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Long starts on cold Honda Dio 27 (AF18 engine)

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Dio 27 does not start well. EV22.RU

We are already Mon. HONDA DIO AF starts up with some difficulty if you plug the air inlet. for example with a stick or a cloth. as it is very awkward to hold and kick the starter with your finger. you will enrich the mixture and it will be easier to start.

Is it normal that moto WHEN Cool for a long time to start. That is, the battery is poor. Alas, we are talking about what, in fact, that you need to pull the kick 50 times without exaggeration. When hot, then start with a floor butt. It bothers me that he gets so bad in the morning WHEN Cool. I am worried in vain or of course this is how to fix it? Thanks to everyone. I was recommended here at one hundred to change the solenoid valve.

Honda Dio does not start well on cold. What to do if honda dio moped does not start on cold

The scooter won’t start when it’s cool? Obstacle solution (part 1)

Why does the scooter not start to cool, the solution to this problem. Video in 2 parts and 2 different reasons.

In general, I changed it. I saw that about 4 volts of constant current is supplied to the valve contacts. I have no idea why there is practically nothing like that? To what extent do I understand that tama needs to make 12 volts constant.

So sho, so sho. Maybe I changed in vain? Here I found a small item. And can it be guilty? That’s where I found him at the corner and he looks like. However, this is probably not to blame for my dilemmas. Nearby, as far as correctly, you can choose the studio of the place where the candle is located, there is another element. And from it there is a wire to a candle. Could this be a prerequisite? I mean, can a breakdown of this element cause such tasks in the image of a wrinkle? And in general, it starts up. True, after 50 taps on the kick: Did the new patrol police stop you while driving a motorcycle??

No-start, Lean condition: 50cc Scooter.Part 1

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Honda dio zx Ukraine, Vinnitsa. Zongshen lzx Ukraine, Kharkof. Measure the compression first, don’t fool yourself that it’s so cold.

Start with the worst. But this may not be due to the compression. Of course, there is a regulator in the carburetor. When I took it from the workshop, the master recommended it in carb. Sho etyo is this and is it necessary? However, pressing is not difficult. There are devices for measuring compression. called a compressometer. There are 100 cars on the car. The enricher is a dark box with wires on top of the carburetor.

And the screw on the side is a screw of consistency property, turn it out a few turns. There is no need to pour any rapid starts into the motor, this is ether, it is not useful even once. With a normally working motor, there are no problems with starting. Find and treat the cause, not the symptoms. Honda dio 34 Ukraine, Kharkov. Speed ​​gear t-5b Ukraine, Uman. It was necessary at first to check, and then to pass the verdict-change. That you saved in this way, you can change the floor of the moped, but there will be no sense.

Why the scooter won’t start from the button. identifying the reasons

The scooter is a practical vehicle, economical and easy to operate. Modern models are reliable and unpretentious in maintenance, however, during the operation of the scooter, problems of a different nature may arise.

One of the most common breakdowns is the failure of the scooter to start from the button.

As a rule, first the scooter starts up from the button every other time, and then it does not start at all with the help of an electric starter. How to be in this case?

Scooter won’t start Honda Dio AF56 4 stroke engine

To fix the problem, you need to identify the cause of its occurrence. As practice shows, there can be many such reasons, but there are also quite common ones.

What to check if the scooter does not start from the button

Let’s list the most common reasons and give ways to solve them:

  • Fuel sensor malfunction. No matter how trite it may sound, this happens quite often: the sensor shows that there is still gas in the tank, and the scooter owner is looking for the reasons for the “breakdown” in a completely different place. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to first look into the gas tank and make sure that there is fuel in it.
  • The battery is discharged. This often happens when the technique is idle for a long time. To solve the problem, it is enough to charge the battery.
  • Old fuel. Many scooter owners face this problem after winter. There seems to be gas in the tank, the electric starter seems to be turning, but something is missing to start the engine itself. Old gasoline may be the cause of this problem, try draining it and refilling with fresh fuel.
  • There is no spark in the spark plug. To check this version, you need to unscrew the spark plug, attach it to the unpainted part of the engine (for example, to the cylinder), and turn the crankshaft using the kickstarter. At the same time, you should not neglect the precautions: you cannot hold the candle with your bare hands. If there is no spark, the candle must be cleaned of moisture and carbon deposits, cleaned with zero sandpaper and dried. Ideally, the spark should be white.
  • Poor contact at the battery terminals. over time, they can become covered with oxide, which is a dielectric. To get rid of this problem, it is enough to clean the contacts with the same fine sandpaper.
  • Clogged fuel cock and / or fuel line. If no gasoline is supplied to the ignition system or is supplied intermittently, the scooter will not start either from the kickstarter or from the button. To fix the problem, these elements of the fuel system need to be cleaned.
  • The carburetor is clogged. Difficult starting of the engine, “floating” revolutions, failures in engine operation. all this indicates that the carburetor needs cleaning. To remove the carburetor, you need to unscrew the inlet pipe and the air filter pipe, disconnect the terminals of the starting enrichment, remove the gasoline supply pipe and drain. Then you need to disconnect the throttle cable and you can remove the carburetor. Next, you should carefully disassemble the power system assembly, clean and reassemble. After cleaning the carburetor, remember to adjust the floats to a horizontal position.!
  • No compression. Examine the piston group. When the piston moves to top dead center, pressure should appear in the cylinder. You can check this using a special device. a compressometer. To do this, in place of the candle, we wrap the compression gauge fitting and turn the crankshaft with a kickstarter. On 2-stroke scooters, the compression should be 7-8 kg / cm2, on 4-stroke scooters. 9-10.

If the scooter starts from the kickstarter, but does not start from the button

If the scooter starts up from the “leg” without problems, but does not want to use the electric starter button, then you should pay attention to the central fuse (it is located in the compartment with the battery). If the voltage in the electric network of the scooter is underestimated due to a faulty fuse, it will no longer start from the “Start” button.

To check the health of the central fuse, measure the voltage at the battery terminals and compare with the voltage after the fuse.

If losses are detected during measurements, the fuse should be replaced. In most cases, after replacing a faulty fuse, the scooter starts to start without problems from the “Start” button.

The problem when the starter button on the scooter does not work may not only be in the fuse. It is likely that the integrity of the connecting wires in the engine starting circuit is broken.

Repair of the Honda Dio scooter

High-quality maintenance and professional repair of Honda Dio scooters. this is our daily work, which we treat carefully and with love. There are no random people in our service, only experienced auto specialists. We will fix all known types of breakdowns, carefully tighten each screw and tune your “horse” so that it sounds like an expensive musical instrument.

When you contact our service, we will advise you in detail on all “burning” issues. But we would like you to understand your Honda scooter a little better and to at least roughly determine what is wrong with it.

Perhaps you will independently adjust any of the nodes, and our service station will not earn a small amount of money. We will be warmed by your feeling of gratitude for the fact that we have created this rather detailed instruction. Naturally, in difficult cases, we strongly recommend not to “self-medicate” and contact the professional masters of our service.

List of standard breakdowns and adjustments of Honda Dio scooters

We will list the main problems that can happen with your vehicle and dwell on each of them in more detail. So, the main components of a Honda scooter that usually require repair are:

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Front fork.

Repair of the engine (motor) of the Honda Dio scooter

Like any mechanical unit, a Honda scooter engine has a limited life. After running a certain mileage, its resource is exhausted, and it starts to malfunction or stops working altogether. You can understand that the motor needs urgent repair by some signs:

the exhaust fumes have changed from their usual color to black or gray;

uneven operation of the unit (usually at high speeds);

the consumption of fuel, oil and antifreeze has significantly increased (all together or separately);

the pressure in different cylinders is much different;

In many cases, an experienced driver or auto technician can determine the problem from the operating sound of the engine. For example, if the “insides” of the engine are worn out, then the power of its sound increases and changes the tonality. This is clearly audible during acceleration, at maximum speed or at idle.

Repair of the gearbox of the Honda Dio scooter

The transmission of the rotational motion of the engine to the rear wheel is carried out with the participation of a gearbox. The task of this node. reduce the speed of the transmitted rotation while maintaining maximum power at all speed ranges. The main working element of the gearbox. system of gears and bearings. The functional problems of the mechanism can be judged by:

characteristic noise, the sound of which is different from normal, or grinding;

strong vibration (beating) of the driven and driving shafts;

obvious and tangible interruptions in the transmission of torque or complete stop of the unit;

the presence of drips of transmission oil, which usually “speak” of problems with gaskets or oil seals.

Most often, when repairing a Honda scooter gearbox, a complete or partial replacement of the most wearing parts, bearings, gears or bushings is carried out, a little less often. shafts. In theory, you can disassemble this fairly simple unit yourself and try to fix it. However, there are always a lot of nuances. and only our pros know about them.

Repair of the carburetor of the Honda Dio scooter

Carburetor. an important and rather fragile unit of a motor vehicle, in which the process of “preparation” of a combustible fuel-air mixture for engine cylinders takes place. Its “filling” is very sensitive to dust and dirt particles that penetrate inside along with gasoline or from the environment. If the carburetor is defective:

the engine may not start or stall;

instability of engine speed is observed, stable “dips” appear;

We recommend that you carry out a regular visual inspection of the carburetor, as well as maintenance after every 500 km, which consists in thoroughly cleaning and rinsing it. The fact is that gases, vapors of resins and oils clog channels, filters, jets and other key elements. In addition, the carburetor will not work properly if adjusted “by eye”. Noticing problems with your new or recently refurbished device? Our masters will carry out high-quality fine adjustment of your carburetor, namely:

adjust the idle speed stabilization system;

using a needle or a special screw, they will adjust the quality of the combustible mixture;

adjust the rate of fuel supply to the combustion chamber;

restore the correct level of fuel in the float chamber.

Repair of the variator of the Honda Dio scooter

The variator is sometimes called a centrifugal clutch, in fact, this device is designed to transmit torque and change it smoothly in a given range. The main symptoms of a malfunction:

poor ride and low traction at the start;

slow acceleration and constantly stalling engine;

extraneous noises and odors while driving.

The most common failure is the drive belt / pulley, spring, rollers or bushings. Important: to increase the service life and smooth operation of the variator of the Honda scooter, entrust our specialists with its annual disassembly, prevention and replacement of the most worn parts.

Repair of the starter of the Honda Dio scooter (Honda Dio)

This element provides a quick and easy start of the engine by pressing a button. If it does not work, then first you should check the battery charge level. Is the battery charged but the engine won’t start? So the problem is different:

damaged contact group or relay coil;

malfunctioning of one of the wiring elements (clutch contacts, starter buttons or others)

In this case, it is necessary to replace worn-out spare parts or an inoperative unit as a whole. The Honda scooter starter also needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt.

Repair of the kickstarter of the Honda Dio scooter

Kickstarter or in a simple way “winding leg” will help in cases when the battery is discharged or the electric starter has broken. you can safely ride your scooter to our service or home. This useful mechanism fails if:

the driver was sloppy and made excessive efforts;

the leg is made of low quality metal;

there is a problem with the variator cover;

In the first 2 cases, the spare part must be replaced, in the 3rd and 5th. it is necessary to brew or change the elements, in the 4th. rebuild the leg. If the kickstarter does not return to its original position, it can be cleaned, rinsed and thoroughly lubricated or replaced.

Cylinder-piston group. one of the most important and most reliable components, the problems of which the driver usually learns from changes in the sound of the engine and other signs:

unusual noises and knocks “speak” of a malfunction of the pistons, piston pin, rings or the cylinders themselves;

when gaining speed, power decreases;

the Honda scooter responds poorly to turning the throttle and does not always start;

Remember that the CPG usually changes completely. Only in some cases, when the piston is in perfect condition, is it allowed to bore the cylinder and install only a piston with rings.

Repair of the crankshaft of the Honda Dio scooter

The purpose of this structural element. the transformation of the reciprocating energy of the piston movement of the central piston into rotation, which is then transmitted to other units (generator, gearbox, clutch and rear wheel). Signs of the need for diagnostics:

The crankshaft is made of durable steel, so it is rarely completely replaced, but its bearings and seals are subject to wear, so they should be purchased periodically. Maintenance of the crankshaft requires precision and 100% compliance with technological procedures, which is extremely difficult at home.

Tip: Add oil to the crankcase regularly to avoid contamination, increased viscosity and loss of ability to properly lubricate parts.

Repair of the muffler of the Honda Dio scooter

In addition to reducing noise from exhaust gases, the muffler also performs a number of important functions. For example, it serves as a kind of valve that is responsible for engine power. A muffler breakage is usually determined by the following features:

As a rule, the main problem of mufflers is the clogging of the channels with the remains of burnt fuel and oil. Checking the knot is quite simple: blow into the inlet. If air does not pass freely, urgent cleaning is required. This process can be carried out by the methods of “folk craftsmen”, but in case of serious pollution, it is preferable to contact our service station, otherwise you will have to completely change this element.

Repair of the front fork of the Honda Dio scooter (Honda Dio)

The main purpose of the front fork with shock absorbers. ensuring a comfortable ride and excellent controllability of the scooter, smoothing out irregularities in the road surface. You will understand that a part needs repair or replacement when:

even begin to feel small bumps or pits;

the front fork shock absorber will start to seize and will not stop independently recovering to its original position.

noticeable distortions between both sides of the node.

You may just need to clean the elements of the front fork structure from dirt and dust, but it is advisable to carry out a professional diagnosis of each part for the degree of wear. Remember that when disassembling the mechanism, you should carefully remove the stiff springs, which can “shoot” and injure.

Repair of the shock absorber of the Honda Dio scooter

The main task of the rear shock absorbers is to absorb the various shocks, shocks and vibrations that the scooter “catches” in the process of movement, as well as to provide reliable traction. The symptoms of a component failure are similar to those of the front fork. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the main working elements in the rear shock absorbers. silent blocks. To understand if the replacement of silent blocks is required:

“Suspend” the rear wheel by placing your scooter on the footboard;

If there is a clear backlash or lateral displacement, urgently contact our service for a more accurate diagnosis and repair. Important: Damaged shock absorbers not only reduce ride pleasure, but can also lead to loss of control.

Repair of ignition of the Honda Dio scooter

The ignition system is used to transfer generator voltage to the spark plugs. The switch and the ignition coil can be made in one unit or separately from each other. Most often, one or more key elements of the system break down:

ignition lock, ignition unit (switch), coil and sensors. always replaced with new parts, since they cannot be repaired;

the high-voltage wire should be selected from good steel, and car wires are usually not suitable for Honda scooters;

The spark plug produces a high-power spark that ignites the combustible mixture in the engine. Carbon build-up or improper installation of the cap may prevent proper ignition.

To avoid early or late ignition of the fuel-air mixture, the ignition system needs to be set. If you have a scooter registration certificate and certain skills, you can do it yourself. Remember that this process is very specific and requires professional experience.

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Repair of the electrical wiring of the Honda Dio scooter

The electrical wiring acts as a kind of “circulatory” system of the scooter. She is responsible for the transfer of electrical current between the battery, generator and other elements, which include:

The complexity of wiring diagnostics is due to its length and the inability to visually identify the problem area if it is not a clearly visible wire break. If, for example, a turn signal fails, it is necessary to check the integrity of the entire corresponding electrical chain, sequentially measuring the current strength. Usually this task is entrusted to experienced auto electricians who are equipped with the necessary equipment and wiring diagrams for a specific model of a Honda scooter.

Plastic repair of the Honda Dio scooter

The shiny, bright and colorful beauty of most of the body and other parts of your scooter is made of plastic. This also applies to those elements that look metallic, for example, protective parts of the frame, but in fact are simply painted in a special way. The main signs that the details of the body kit require attention:

there was a backlash and extraneous rattling sounds;

excessive contamination of surfaces, especially oily and chemical compounds;

the presence of deep scratches, chips and potholes, for example, from gravel;

cracking from the influence of low or high temperatures.

Backlash is eliminated by simply tightening the fastening screws, the use of auto chemicals (polishes, cleaners, shampoos, detergents and corrective pencils) easily solves the problem of dirt and minor damage. In more serious cases, you will have to completely change the body kit part. If you properly care for the plastic scooter. it will last a long time.

Repair of the generator of the scooter Honda Dio (Honda Dio)

The generator is included in the ignition system and is responsible for the “supply” of the required amount of electricity to the high-voltage coil for the subsequent ignition of the spark. Also, the generator generates electric current, due to which electrical appliances operate. The reasons for the breakdown of this unit include:

poor connection and insulation of cables;

low level of magnetization of the rotor elements;

Due to the unsatisfactory operation of the generator, there is a low charge and rapid discharge of the battery, a weak spark, and dim lighting. Using a multimeter, you should check the parameters of the output voltage of the generator itself, the switch, the performance of the unit without load.

Repair of clutch pads of the Honda Dio scooter

In the process of performing their tasks, the clutch pads diverge and interact with the bell of the rear variator, after which the vehicle begins to move. The result is centrifugal force, which over time destroys the pads, making them thin. Their wear may be evidenced by:

unjustified increase in engine speed at the start;

the presence of strong jerks while driving;

All these signs are indirect, but they indicate the need for repairs. We recommend annually checking the condition of the clutch pads, if necessary, replacing them at our workshop.

Repair of brakes of the Honda Dio scooter

The purpose of the braking system is well known. ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers of the motor vehicle. Malfunctions with the brakes can only be detected while driving, therefore, their serviceability should be treated with special care, regularly carrying out maintenance and repairs. The scooter owner should closely monitor:

the quality of the brake fluid and its sufficient quantity;

no leaking hoses and connections;

the level of rusting of metal elements.

It is important to remember that the brake fluid must be changed at least once every 8-11 months, refilling it into the reservoir. The pads are replaced when they are worn out to 2 mm, and the hoses. when cracks or damage appear on them.

Repair of the clutch of the Honda Dio scooter

The automatic centrifugal clutch system, which is used in scooters, provides a smooth start, transferring the speed from the engine to the gearbox. The symptomatology of breakdowns is described in clause 16, which deals with clutch pads.

The frictional force that acts on the clutch elements during operation exposes them to wear. We recommend that you check the system every year or more often, replacing defective parts with new ones.

Repair of batteries of the Honda Dio scooter

The storage battery is the basic element of the entire electrical system of the motor vehicle, which accumulates electricity and gradually transfers it to other components. Engine start, lighting, stops, signal and pointers. none of this will work without a battery. Like any battery, this unit can:

If the battery is not performing well, check the contacts. It may be necessary to clean the terminals of oxides or tighten them well. Also, periodically recharge the battery with a special device, especially during periods of inactivity. It is easier to replace a non-working “device” or give it to the masters of our service who will try to revive it.

Repair of the seat of the Honda Dio scooter

The material and instrumental base of our service and the level of training of auto specialists allow us to work with a variety of models of Honda Dio (Honda Dio) scooters, including: DIO AF 18, DIO AF 25, DIO AF 27/28, DIO AF 34/35 (ZX), DIO AF 54, DIO AF 56, DIO 110 JF-31, Smart DIO AF-56/57, ZOOMER AF-58, DIO AF 62, DIO AF-63 Z4, DIO AF 68 (INJECTOR).

Defining the problem

Scooter 2t won’t start on cold? Check the cold start system

Who has this happened. scooter 2t won’t start on cold? I think many. It is often said: in the daytime he started up with half a kick, and stood at night. everything is useless, like a dead person, he does not even grasp.

There are several reasons, but the main one is a malfunction of the cold start system.

What failures happen, how to identify and eliminate them?

Structure and principle of operation

The cold start system works like a second mini-carburetor, in which the solenoid valve acts as a throttle. It is open only at start and gradually closes when the engine warms up.

The air mixture enrichment system consists of:

Eliminate the reasons

It will be cheaper to supply a high-quality Chinese piston with rings, since Chinese rings will not fit on a Japanese piston.

And if the output is large, then you need to bore a Japanese cylinder for a repair piston, than completely buy a set of Chinese piston.

  • check the cold start system:

The solenoid valve must have a complete rubber O-ring. If the ring is cut, then be sure to replace it with a new one so that there is no air leak.

That’s all. It takes about two hours to tinker with your scooter on full alert. But if suddenly a scooter or moped, after working for several days, does not want to start again and the reason for this is dirt in the carburetor, then you will have to remove and rinse the tank inside, plus disassemble and blow the gas pump along with the gas line. And it also does not hurt to replace or clean the air filter.

Subscribe to updates. I hope that this article will be useful to you in finding and eliminating the cause of the bad start of the scooter.

The scooter won’t start on cold. the main reasons

You can often find a situation when a heated scooter engine works normally, but problems arise on a cold one, it becomes extremely difficult to start it, and in some cases, impossible. At the same time, you will not be able to start the scooter with either an electric starter or a kickstarter.

In this case, usually the problem lies in the ignition system or in the power system. Both breakdowns require serious attention and adherence to clear instructions, which I will describe below.

Since most often the problem lies precisely in the ignition system, we will consider this item in more detail. After that, let’s move on to the power system.

The scooter does not start on cold due to problems in the ignition system

To begin with, we unscrew the candle and consider the electrodes, if they are melted or have any defects, we replace the candle with a new one.

If the candle is wet, be sure to remove it from the cap and dry it, for example, I do this on a gas stove. Now put it back into the cap and check for a spark.

How to check for a spark on a scooter, the scooter will not start on a cold due to problems with candles

To do this, you need to attach a spark plug to an unpainted part of the engine, usually to the cylinder, and turn the crankshaft with an electric starter or kick. Before doing this, do not forget to turn on the ignition of the scooter. You should not check the spark with your bare hands, you should definitely protect yourself with special thick rubber gloves or a piece of rubber.

Another point to consider is that the candle must be kept away from the spark plug hole in the cylinder head, as gasoline can splash from there and ignite. In my practice, this has not happened, but recommendations should not be neglected.

With a sharp scrolling of the crankshaft, a blue spark should run through the candle, sufficiently powerful and constant. If there is no spark, or it is yellow and appears occasionally, first of all, we take it for a faulty one, and check the spark in the same way on a new candle. As a rule, in more than half of the cases, at this stage the problem is solved and the scooter works properly. That is why it is so important to always have a working spare candle with you, which will always save you on the road in such a situation.

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If, after you installed a new plug, the problem remains, we are looking for a deliberately faulty place further:

The scooter does not start on a cold one due to a faulty spark plug cap or connection to it.

It also happens that the cap may not be in tight enough contact with the high-voltage wire. To exclude this from a possible cause of a malfunction, we must check it. We unscrew the cap from the wire and bring the wire 2-3 mm to the metal part of the engine. Please note that if, in the case of a candle, we pressed it against the engine, then in this case it is imperative to observe the specified distance.

Turn the crankshaft and pay attention to the end of the wire, a spark should slip between it and the engine (do not forget that we do all this with the ignition on). If a spark appears, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We consider the candle cap, if it is wet (and often because of this, a normal spark disappears), then dry it with a hairdryer, put the candle in place and check the spark. No changes? Then we change the cap for a new one and go.

Now we will consider an option in which there is no spark even on the wire and the scooter will not start on a cold one.

This phenomenon can happen with the so-called leakage current. The essence of this phenomenon is that any bare section of the high-voltage wire touches the metal part of the scooter. It may not be directly, and the role of a conductor can be played by water that accumulates in the area of ​​a bare area when driving through puddles.

Consider carefully the wire going from the spark plug to the ignition coil, if you did not find any disconnection and damage points, then we can assume more serious breakdowns in the ignition system, namely:

  • the ignition coil is out of order;
  • the ignition sensor (hall sensor) is out of order;
  • the switch is faulty;

Scooter or moped does not start on cold due to problems in the power system

You should pay attention to this point first of all if you have a spark on the scooter and there are no problems in the ignition system.

Difficulty starting the engine, if considered only within the framework of the power system, will arise either from a lack of fuel or from an excess of it.

Older mopeds such as Karpaty and others have a fuel cock just below the tank. Disconnect the hose from the carburetor and open the tap, if gasoline starts to flow from the hose, skip this point and pay all attention to the carburetor. If gasoline does not flow, although it is available in the tank, then the problem is either in the tap itself or in the main line, we disassemble and look.

On modern scooters and mopeds, an automatic fuel valve is installed, which works by discharging. A striking example of such scooters is Yamaha and Suzuki equipment, as well as Chinese scooters similar to them. Here the gas tank is installed above the carburetor, and a small membrane-based device plays the role of a crane. sometimes it is this membrane that can fail due to contamination and other factors. This type of fuel valve is not repaired, and in case of failure, it must be replaced.

On Honda scooters, the gas tank is generally located below the carburetor and is supplied with fuel through the fuel pump. In this case, of course, the aforementioned fuel taps are missing, since they are simply not needed. It is very simple to check the operation of the gas pump, disconnect the gas supply hose to the carburetor and pump the crankshaft with a kick or electric starter, the gas pump should produce fuel and gasoline will start pouring out of the hose.

Since we are considering problems with starting the engine of a scooter and moped “cold”, and the starting enricher is responsible for this start, you should definitely check it too. Briefly describing the operation of the concentrator, the point is that a cold engine requires more fuel to start and run smoothly. It is this function that the starting enrichment performs. A special needle opens an additional channel and a little more fuel than usual enters the carburetor. Initially, the needle is in the retracted position. Inside the starting enrichment there is a heat element, which, when heated, pushes the needle and closes the channel.

If the starting enricher is defective, then the carburetor does not receive enough fuel for normal start-up, and of course problems with starting arise. To check the enricher, remove it and connect it to a voltage of 12V, after some time the needle should smoothly come out of the body by a few millimeters, if this does not happen, it is faulty.

If all channels are clean and there are no problems in the fuel cock, as well as in the fuel pump and enrichment, we proceed to disassemble the carburetor and thoroughly rinse it. How to do this has already been described in previous articles.

It should be noted that difficulties with starting a cold engine, when the scooter does not start on a cold one, also arise when the piston engine is worn out, so it will not be superfluous in this case to check the compression, especially if your scooter or moped has traveled more than one thousand kilometers.

If you have any difficulties with starting the engine, and all the above remedial measures did not help you, ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев field, we will try to solve the problem together. Good luck with the repair.

You can also check out other articles on the topic:

Carbon deposits on the electrode

The spark may be absent, if the electrode is covered with carbon deposits, then they are cleaned with a metal brush. If there is even the slightest doubt about the serviceability of the candle, you should immediately replace it, thereby making your life easier for the future.

What to do if the scooter won’t start: looking for the cause of the malfunction

Quite often, you can observe cases when the owner is faced with such a problem: the scooter will not start. There are many reasons for this. Most often these are typical breakdowns or malfunctions, especially if the moped was parked in cold weather. Depending on the identified problem, the moped can be repaired in a few minutes or a few hours.

How to restore starting from the starter

The moped does not start well from the starter, however, it is simple and easy to do it from the paw. If the engine starts from the starter poorly, you first need to check the fuse located in the battery compartment.

The location of the fuse on the battery is marked with an arrow

Due to the often poor-quality manufacture of fuses, and, consequently, of the entire starter, the wire inside the starter glass bulb can barely touch the contact caps, which is why the fuse contact becomes inappropriate. After the defective fuse has been replaced, the moped can be started using the starter.

Cold weather

The scooter may not start well in cold weather if there is a problem with the spark plug cap or its connector. In such a situation, the cap is unscrewed from the wire, and the wire is brought 0.3 cm to the engine element made of metal to rotate the crankshaft.

The moped can pass current in cold weather. This is due to the fact that there is contact with the bare part of the wire and the metal element, thanks to which the scooter starts.

Malfunctions in the power supply system

A moped may not start well in a cold season if there is a problem in the power system: a lack of fuel or an excess of it. In this case, it is necessary to check such elements: a gas tank, a fuel tap, a starting enrichment and a gas pump.

First of all, check the gas pump of the moped

Along with this, it is worth noting that the moped needs to be repaired, and it is also necessary to disassemble the parts only if there is complete confidence in their malfunction. It is best to put only new parts on the scooter, not used ones, otherwise, when starting from the starter, the engine will either work poorly or will not start at all.

How to do your own engine repair

For a scooter engine to function properly, it requires spark, fuel and compression. The main slogan of the scooter mechanic is that there are no miracles. Remember that in the process of troubleshooting and repairing a scooter, you can find out if there is a spark and compression, or why there is no fuel flow. Therefore, if the engine does not start from the starter, then some component is not present or it is in a faulty state.

Many people are familiar with the situation when not only too lazy to give the scooter to the workshop, but also do not want to pay for it all. Then you can repair everything yourself.

Typical reasons

First of all, you need to check: the ignition and power systems. Carry out a check in those places that can set the moped in motion. The reasons why the scooter won’t start, especially in cold weather, may be as follows: