7. Screw the wing holder (both ends) to the frame with 10 mm bolts. (34)
  • 8. The trunk is attached to the frame with four bolts (34 at the bottom and two 35 under the seat).
  • 9. Unscrew two nuts from the rear wheel axle (for a wrench S 15, hereinafter the key sizes are indicated as S and the key number) and fasten it with a bolt with a clamping nut. We put on the brake part and fix it.
  • 10. Install the front sprocket on the axle and fix it with a wedge-shaped bolt.
  • 11. The chain is passed through the frame and pulled over the front and rear sprockets. We fix it with a lock.
  • 12. Adjust the chain tension.
  • 13. Additional wheels using bolts S12 (with a smooth surface) are attached to the holders for additional wheels.
  • 14. Put on the gaskets. We fix the side wheels on the sides and fix them with a nut S 15. Do not tighten the fasteners too tight yet. we will establish their final position when we pump up the wheels at the very end.
  • 15. Thread the axle through the front wheel. We put on a crown on top and fix.
  • 16. Place a flat nut on top.
  • 17. We attach the front fender and the fender holder in the same way as in the case of the rear wheel (see item 5).
  • 18. Fix the front fender to the frame with the bolt that comes with the front brakes.
  • 19. The ends of the frame holder are attached to the frame post using bolts 34.
  • 20. We fix the front wheel with a washer and a nut.
  • 21. I insert the steering wheel into the steering column and squeeze it. Adjusting the brake brushes.
  • 22. Now we will deal with the hand brakes. Install the brake cable: fix it in the brake lever and pass it through the hole above the frame.
  • 23. Install the front reflector and tighten it with the bolt that comes with it.
  • 24. We put on soft elements of protection on the steering wheel and fix them with Velcro.
  • 25. Install the decorative element with butterflies and fix it with the plastic ties that come with it. Cut off the protruding ends of the plastic ties with scissors.
  • 26. Install the basket just below the steering wheel using plastic elements that are located at the bottom of the basket.
  • 27. Install the bell on the steering wheel using the bolt that comes with it.
  • 28. We fix the rear-view mirror on the steering wheel.
  • 29. The brake handle is additionally tightened with a 4 mm hexagon.
  • 30. Screw the seat onto the seatpost. We fix the pin in the frame with a bolt.
  • 31. Install the protection on the chain using bolts 38.
  • 32. Install the pedals, left and right. in the direction of travel. Please note that the pedals have different threads.
  • 33. Clamp the additional wheels.
  • 34. Install the rear reflector on the bolt that comes with it.
  • 35. Install reflectors on the wheels. We fix them by putting them on the knitting needles and clamping them until they click.
  • 36. We install decorative plastic rims on the wheels. To do this, squeeze out the middle and push them into the wheel. Insert the decor of the handles into the holes on the handles.
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How to assemble a kids tricycle

Trike Power Neon bike model. Green colour.

The attached instructions are sparse. At the first assembly, it may cause some difficulties. Therefore, I want to share my experience in assembly. Below are photos and explanations for each step.

From the tools, open-end wrenches or sockets for 10, 13 and 17 are required. Hexagon, it is included in the kit.

For convenience, I laid out all the parts from the box on the floor.

The young assistant has already become interested and joined the process ๐Ÿ™‚

The assembly starts with the plug. You need to insert a shiny wing into it and fix it with a screw. For orientation: the eyelet with a hole and a plastic cover should be on the left.

The front and back wings have different lengths. Short side to be installed in front, long in back.

Move the plastic cover and iron bushings to the center.

Insert the plug into the bushings and tighten with screws.

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The right pedal is marked with an “R”. Thus, it should look like this: an eyelet with a hole for traction on the right, a short part of the wing in front, a pedal with the letter “R” on the right.

Moving on to the back. We take the rear wheels and iron rails.

You need to put plastic gears on the wheels. Thanks to them, the bike will have brakes. In this case, the nipples must be outward.

We find in the kit such black bushings with red pedals. This is also part of the braking system.

We dress them from the outside until it stops. First you need to remove the plugs from the pipes.

We put the wheel on the frame using the guides.

We tighten the guides with a hexagon. It is not necessary to the stop, but so that the wheel can rotate freely.

This is what the rear axle looks like when assembled.

Remove the small plug from the eyelet on the frame. Remove the side caps from the footboard by unscrewing the central screw.

We insert the footrest into the eyelet. You also need to insert a metal pin for the intermediate fixings of the footrest. We put on the side caps and screw in the central screw.

Moving on to installing the roof rails. It is attached to the frame with three bolts.

Installation Video of Tiny Toes Grand. The Smart Plug & Play Tricycle

Insert the guide for the control knob from below. For orientation: it has an eyelet for traction. When installed, it should be on the right. The guide simply snaps onto the two clips.

A slingshot for the handle is inserted into the guide. Locked by a lever.

Finally, we set up the parent handle. Fixed with two clips. Two positions are possible. short and long position.

We install the chair. Mounted with two bolts.

How to assemble the genuine Trike Bike.

Install the steering wheel. The tightening bolt must be on the side of the notch or the handlebars will not tighten. The photo is not correct, the latch must be turned 180.

Here is the assembled trunk.

On the right side we fasten the control rod. One end to the fork, the other to the rail.

The length of the pull can be changed. This is to align the front wheel and parent handle with each other.

Installing the roof. Insert the feet into the guide rail and tighten the bolts, one on each side. We also install the front support arches.

Shop “Motya Begemot” today provides you with instructions for assembling children’s Trike Beauty tricycles. including such models as:

All these models of children’s tricycles from TRIKE are represented by the “BEAUTY” line. for girls from 11 months to 4 years.

Let’s say right away that these bicycles have exactly the same characteristics and differ only in color. This means that the assembly of all models is exactly the same. The letter value “A” in the article number of the bicycle indicates the presence of inflatable wheels (from the word Air. Air), which means that such a bicycle has a more comfortable ride and handling.

So, assembling a three-wheeled child “Trike” is absolutely simple if you follow our instructions and carefully look at the assembly photos.


  • crosshead screwdriver
  • key 10 mm
  • key 13 mm
  • key 15 mm
  • hex wrench (included)
  • scissors

Remove the bike parts from the factory box and free them from the cellophane.

Further. take the bike’s front fork and install the front chrome fender by bolting it in place from the bottom with a Phillips screwdriver.

The photo shows. where the bike fender is fixed.

Now insert the fender fork into the bike frame. The gray plastic holder with a hole should be to the right of the frame.

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Attach and secure the Trike Beauty front wheel with two bolts.

Pay attention that the sides of the pedals are aligned with the values โ€‹โ€‹on them: “R” and “L”.

We fix the wheel with a key “10” and a Phillips screwdriver.

We attach the brake pedals on both sides to the rear fork of the three-wheeled Beauty, as in the photo below.

We attach brake bushings to the rear inflatable wheels of our TRIKE BEAUTY.

Next, we thread a wheel with a brake hub with a threaded wheel axle.


Now the bike can be conveniently positioned on three wheels and continue assembly.

To fix the front steering fork of our “Beauty Trike”, we put a control ring with a bolt on the fork axle.

Tighten the steering wheel securely with a hex wrench.

Installing the bike seat. In this case, you can choose 2 of the possible positions of the seat in relation to the steering wheel: closer to the steering wheel or further. the difference is about 2 cm, but this affects how soon your girl will be able to pedal independently on the tricycle Beauty Trike.

We fix the seat with locknuts with washers from below. We use the key to “13”.

We get a ready-made tricycle for independent riding for a girl from 2 to 4 years old.

The photo below shows that the bike is great for a child to ride on their own.

Note that there is a plastic cap on the frame where the footrests should be. Therefore, when assembling, do not throw it away, it will be useful to you later.

We attach comfortable folding footrests. Pay attention to the “L” and “R” sides.

The steering bush is inserted into the bike frame in such a way that the gray holder with the hole is on the right, as well as the similar holder on the front fork of the trike.

The correct location of the sleeve in the photo below.

We take a metal wheel and bicycle handle control.

We insert the lever into the front holder. The adjusting thread should be located closer to the front holder, and not to the rear, this will make it possible to more conveniently adjust the rotation of the control knob and wheel.

This mechanism is responsible precisely for the ratio of turning the parent handle to turning the front wheel and steering wheel.

We also fix the lever in the rear holder.

Unscrew the two fixing bolts behind the bike seat.

Install the top fork of the Trike hood and bolt it back.

The bottom of the hood fork is fixed with an additional bolt.

From the back of the frame, tighten the fork with a wrench and nut to “10”

Secure it with a round plastic washer.

Install the protective cover of the velcro basket.

Insert the lower control handle element into the frame fork at the rear.

Lock the lower handle until the button clicks and lift the red lever up.

Remove the retaining bolts from the hood fork.

Insert the hood frame into the hood plug.

Bolt the hood with a Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the cushion cover on the Trike bike seat.

Installing the protective bumpers into the hood fork.

Insert the upper element of the bike control handle until it clicks.

Your brand new comfortable and beautiful bike for a girl from 11 months to 4 years old is ready!

The assembly allowed you to understand how to further disassemble the bike for the child to ride on his own.

You were also able to appreciate the quality of the workmanship of the tricycle parts, which Beauty BA2 does not doubt.